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Chains perfectly :slight_smile:


I tried it on engene today and I dont think the holds chain like I thought they would. When transitioning between ice machine > collider he would lose his confusion status before collider hit causing my 1a to do no damage.

The combo worked on bosses that can be juggled however since what I think is happening is ice machine tosses them into the air and collider holds them before they touch the ground.

I think the strongest chained combo I can get is:


Egene is weird in that his damage phase can be cancelled out by certain moves. You could also just be taking too long to get your moves out.

Can you try recording what you’re doing to do on him?


Mm no recording program unfortunately. When I tested it last weekend I’m pretty sure I casted collider right away. I believe I also had showtime up but I could be mistaken.

Its hard to test this in normal since you cant get past floo by yourself.


Does Lapis passive now allow our ele locked skills get 90% of the highest ele into their damage? Does that mean that CP set will also provide good amounts of ele dmg to other ele skills?


Yes to both.


can confirm


Ran my first luke 4 man sell today!

Saint’s stats are 5.1k int/22 valor/19 crux

Had a bad energy timing in alter of wisdom and some lag problems in the second energy unfortunately.
Despite that I was pretty happy about my damage to luke overall. ^-^


Good speed for first time also. Gz on successful run.

I must suck cuz i cant even do half your damage xD.


Thanks to everyone who participated in the 8-man witch raids!