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according to him yes


Mind you, there’s no mention of what weapon or accessories were used in the chart. There was also no mention of whether or not there were amps, or if this was solo or party damage.

Light/Shadow columns are probably Heblon set effect bonuses.


yea i told him that too but he seemed pretty confident which is y im looking for other people’s inputs here though also according to him its from yunha



The table is saying Ouroboros is super competitive in damage which I not sure I believe when looking at the dnf damage charts that were posted earlier.


This is something i’ve been working on for awhile. I did not include the effect of +skill to feeling lucky because I do not know how to calculate the strength/effect of -%defense.

Very generally how I developed these models was:

  1. Max our my current skill and find out how each skill scales from +1 and +2 skill points
  2. Recorded damage shown from the DNF damage test with fiends set (A lot of this model relies on the fact that the spells were tested in equal settings)
  3. Took each spell from the fiend’s damage test, divided it by the fiend’s damage multiplier (assuming perfect enchants) and multiplied it by the other set’s multiplier (also assuming perfect enchants)

Note: Naga’s multiplier was done with +11 reinforce since that seemed like the most realistic level a funded person would have without whaling… you would however lose the +41 x 2 int from not amping it which I didnt bother/havn’t yet factored in.
Note2: The +skill scaling effect of the new 1% skill passive (level 10) and additional crit smash passive(lvl48) have been added
Note3: I did not include the extra stats you get from one set to another. This is impacts 7sins more than anything
Note4: Sader buffs were not considered
Note5: I’m using SC for comparison’s sake since that’s the set im upgrading

It’s a little too hard to explain everything since every so often i’ll add/change/improve something which results in the functions being very difficult to understand if you dont know everything that was done. It is for this very reason that I dont think the excel is ready to be shown to the public. Thats why i’ll make this disclaimer and say “feel free to take this with a grain of salt; it is afterall a hypothetical damage model”.

Edit1: Red percentage numbers at the bottom mean the set is that much stronger than SC and vice versa
Edit2: In case you were wondering Naga at +10 and +12 is 0.61% and 3.94% stronger respectively.
Edit3: I am not going to update it for the new 7sins buff on reddit since I think that’s only PTR buffs and I dont think it’ll go through… it puts 7sins’ multiplier on par with fiends which is insane (top tier) for a “sader set”


Would Eternal Glory or Fish Bait Line be better for witch?

How much damage does Eternal Glory Sub give? And Fish Bait Line to a witch(after her renewal)?


I hear that newlington is BIS for witch. I was lucky enough to find it on her and was wonder to what point should I get ele damage to? Since it has diminishing returns after a certain point. Also, does NR actually apply the highest ele dmg to my atks or it’s just the elenore line that does?


In 90 cap there really isn’t an issue with “too much of my gear gives ele damage and not other modifiers.” Just enchant your accessories with what you can afford and test epics as your find them.


With Newlington, you definitely want to get your elemental damage as high as you take it.

The rod actually isn’t BiS except for Tog, Egene, and Luke. Gleipnir is better. Upgraded Savior is also obviously better than anything else.


It’s the day before the big revamp and I still haven’t decided whether I want to get Befriend Familiars or Fusion Craft for my avatar top option.


polish ur brooms, cuddle ur homunculus and troll ur enemies
witch renewal incoming


is it worth maxing for fail furnace


Rework is finally here and so far its amazing!

Did one final pre-rework damage test last night 1 hour before maintenance:


Very nice damage buffs all around!


Just wondering how Que Sera compares against Gleipnir. Had some say it’s better in party play, others just say it’s better all around.


que sera should be about equal to gleipnir or better in normal dungeon, raid having a def shred cap sorta puts down glepnir so quesera is def better there


Highest recorded Nagaraja damage totals for both broomsticks.

Fusion Craft
Gleipnir: 2,223,606,227
Savior: 2,186,495,226

Gleipnir: 1,158,039,327
Savior: 1,237,504,512

Mega Drill
Gleipnir: 963,339,701
Savior: 1,002,159,874

Frosty Snow Cone
Gleipnir: 820,104,180
Savior: 819,698,642

Giant Lollipop
Gleipnir: 913,123,576
Savior: 902,111,820

Flame Furnace
Gleipnir: 684,481,202
Savior: 658,686,462

Giant Flyswatter
Gleipnir: 520,480,752
Savior: 501,212,920

Gleipnir: 415,655,840
Savior: 399,991,544

Lava Potion
Gleipnir: 392,185,136
Savior: 377,405,176

Gleipnir: 314,649,080
Savior: 302,791,184

I have screenshots available from all tests. PM me if there’s any specific skill you want to see an image of.


Have you played around w/ broomstick spin? Also what are you doing during these tests? My damage seems nowhere near with 5/5 SC and 8 pieces amped to 10 (granted I am missing civ magic stone and earring).


The biggest thing is to make sure you’re doing pet swap. Check for any misses on your skills. Don’t forget to turn on counterattack and to use potions (warlord’s, undiluted, vigor elixir).

I haven’t played around with Broomstick Spin. The general consensus is that the skill isn’t worth it, so I have not bothered.


i actually like spin, its not much weaker then a fail furnace with only slightly longer duration and depending on its electrocution procing and fire resist of mobs it surpass it too, the fact it has a ghost liberation-like effect for certain skills ups its dmg potential too as spin + lava/rain/shururu/emm/gravitas > furance


It looks like ice machine has a lingering hold. Has anyone tested if you can chain it into collider>1a without the hold dropping?