Witch General


Keep in mind that Ancient Library becomes level 15 after witch revamp.

Sea God Pants or various epic armor bottoms (+1)
Supercontinent Vaalbara’s Earth (+2)
Metal Line Armor (+1)
Halidom weapon (+1)
Reconstruction weapon (+1)
Mermaid Flyswatter (+3)
Raccoon Vacuum (+3)
Incomplete Infinity Piercing (+2)
Shining Intelligence (+5)
High Tech Magic Ring (+1)
Time Traveler’s Silver Watch (+1)
Solium Fonse (+1)
Skill titles (+1 ~ +3)
Rare avatar platinum emblem slot (+1 or +2)
Avatar top (+1)
Motion Aura platinum emblem slot (+1)
various limited-edition creatures (+1)(the best of which is The Behemoth)

I think that covers everything.


Why is The Behemoth the best?


it has the best stats, its basically +55 all stats and +80 independent atk, the next best pet for stats only gives +25 all stats or the 3k pet’s temporary +100 all stats buff and no independent atk either though if ur just using it for buff swapping then any pet in the lvl range of 15 works


Do we have a general tier list for witch’s upgraded sets? I’m guessing upgraded cloth/plate isn’t too great since we overcap on %shred with out passive.


Tier 1


Tier 2

Tier 3

Light is the best armor set if you do not have Sensory Satisfaction full set or Savior Broomstick because it solves your casting speed problem.

There is not enough evidence to decide which is stronger between Heavy and Leather. I think that Nagaraja would be a bit stronger with upgraded Savior and 3/3 Heblon, but I do not have the data to back this up. Regardless, you should assume that both sets are almost equal in their damage dealing.


Super Continent and Fiend are widely regarded to be the two best sets for most classes. Without seeing side-by-side comparisons with either and Nagaraja, I’m skeptical of Nagaraja being better than SC for Witch.


i wouldn’t trust their chart esp bc burning is on and burning is too big of a damage difference to ignore :rofl:

anyway i’m upgrading to SC and will have blue donut in the next 3 weeks or so and its gonna be l i t


This is another test with burning on. This Supercontinent user has unupgraded Savior, whereas the Nagaraja user has upgraded Savior. After witch revamp, it should be possible to use all skills within 20 seconds. Therefore the skill damage difference should be 7%. I took the liberty of subtracting 7% from all the numbers in the Nagaraja damage test. Please note that this comparison is a bit unfair for Nagaraja since the Supercontinent user has better Special Equipments.

Fusion Craft
Nagaraja: 2,390,273,295
Supercontinent: 2,003,668,884

Nagaraja: 1,719,916,755
Supercontinent: 1,749,807,028

Mega Drill
Nagaraja: 967,451,193
Supercontinent: 1,139,870,425

Giant Lollipop
Nagaraja: 971,466,848
Supercontinent: 853,954,656

Jack Frost Shaved Ice
Nagaraja: 925,965,478
Supercontinent: 853,954,656

Flame Furnace
Nagaraja: 651,072,165
Supercontinent: 703,904,241

Giant Flyswatter
Nagaraja: 559,499,369
Supercontinent: 509,728,352

Nagaraja: 422,425,650
Supercontinent: 389,303,752


any numbers for upgraded fiend? a fellow witch main without a nexus account wants to know since he has 5/5 rg but i also close to finishing bf too and wants to know which to upgrade due to this

hm, adding up all the numbers from either sets shows that in the end its a 400mil total difference, taking out wheel since its the longest and ur unlikely to use it in a rotation shows that upgraded heavy really is stronger


No burning


:confused: idk how to compare this without burning


It would probably be possible to compare damage to that with burning on, but the math would certainly be complicated.

Instead enjoy the damage of the Fiend Venator witch in this video:

With every slot at +11 or +12 amp, this is probably the strongest witch in kdnf.


iirc ancient library will no longer be lvl 5, can’t remember what lvl it’s going to be post rework


it becomes lvl 15 from renewal and no one uses fishball line for buff swap anyway


What would be the damage range for dusky set on witch? I wanted to move on from solar prom and with this free set I’m stuck on either giving my witch,or my f.lawnchair.


What is the renewal power of witch compared to now?

How big is dmg boost?


BM/Tyrant/Nen HUGE?


dont think anyone here can give u an accurate answer to that, witch has always been rather low key in popularity though there hav been spikes here and there and her kit does give her a very noticeable presence endgame but unless someone that plays her in kr is here its hard to hav an actual measure of anything regarding her

the renewal too was mostly a QoL/spd and mechanic change with a few dmg increase to a few skills, any general dmg boost also needs to make up for the decrease in dmg from the removal of her support too but basically while her dmg itself is not on a broken lvl like bm and mstriker its actually very up there even now cept that until the renewal hits the lack of spd and reliance on duration for certain skills is holding her bck from being a prominent dmg dealer


Witch’s damage dealing is mid-range after the witch revamp. However, our current dealing capability is so godawful right now that it really is a huge improvement.


Is upgraded savior our BiS or do we have a weapon like soul devourer.


Upgraded Savior is the undisputed BiS.