Weapon Master PVE Guide (Based on DFOG's latest patch)


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Weapon Master PVE Guide

Latest Update: Updated most of guide based 90 cap content.

Table of Content:


General Skills

Class Specific Skills

TP Skills

Otherverse and Chronicle Information

General Gameplay Advice

Gear and Other Information

What is a Weapon Master?

Weapon Master (named Blade Master in the English version) is a slayer who refuses to submit to the Kazan Syndrome by further strengthening the seal in his arm so that it will not interfere with his drive to master swordsmanship and techniques without relying on demonic powers.

Weapon Master is a close to mid-range combo-centric melee class. As the name suggests, he is a master of weapons and can utilize all 5 slayer weapon types with maximum efficiency. He have the unique ability to learn all 5 weapon mastery for the price of only 1, and using skills will add different additional effects based on the weapon type you use, making Weapon Masters a very interesting and versatile class to play. Also unlike every other classes in the game, Weapon Master can swap weapons with reduced cooldown time inside dungeons. The overall idea and the theme of the class is to have a weapon for every situation and swap as needed.

How Do Weapon Masters Fare?

As a damage dealer, weapon master isnt on the highest end of the spectrum, although they have the potential to be with proper epic gear setups. Weapon masters are however, outstanding playing support for physical damage dealers due to their holding abilities and physical debuffs, making them a highly valued party member for physical parties.

Pros and Cons:

+Has one of the best physical defense debuff in the game.

+Has two of the best holds in the game.

+Agile class with tons of mobility options, up there with rogues and monks.

+Has more utility and options in their toolkit compared to most other classes.

+Has high progression, people who enjoy strengthening their characters will find this class very rewarding.

+One of the cheapest/easiest classes to get into Anton Raid.

+One of the top desired classes for physical parties end game.

+Can use all base Slayer weapons, greatly improving hell mode drop pool.

+Multi-dimensional class with multiple ways to play due to being able to use all 5 slayer weapons rather than being limited to 1 weapon type, as well as dozens of potential gear combinations.

-Starts off with lower damage potential compared to most other classes.

-One of the more expensive classes to fund as a damage dealer.

-Being a melee class means having to deal with most of end game's anti-melee shenanigans.

-You'll pretty much live in hell mode for a long time.

-Simple by nature, but not the easiest class to play at full efficiency.

Basic Info:

Damage Type: Physical Percent.

Armor Type: Light Armor

Range: Close to mid-range

Difficulty: 3/5

Avatar Options:

Hat: Spirit for PVE, cast speed for PVP.

Hair: Spirit for PVE, cast speed for PVP.

Face: Attack Speed

Torso: Attack Speed

Body: Overdrive for swapping, Iron Strike for support, Ultravigilance for DPS.

Legs: HP

Waist: Evasion, Shadow Resist (if using full Dark Gothic)

Shoes: Strength for PVE, move speed for PVP.


Red: Strength

Yellow: Attack Speed

Green: Dual Strength + Physical Critical

Blue: Dual Attack Speed + Movement Speed, or Movement Speed

Skin/Aura: Strength or Physical Critical depending on preference.

Platinum: Overdrive for swapping. SST for Cataclysm/Mana Vortex builds. Lightning Draw Sword, Illusion Sword Dance, or Tempest for burst damage builds.


I will be using abbreviations a lot inside this guide as well as many used as general WM lingo. Here are some primary ones:

WM: Weapon Master (We always refer Blade Master as WM, because BM is generally used for Battle Mage)

SS: Short Sword

Kat: Katana

Blunt: Bludgeon

Zan: Zanbatou

LS: Lightsabre

X: Normal attack button

Z: Skill button

FS: Flowing Stance

CD: Cooldown

SST: Secret Slayer Technique (I will refer to this as SST, and not Secret Sword Art for the old players)

RDS: Raging Dragon Slash

ISD: Illusion Sword Dance

LDS: Lightning Draw Sword

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General Skills

Quick Rebound (Max):

A must for all classes, cost only 10SP. Allows you to get up from a downed state while invulnerable by holding the skill button down.

Leap (Lv1):

Leap is an active buff that will greatly increase your jumping height. This skill will save you from imminent death in dozens of end-game scenarios and only cost 20SP. Get 1 level of it.

Physical Critical Hit (Max):

A 200 SP investment will give you 10% more physical critical hit rate. Every physical damage class should be maxing this.

