What music are you currently listening to?


Reviving one of my favorite threads from DFONexus’ collapse.

What music do you like? What have you been listening to lately? Or… what music do you just downright love to listen to?

Some of my favorites:

If you have, say, 5 or more songs, consider putting them in a spoiler so the page isn’t stretched to hell.

Share them glorious beats and tunes!

My Take on the Music Thread

I recently watched PPTA and cant get its music out of my head, its a really good series with really good music. Fuck, I legit cant find an anime to dethrone it…


Just one of the pieces from the Clannad OST that I enjoy. I’ve heard Clannad is quite good and do plan to play through it eventually, but so far the music for me definitely does not disappoint.



how to pigluck:



Back again!


i could listen to this for days


Hard to imagine anyone here listening to this kind of shit but Eidola’s new album is great


This is the last anime ost AND film ost I’ve actively listened to. No, not just a few key pieces that everyone will ever remember, I mean 90% of them I’ve always listened to. That’s like 7-9 years ago.






Dude, holy fuck, SAME.

I’m really fucking loving Warrior’s rock versions of the FE songs. THEY ARE SO HYPE.


The whole Musou sound team sure knows how to arrange for other games, and I think some of that experience is rubbing onto DW9.

Speaking of Musou!


Was three years after…this.

The exact same guitar riffs for the melody. It’s funny how quickly I reminisced the second I heard the Musou version.