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Does anyone have a hold rotation for luke without enraging him? or know roughly how long I need to wait in between collider and 2a?


iirc he rages if hes under 2 holds at the same time so um . . . make sure hes not being held simultaneously


Did some damage tests with 4pc Nagaraja. Here are the results:

With Creature Swap

Without Creature Swap

With the 5pc set iโ€™ll have an extra 47% skill damage and +25 elemental damage. Would make me about 53% stronger. So itโ€™s pretty easy to figure out what to expect from the full set.

Another interesting note:
Based on my calculations, 4pc Nagaraja minus the belt (97% crit rate is assumed) is 11.32% stronger than 5pc Metal Line.


Anyone have access to new set performance for witches? Gesh + naga buffs looking pretty good.


Hereโ€™s one of Nagaraja in Luke Sell:


getting an error on that link


Not sure why the link did not work. But hereโ€™s the image and video that was included in that post:


Finished fiend today, got kinda lucky with a 10 mono flip 2 raids ago

Damage before:

Damage after:

Overall about a 60% damage increase. Seems good
Unfortunately, witch damage is still really low compared to most actual dps classes, gonna have to wait until rework to do the big damage ;(

Bonus 2a damage pic (its still bad):


I recently got a handmade broom from ToDe, and I wanted to know if itโ€™ll work for now until i get a better one in Hell mode. Iโ€™m asking this because I have Mana Broom on my main and the epic transfer stone, and I donโ€™t want to feel like Iโ€™m wasting it by transfering it.


Mana Broom is probably the strongest level 85 broom (not counting Savior). That said, Handmade Broom is solid. Iโ€™d say to not use your transfer stone unless witch is the character you care about gearing most right now.


Conditions for all tests include pet swap and Fusion Craft top avatar

Fastest damage test with Savior Broomstick

Fastest damage test with Gleipnir

Highest Fusion Craft damage


Just wondering how Raccoon Vacuum stacks up on a Witch, got one recently in Hell and was considering transferring it to her. Or is it really just a good weapon for creator?


Raccoon Vacuum is really not that good for Witch.


*Please note, each skill was only used ONCE, Swatter and lava potions were only used ONCE on the actual enemy. I used it many times on trashcans to stack civ and savior.

*Please note mega drill is not accurate, Ferman died before it could go full duration

45 int top/bottom, 5% mcrit on rest of armor
+15 ele dmg on all accs.
Missing +5 fire damage from guild gem.
+11 amp 5 senses bracelet
+11 reinforce 5 senses necklace
+10 reinforce 5 senses ring
+10 reinforce civ
+10 amp saviorโ€™s glory broom (not triumph)

Mega drill true damage with no interruptions.

Uroboros (2nd awakening) damage.

This is if i had +300 int worth of amps on my gear, adds about 90m to 1a.
Mega drill number even more wrong, did not get to do near full duration.


SC should benefit more from the new passives. 2% extra crit damage and skill damage.


5s is all amp 10, pars is amp 10 and so is my armor minus the shoulder. all of these is w/ summer pet swap + normal boosts (warlord cry, vigor elixir, undiluted int pot). gave myself +10 crit bc im not crit capped w/ sc :sweat:

newlingtons is the only r8 wep, 4 souls from savior.

r5 gleipnir

where the rework tbh


I decided to go fiend set, and Iโ€™ve got newlington and savior both up to r8, Iโ€™ll post numbers here in the next few weeks when I finally get enough for my 5th piece.


r8 gleipnir


someone i know recently found this chart saying that upgraded cloth is the best, unfortunately i cant read korean so anyone with some insight into this?


I cant exactly read korean myself but I tried translating it on my phone and itโ€™s showing:
Gesch (Gesh?) โ€“ Nya Raja (Naga?)
Fins (Fiends?) โ€” Penalty something (7Sins?)

Are you sure this graph is for witch though?