Physical Back Critical Hit (Preference):

If you have SP to spare, you can invest in this, though I wouldn't recommend it. You should however get one level of it in order to let this skill get free levels from various gear/enchantments that adds +1 to it.

Throw Mastery (Lv1):

Throw Mastery, when learned, will make your throw items count as skill usages. This will enable you to proc items that require skill usage such as Refined Amnesia Stone Ring and all Ancient Civilization pieces like Rosetta stone.

Upward Slash (Lv1):

Your basic launcher skill. Not a must have in PVE, but it can be decent as a leveling skill.

Additional Weapon Effect:

SS: Increased damage from Short Sword Mastery, press Z again to do a follow-up slash.

Ashe Fork (Lv1);

Plunges down from the air to slam the ground, creating a shockwave that knocks down surrounding enemies. Useful as a utility skill, can be used during backstep, and shockwave have a height requirement to activate. Primary usage is for a quick knockdown or to stay suspended in the air for slightly longer to avoid ground pound attacks.

Additional Weapon Effect:

Blunt: Shockwave size greatly increases.

Zan: Direct hit portion of the plunge does multiple hits. Super armor granted.

Thrust (Max):

Press X after a dashing attack to do an additional thrust attack that pushes enemies back. Can be activated after FS-Clash. Useful for positioning mobs and can do decent damage with the TP passive. This skill now maxes at lv1 and is affected by basic training, so there is no reason to not max it.

Additional Weapon Effect:

LS: Cause a lightning effect that have a chance of electrocution.

Aerial Chain Slash (Max):

Allows you to do an aerial attack more than 1 time during a jump. Only maxes at lv1 with low SP cost so max it. Katana version hits pretty hard, especially with magic cataclysm.

Additional Weapon Effect:

Kat: Attacks after the first one becomes a stronger twin-slash.

Drive Slash (Lv1 or Lv5 for TP):

Do a series of 3 quick dash-n-slash on the X-Axis. Direction can be changed mid-skill. Damage is decent while leveling, but really fall short endgame. A great utility skill to quickly move yourself out of danger. This skill is also great to spam to activate gear effects that procs off of skill usage, as each individual dash counts as 1 skill usage.

Additional Weapon Effect:

SS: Damage increased from Short Sword Mastery.

Kat: Maximum number of Slashes +2.

LS: Maximum number of Slashes +2.

Guard (Max):

Lets you block frontal attacks, reducing damage taken. Can save you in many endgame situations and only cost 100SP. Max it.

Additional Weapon Effect:

SS: Guarding right before impact generates a shockwave that damages mob and have a chance to stun.

Zan: Guarding right before impact generates a shockwave that damages mob and have a chance to stun.

Force Sword: Neutral (Lv1):

Fires a sword wave in front of you, causing knockdown. Get 1 level for utility purposes.

Wave-Wheel Slasher (Lv1):

A basic grab move with a very good hitbox range and makes you fully invincible when the skill connects. Get 1 level for utility to get out of pressure and interrupting boss attacks.

Kazan (Preference):

Creates an AoE that boosts str and int. Not the best investment in SP and not recommended, as Soul Benders will do a better job, but still an option for people who likes to maximize their damage, meager as it may be. If you are playing support WM in Anton raid, max this and it's TP for additional party benefits.

SS/Kat/Blunt/Zan/LS Mastery (Max):

Weapon Masteries increases your weapon's physical and magical attack power and grants a decent amount of hit-rate. Should be maxed for all slayers depending on which weapon type you are using. In Weapon Master's case, you can max all Masteries at lv1, and weapon mastery are needed to gain additional weapon effects on most of their skills. Rather than listing what each one do here, I'll list them under that specific skill instead. A basic rundown of what each weapon do:

SS: Generates air vacuums on many skills, increased attack range on normal attacks, some skills have an increased damage multiplier.

Kat: Procs Bleed status on all attacks. Skills have Stab Wound system that procs additional damage.

Blunt: Many skills cause shockwaves and stun proc. Increased damage against stunned targets.

Zan: Some skills can be charged for extra damage or have super armor granted.

LS: Massive attack speed increase and cooldown decrease, procs electrocution on many skills.

