Witch General


Basic Witch Tips

Starting off as a brand new level 90 Witch, you’ll want to focus on getting chronicle gear and working towards achieving extra swap levels of Ancient Library.

The main chronicle set of choice is 9pc Pioneer Spirit. The 6pc can used as part of your buffswap and the 9pc could potentially be accepted into Anton Raid. Please note that 6pc Solar Prominence would be most useful for dealing damage in solo play until you get a legendary set.

As soon as you get a legendary set, you’ll never use chronicles again except for the 6pc Pioneer Spirit buffswap. The best set for dealing damage is Dusky West. Heartrending Grief and Buried Scream sets can also be used as support sets.

Once you get a few good epic grade gear in your slots, you’ll want to complete 6pc Echon set. For more info on Echon please see:

For more detailed info on Witches, please see this guide:


Can’t wait for rework! 3bil Fusion Kreygasm


who else is excited to see the bandwagon when witch rework comes out


wouldent be surprise if she still underplayed with the lack of people’s knowledge of her tbh even after renewal


I’m pretty happy about her becoming more of a damage dealer, since I’ve been playing like that anyways.


Yeah I’m pretty pumped, I wonder if continental is still BIS for her given the gestalt nerfs and such.


think i should leave this here


jesus fuck MM spam giving me that PTSD


I’m going to kinda miss the supportive side of witch, oh well, I’ll take the changes with open arms. :kissing:


i got ptsd from his voice during the mm spam, it sounds like hes having sex and just had an orgasm


FUCK me TOO hahahahaha

that was like Kreygasm shit


finished cold princess a few days ago, though id see how much my best optimal setup with it can do since water/fire would be BiS elem after renewal and it did not disappoint since my next best setup is a few secs above 2 mins


just came back to playin dfo. I saw that vid about the witch changes and the first thing i wanna say is… about frickin time we could airskill n airdash more. she’s will truly become a “high flying witch”.

anywho was wonderin if i should still go for heartrend legendary set or should i focus on another one? also, which epic do ya think is the best for her?


Heartrending or Dusky are good starting sets for Witch. You should move up to 6pc Echon as soon as you are able to after that.

For 85 epic sets, only Tactical, Elemental Dropper, or Nature Guardian would be a big improvement over Echon. For (unupgraded) 90 sets, all of them are good (except for Millenium in many situations), but Metal Line and Radiant would be the best two.


been grindin for heartrending, n its good to know i wasn’t grindin for nothin. echon is that new dungeon in central park rite? (at the bottom right) i can actually do that place with my solar prom set. alright ima try to grind there too then.

thx fa the info kamica. :smiley:


These are the damage numbers of a Nagaraja witch. We can estimate based on where his int stat is after buffing that all his pieces are +10 amp.

Even though these numbers are with burning in effect, it is still safe to say that the damage this armor set is capable of is great. As someone that is already at 1/5 Nagaraja myself, I am definitely looking forward to what the future brings.


war hero is the closest i am to finishing a 90 set so yay for me too


The best I can do so far.


You should probably upgrade Savior Broomstick first because upgraded cloth isn’t going to do too much for you.


what equipment pieces do i need to cap AL? i already got my 6pc Pioneer Spirit 6pc and sea pants.