Demonic Lancer Mod Issues

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  1. So I found this online and I think it looks amazing
    I just discovered mods for DFO today and throwing in already completed .NPK's is no issue however this is given as a set of .img's. To my understanding I now need to find the .npk with the DL's weapon sprites, copy that into another folder, and swap them with the mods using dnfe. My issues starts here, I cant figure out what npk to edit nor cant I edit them because anything I'm trying to open seems to crash dnfe and the only fix I can find on the forums uses a program thats throwing up red flags from every antivirus out there hell chrome wont even LET me download it. I'm JUST trying to get these img's to be a usable npk so I can enjoy them in game, what do? :gorilla:
  2. Hi there, I know this might be a little late... if you haven't found the solutionn yet...
    You require dummy avas. Dummy avas are Npk files that are blank. When you click a file in the NPK nothing should show up. For example, if you open the coat npk in dnfe and you click on coat0100 it's should be blank. Once you've put the dummy Ava's for your character in the image packs folder (coat, pants,hair,etc.) you put your skin npk mod the one from the website in. And the reason why you need to use the converter is because neople changed the npk files from what I've heard and the converter just switches them back to the version that dnfe is able to read. If you are gonna use the converter I suggest you turn off antivirus, download it and convert anything you need, delete it, and scan your pc with your antivirus after. It's not worth compromising your computer for the sake of one mod lol
    Hope that helps!

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