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Weapon Master Class-Specific Skills

Rapid Weapon Switch (Free):

A free passive skill for all Weapon Masters. Swapping a weapon mid-dungeon will reduce the gear-switching cooldown, as well as grant you a 5 second buff that increases your physical attack stat by 10% and physical critical rate by 10%.

Lightsabre License (Max if using LS):

Lightsabre license gives you the rights to wield Lightsabre type weapons. You gain a free level upon class advancement and leveling this will increase your attack speed and reduce skill cooldowns when you are using a lightsabre weapon. A must max if you use lightsabres at all.

Lightsabre Mastery (Max):

Same as the other weapon masteries, but this one is exclusive to Weapon Masters.

Weapon Wielder's Zenith (Max):

Each level of Weapon Wielder's Zenith you get will add +1 level to every single Weapon Mastery that you've learned, effectively allowing you to max five weapon mastery for the price of 1. Maxing this is a must.

Secret Slayer Technique/Secret Sword Art (Max):

Secret Slayer Technique is the main skill you'll be using as a Weapon Master. It effectively replaces your X attack with an alternate attack sequence based on the weapon type you are using. This skill is treated as normal attacks, meaning you can freely cancel into other skills while using this as if it were your normal attacks and even mix in your normal X attacks into the sequence. Leveling this skill further will increase SST's damage by a fixed percentage each level.

SS: 3 attack sequence with a huge Y-Axis hit box and shoots wind blades doing minor damage.

Kat: 4 dual slash attack sequence with final sequence launching enemies into the air.

Blunt: 4 attack sequence. Third sequence hits 3 times, 4th knocks down. Sequence 2, 3, 4 have fixed chance to stun. Damage triples against stunned targets.

Zan: 2 attack sequence. First attack generates a vacuum that sucks enemies in while second attack knocks them back. Second attack can be held down and charged in order to do 5.2x the damage as normal.

LS: 3 dual slash attack sequence. 2nd sequence launches targets while 3rd knocks down.

Backstep Cutter (Max):

Allows you to do a normal attack during backstep. Cheap SP cost and only maxes at 1. Useful as combo linkers after SST and hits downed targets. Bludgeon allows you to OTG off this skill.

Additional Weapon Effect:

Blunt: Will spike enemies high into the air.

Auto Guard (Preference):

An active buff that have a 50% chance to automatically guard attacks when maxed (higher when stacked). Very useful to mitigate damage. This skill is completely dependent on your Guard skill, as it activates Guard automatically. This means if Guard is currently on cooldown, Auto Guard will not proc, and it can only activate if you are in a state where you can actually use Guard, meaning it will not activate in the middle of skills unless you were using basic X string or SST (since they can be canceled into Guard). One great feature about auto guard is that it puts you in a short super armor state after it procs, which will allow you to escape many hit-stun lock situations, such as Omnipotent Mateka's combo attack. Lastly, Auto Guard can proc even if you get hit from behind.

Overdrive (Max):

Your primary active buff skill. Overdrive will allow you to utilize your weapon to it's full potential, which increases your skill damage multiplier and critical rate.

Flipside Counter (0 or Lv1):

Counter attack with an upward slash that knocks back when you get hit from behind. Will only work if you are still in a grounded hit-stun state and cant be used when airborne or down. Not recommended for PVE, as a lot of time it do more harm than good due to accidental inputs and sending mobs flying, potentially slowing down clear time.

Flowing Stance (Max):

Flowing Stance will put you in a stance, which is required to activate one of three stance skills. Pressing Flowing Stance skill again will return you to neutral state. Maxes only at 1. Should be learned even if you don't plan to max any stance skills due to various utility this have such as stance-canceling and super armor frames after 2nd awakening. Stance skills can be used without using Flow Stance first, but they will be weaker as a result. Additionally, all 3 stance skills can cancel into each other at the end of their respective animation window.

Additional Weapon Effect:

SS: Using Flowing Stance while airborne activates Flowing Stance - Clash in the air.

Blunt: Using Flowing Stance while airborne activates Flowing Stance - Swift in the air.

Flowing Stance - Clash (Preference):

Delivers a strong thrust forward. Distance can be controlled by holding the back or forward arrow key. Drive Slash or Thrust can be activated after FS-Clash. Skill do bonus damage against enemies under a status effect, making katana version secretly stronger than usual. Great to use during leveling process alongside Thrust with it's TP passive.

Additional Weapon Effect:

SS: Increased damage from Short Sword Mastery. Press Z after the thrust to activate an additional downward slash.

