XXXZ damage


Not sure if I’m missing anything obvious, but is there something special about how the basic attacks and basic launching skills’ (muse’s uppercut, upward slash, giant weapon launcher, etc) damage is calculated? I recently noticed how crappy the damage on the pre-advancement skills tend to be (gore cross, drive slash, etc) but upward slash seems comparatively strong.
For example, a lv 1 Muse’s (90% + 154) will outdamage a lv 1 hammer kick (525% + 3465).
The same thing happens with wave wheel on my Asura – its damage is worse than a XXXZ string. I hadn’t realized how bad the damage was on it, and other basic class skills, until now.


It’s the Basic Training Passive skill.
It increases the damage of your x-string, launch attack, dash attack, and jump attack by a rather large percentage.


Thanks, I can’t believe I missed that.
I wonder why wave wheel slasher is so bad though? I seem to recall a time when it was actually viable, but then again it’s been a long time since I played…