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  1. you have armor mastery with crow and black formal gives a fuckton of stats. radiant is more focused around different damage mods and ele damage so it's no surprise that your m.atk is lower with radiant.
  2. Syphiinz

    Uh I have that set also compared to the other 2 would you like me to test all 3 lions dmgs for you? I know Formal provides the highest Mattk because of the base values that it increase with each piece and also the 3pc effect.
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  3. Syphiinz

    In all honesty the effectiveness of the sets depend on the right side specs of your gears, while Crow stands with no conflicting factors against smash mods, alone it's dmg boost might be the worst among sets I've tested all 3 of those set with just a wep to see how it'd hold up.

    Process : Full Solar Shield Swap, Potting (Undiluted Int, Warlord Cry) and Savior Effect Activation. Also only testing in a 100% crit setting
    And all tested using a Lvl 11 Lion of Suju.
    Radiant Damage came out on top by a slight margin
    Radiant Dmg.JPG
    Then came Formal's Lion in second place.
    & Lastly was Crow, however... This set was deficient by nearly 100m dmg alone compared to the other 2 sets.
    Crow Dmg.JPG
  4. Soyouken Zen Master

    Thanks for testing this out. With sader in the team, the radiant should be able to do more given it has the lowest raw into among three. So the sader buff should be able to provide more boost on the damage
  5. jceeee

    Hey guys, is it worth investing into this class right now? I'm currently a ranger main and I recently just started playing my nen again. How hard is getting into raid as mnen and if so, what party would I be assign to? Would full Gracia+3pc shimmering accessory and +11 mana reinforcement suffice? Thank you.
  6. Syphiinz

    Your setup is okay but you dont need that 3pc Shimmering, you can get better legendary accessories. But with your current setup I believe you can get in Raid and be put on something like boats but acceptance might take awhile because of those chrons, Not entirely sure. If you can you can get like Filir Necklace, Ancient Elven ring etc to boost int. Or just farm Gigantic 3pc but that takes a while <.>
  7. Is it worth opening a Heroic Weapon Pot (Lv.75~85) for a chance at a random Epic Knuckle for M.Nen? How bad is it if I don't get a Mana Reinforcement?
    How badly do the other Epic Knuckles (Lv.75~85) fare in comparison to Scarred Intestines Splitter?
  8. Syphiinz

    Uhmmmm both 85s "Raikiri and Berserk" are better than Scarred I believe, well Berserk is a definite better.
    But I think there's 5 - 6 possible openings in that Pot. : Konistiger, Knuckle Violence, Mana Reinforce, Raikiri and Berserk
    So I'd say if MNen is your main, you can go for it. If you wanna try for a better wep
  9. 1) How "shocking" is the drop in M.Nen's tankiness when you switch from 6/9 Shimmering Onslaught to 6/6 Gracia?
    2) Is there anyway to deal with MP issues? I expect MP issues to get worse when I switch to Non-Cloth Epic Armor?
    Drinking 1 to 3 "Restore 30% MP" Pots per Ex Requiem or Master OV run.
  10. omegalord92

    Gracia would be a straight upgrade though so you shouldn't have Mp issues off either dungeon and i never had problems with my defs off Spirals. Mnens are pretty tanky as it is for a cloth class. Gracia overall is a good set for Mnens that rival some of the weaker 80-85 epic sets its one of the sets you can generally get into Raid with
  11. To add more about the tankiness issue you're worried about: The bubbles from Gracia top and Gracia bottom will more than make up for the loss in defense from Shimmering Onslaught.

    MP problems are probably inevitable until you improve your gear for the dungeon you are having MP problems in. More damage = fewer skills needed to clear rooms = less MP spent
  12. [​IMG] Finally Got full set 12/12 just got 210 souls yesterday. it is so tired that 13 characters run raid. finally, can end it. NO more hell!!!!!!!

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  13. zzRot

    But wheres the Babylons???

    Edit: nvm im blind you da whale now~!
  14. ChickyChan

    Not sure if Prinny posted this before but I think omegalord asked me if I 3 cycle Egene solo last wednesday and I thought he was trying to pick a fight with me.
    Mnen can actually one cycle Egene very easily.

    The most important part is getting Egene down to 400 health bars with 2nd Awakening -> Electric energy sphere -> necksnap -> Haitai. (about 400 mil damage total)
    If you are strong enough to do that Nen spear and 1st awakening will always finish him off.

    I only learned this rotation very recently but it is a very reliable method to one cycle Egene. I'd say you can even pull this one off in gracia with a sader and I don't think there are many classes that can do this in gracia.
    Definitely the optimal skill rotation for this boss in my opinion. Thanks Korean overlords.
  15. Syphiinz

    Yea when I was in a sell raid on my alt I saw a Nen do 2a (to proc bait) -> Neck Snap -> EES -> Haitai -> Spear -> Lion for Finish.
    ez 1 cycle
  16. LoveTap NenJesus Come At Me

    tfw you finally get fucking savior but then you test it and you start to wonder why you do less damage than your nen cluster. Then you remember it loses to FLIPPING nen cluster. Then you feel like this .... -> :notlikethis:
  17. Syphiinz

    LMAOOO no shiet.... ;c
  18. Should use Lion before I enter the boss map.
  19. Alcor


    Moonlight 3rd room always. Saves most time and you don't need it to kill egene. Roar and tflash/nenshot rest.

    Only have a laptop on me, atm; but I did preinfinite runs so I could compare after this Monday.

    Things I could've improved on:
    Resplendant rare top (I'd invest in one)
    AER swap on Nerbe also.
    Nerbe/Gragol enchant on neck/ring
    Swap speed

    Important thing to test out after reworks is if Nen Clusters elenores come from casting tflash only; otherwise it's still impossible to swap wep.
    Be sure to report it if they fuck up

    In regards to the actual buffs. Invest in a Royal Blue if you don't have IIG or Knuckle Violence.
    Swapping becomes important (36%mpower and defense ignore/75 light?) at 6/3 20lv buff. Important to note is that defense ignore was bugged in Kndf and it wasn't fixed until 1-2 months ago in Kndf.
    Prioritize levels over 3pc LotDF if you're not at max lv for Blood Spirals. (Hi tech ring, Metaline top, Watch, etc.)
    Gains per level are much more than 3pc chron effect

    Current status of Mnen in Kndf is that in terms of actual damage on skills he'd be tier 1.5/tier 2.
    His main issue stems from high cd on cubes (except roar), awkward hitbox placement, and bad reputation for no khai.
    Addressing this next month would be nice; but Kndf has much more important stuff to change, honestly. With Knight subs coming out; it'll be a long time probably before any new rework.
  20. before update and with out rostte stone and elven ring. also no plat magic. original dmg

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