Kat: Do 4 hits instead of 2, each hit do 0.55x normal damage.

Blunt: Have a high stun proc rate.

Zan: Press Z after the thrust to activate an additional downward slash.

LS: Do 4 hits instead of 2, each hit do 0.55x normal damage.

Flowing Stance - Swift (Preference):

Leaps a great distance forward. Direction can be controlled with up or down arrow to move diagonally. Press X during the leap to deliver a leaping attack. Very useful for mobility or chasing mobs down. Good skill to use during leveling process.

Additional Weapon Effect:

SS: Delivers a twin-slash, each hit do 0.55x normal damage.

Kat: Delivers a twin-slash, each hit do 0.55x normal damage.

Blunt: Generates a shockwave on impact, doing decent damage to everything around you.

LS: Have a 100% electrocution chance.

Flowing Stance - Rise (Preference):

Delivers a jumping weapon uppercut, sending mobs flying upwards. Skill do extra damage to mobs in airborne state. This skill completely ignores mobs weight, effectively giving you a guaranteed launch even against heavier mobs. Too much of a SP sink to max without using a specific chronicle set during endgame, so it is recommended to leave at 1 unless you are using that set. Pretty good to max during the leveling process though.

Additional Weapon Effect:

SS: Damage increased by 10%.

Kat: Attack hits twice.

Bludgeon: Damage increased by 10%.

Zan: Damage increased by 10%. Jumping height is lower to the ground.

LS: Attack hits twice.

Flowing Stance - Force (Preference):

FS-Force is an active buff that will increase the damage of all 3 stance skills. Max only if you maxed one or two stance skills. Buff also grants some physical critical rate, and can be maxed for that alone if you wish to. If your crit rate can hit 97% without this skill, then it is not needed.

Charge Crash (Preference):

A fully super armored forward shoulder tackle that ends with a launcher. A great move to get in with combo potential afterwards. Damage is pretty good, but you're better off spending SP elsewhere.

Additional Weapon Effect:

SS: Increased damage from Short Sword Mastery.

Kat: Uppercut portion of the skill do 2 hit.

Blunt: Hold skill key down to deliver a downward slam with a small shockwave, causing knockdown to everything around it.

Zan: Hold skill key down to deliver a downward slash doing moderate damage.

LS: Shoulder tackle portion of the skill do 10% less damage but add 1 more hit, and travels further.

Draw Sword (Max):

Readies your weapon and do a wide slash in a big AoE around you. Great for clearing rooms. One of your primary skills to use safely on the Y axis against difficult bosses. Only negative thing about this skill is that it doesnt hit downed enemies.

Additional Weapon Effect:

SS: Shoots a wind-cutter, doing 18% of the first slash's damage.

Kat: Press Z again to deliver another slash, doing 21% of the first slash's damage with a strong bleed proc and adds large number of Stab Wound counters.

Blunt: Topples mobs, doing 20% of the first slash's damage from the falling impact. Deal 15% bonus damage vs super armored targets.

Zan: Hold down the skill upon activation to charge the skill, fully charged skill will do 1.25x the damage.

LS: Press Z again to deliver another slash, doing 19% of the first slash's damage with high electrocution chance.

Charge Burst (Preference):

An advanced version of Charge Crash. Do 2 lunging attacks back and forth at high speed, pulling every non-super armored mob along the way, and delivers a final slash. This skill has near instantaneous startup, meaning it's very difficult to interrupt, is fully super armored, and have a very high stun proc rate. This makes it one of your best panic buttons next to Tempest to bust out of danger.

Raging Dragon Slash (Max):

An advanced version of Drive Slash, a series of 2 high-speed dash attacks that covers a great distance and direction can be controlled. Holding up or down allows you to move diagonally as well. Second dash have twice the power and will launch enemies high into the air for follow-up attacks. A great skill to move around the map quickly, chase down targets, or attack safely in a hit-and-run manner.

Additional Weapon Effect:

SS: Increase damage by 15% (at lv26 RDS).

LS: High electrocution chance.

Illusion Sword Dance (Max):

Delivers a flurry of 12 slashes then ends with a wind blast forward. Wind blast direction can be controlled by holding up or down to shoot it diagonally. This is one of your strongest damage skill and should be maxed for all weapon types. Must mash on skill to get full number of hits.

