What is the next step after max level


I have a berserker lv 90 dont know what gear to farm first


Usual choice is to go to OV to farm up your swap chronicle gear and also Ancients. Ghost Train to work towards the pants for your buff swap, Noire Ferra or Kartel HQ for either Gracia or Dusky as a combat set. I would also recommend doing King’s Ruin until you can afford at least the Great Glory Bracelet for the attack and crit attack mods it provides.


Sorry but can you explain what swapping is i have been playing this game since the nexon days but still am a normie lol


Every class has a buff skill, in the case of berserker it’s the derange skill. The skill has a master level that you can reach by spending sp on it but it can then be raised above that by up to 10 levels from equipment. There are also items that can increase the buff provided but don’t give direct level increase to the skill itself. Pretty much every class in the game has a chronicle set that will increase the effect of their buff skill by wearing 6pc of the set.

A swap set is a set of equipment that increases you buff skill by as much as you can manage to get it. You used to have to wear all the gear, cast your buff which would then snapshot it’s stats off your current equipment, and then you would swap over to your actual combat gear for the end game content. Thankfully now we have the buff swap UI available which lets you register equipment, avatars and pets for your buff skill to snapshot off without needing to wear the equipment itself. You do still need to have it in your inventory though.

Hope that clears it up a bit for you.


Thanks that cleared a lot. So do sets work in buff swap and which armor should I farm for the buff swap.


I’ll list off the items that you can go for outside of epics since those ones are going to be locked behind farming hell mode and hoping for the best to drop.

Chronicle Set: Brutal Madman (shoulder, belt, boots, bracelet, necklace and magic stone)
Ring: Hi Tech Ring (From the Melvin’s Shame quest)
Weapon: Halidom/Terra weapon +1/ Kazan Curse +2 (Halidom is easier, check the auction house for Kazan or farm for it in areas that lvl30 gear can drop but that’s rare)
Top: lvl 30/55/60 Halidom top (if you still have a magic sealed top from one of these levels you can upgrade it into the halidom and save yourself some time farming or some gold on the auction house)
Pants: Sea God (from the Ghost Train ancient dungeon)
Sub Equipment: King’s Book of Secret - Hell Bringer (check the AH, can cost a fair bit to buy though)
Avatars: Clone Top/ Rare Clone Top and Bottom with Derange platinum emblems (the rare clones and plats will cost a small fortune so don’t worry too much about them yet)

Outside of that you can go for a title/pet that increases Derange, that’s any that specifically mention the skill or increase skills that are lvl 25.

And that’s probably the best you’ll be able to go for that doesn’t involve epic items.


thank you so much


Sorry one more question is there any way to get the gracia set any faster then just farming the daily once per day? And what weapon would you recommend for combat?


sometimes events facilitate a leg set by giving out free pieces or material but alas not this time, alternatively u can try and do a lion run by filling up the lion gauge which gives u a chance to get a random quest leg (emphasis on random) and if u really feeling rich then u can try to farm the pieces on an alt and then transfer them over using either grandis gracia’s transcendent feature or tran stones

zerkers hav been made fully fixed so whichever wep doesnt really hold much relevance anymor since they all share the same amount of independent atk stat across the same lvl and rarity but zans do give mor str then other weps but that also doesnt really matter too much in the end since having too much str stacking actually worked against zerkers which was why neople reworked most of his self buffs’s str boost into dmg modifiers, in the end its a toss up between zan for the extra str or katanas for the spd

also how many runs r u doing for gracia, u only need 2 runs max per day for the daily but the dungeon itself can drop the materials upto a certain limit which u can see if u roll over the dungeon itself on the selection screen so while 2 runs is the min u can do mor runs to get mor mats per day


If you run 10 Noire Ferra on difficulty 3 or som, you can get an additional reward which includes more materials and potentially a set legendary piece. It’s rare that you’d progress on Gracia with it, but it CAN happen.


In terms of weapons, go either Bludgeon or Katana;

Zerks don’t really care about Physical Attack in general, and Zans are literally just slower Katanas[not counting epics]. They give the same Strength boost, bar some epics and Legendaries. If you want more base STR, go Bludgeon. Want speed, go Katana.

In terms of Chrons, you’ll want 6pc Brutal Madman exclusively as a swap set; You won’t really need anything else once you get your Ancient gears. Your Brutal Madman set can help in this regard, especially if you get 9pc.


I’ve the same sort of question, I’m +7 on derange with 6pc brutal madman. Have world pen +8 ref
6 PC echon, 2/3 sky travelers assassins blade ring. Textbook as sub. Rosetta stone and echon earring. I got 235 light and shadow ele. Yet 105 ferman stationary, counter n all. Takes me about 5 main. Is this just his ceiling? Am I missing something? Is the only way higher to get epic sets? (Besides not having lvl 20 derange)


“Is this just his ceiling? Am I missing something? Is the only way higher to get epic sets? (Besides not having lvl 20 derange)”

Your first problem is this: “sky travelers” and your second problem is this “2/3”. Sky traveler is a nice acc set to start you out, but not only is it inferior to 5s, it’s actually worse than CP. Having only 2/3 is not helping matters.

Your weapon is fine, Rosetta is BiS while Textbook is eh. Having Echon means you really need to push for good accessories though, else…yeah, you want 5/5 on, if not a 90 set, at least NG or Wesley’s Strategy.


Uh so follow up, i realized that i didn’t put any points into blood incarnate for some reason, (i think before origins it said it only gave skill attack to blood lust and ruin, or thats what i read) so yeah. i’m doing 2 min 30 sec on ferman heh embarrassing