Additional Weapon Effect:

SS: Slashing portion do 0.7x damage. Wind Blast do 5 hits instead of 3, and travels further.

Kat: Delivers 25 slashes instead of 12, each doing 0.8x damage with bleed damage stacked on top. Skill adds Stab Wound counters.

Blunt: Skill ends with a powerful ground slam instead of a wind blast.

Zan: Slashing portion do 1.6x damage.

LS: Delivers 24 slashes instead of 12, each doing 0.8x damage with electrocution chance.

Ultimate Slayer Technique - Iron Strike (Max):

When you hit a target, they will have their physical defense lowered for 10 seconds. This basically translates to more damage, and more damage to your party if it has physical classes. A must max.

Ultimate Slayer Technique - Tempered Iron (Situational):

This is a free passive that will change Iron Strike from a physical defense debuff skill to a skill damage increasing skill, and is mainly targeted to damage dealer WMs. Whether you should turn this passive on or off depends on your party composition. Physical parties should stick with Iron Strike, but solo play or non-physical heavy parties can use this passive instead for more damage potential. One main benefit of this passive is that it effectively allows 2 WMs in the same party without clashing their Iron strikes, meaning one WM can help support the other WM do more damage.

Ultimate Slayer Technique - Tempest (Free):

Your 1st awakening skill. Creates a sword formation in front of you, immobilizing everything inside in a hold as you proceed to slash them with every sword that were generated. You are also completely invincible and immune to status effects while the skill is active. You can mash on X to make the skill go faster, but you probably don't want to do that in a party. Note that this isn't a true super hold, meaning it won't work against building-type targets.

Ultimate Slayer Technique - Shooting Star (Preference):

Flies into the sky and rain swords down on enemies, and end with a diving slam. The main benefit of this skill is that you fly off screen and is fully invincible during the duration, allowing you to avoid instant death gimmicks. With Hypervigilance learned, pressing X during the skill activates Thunder Sword, which drops a large projectile from your position that deals damage with super holding effect, with additional effects added based on weapon type. Up to 3 Thunder Swords can be used per skill usage. While damage is pretty good, it's not recommended to max as a big chunk of damage is tied to Hypervigilance, so leaving the skill at 1 will still do OK damage. You're better off spending SP for faster burst rotation skills.

Additional Weapon Effects:

SS: Thunder Sword have a chance to proc Immobilize.

Kat: Thunder Sword adds many Stab Wound counters.

Blunt: Thunder Sword have a chance to proc Stun.

Zan: Thunder Sword damage increases by 15%.

LS: Thunder Sword procs electrocution.

Lightning Draw Sword (Max):

An advanced version of Draw Sword. Functions the same as Draw Sword but with faster startup as the name suggests. Skill can be held down and charged to shoot a wind cutter and increase it's distance. Wind cutter do roughly 80% of the main slash's damage and will not stack with it. This mean closer targets in the slash range will take slightly more damage. Great skill for mass room clearing.

Additional Weapon Effects:

LS: Wind-Cutter becomes more circular, covering more Y-Axis rang, hits behind you, and travels faster.

Kat: Skill adds large number of Stab Wound counters.

Deft Grip (Max):

An advanced version of Rapid Weapon Switch. The initial 10% physical attack and physical critical buff is still applied and duration increased from 5 seconds to 6.

When swapping to a different weapon type, an afterimage of yourself will slash forward, doing decent damage. Will not occur if you are in a hit-stun, juggled or downed state.

Additionally it will give you a 20 second buff that slightly increase weapon physical attack, attack speed, and critical rate.

When swapping a lv70+ weapon, some of that weapon's piercing damage value is transferred to your new one for 20 seconds. Quantity depends on weapon rank, with Epic rank weapons having the highest piercing transfer cap (690-760 on epics, 300-350 on blues)

Note: The piercing transfer is NOT added to your next weapon. It simply makes that value your minimum piercing value for 20 seconds. Meaning if you have a 600 piercing weapon and you swapped into a +0 weapon, that +0 weapon will be treated as if it have 600 piercing value. If you swap that onto another weapon with +700 piercing, your piercing will still be 700, it won't magically become 1300. The intent of this feature is to save people money by not requiring them to reinforce every weapon they own. It will NOT magically turn your two +11s into +13s.

Hypervigilance (Max):

Learn the techniques of the 5 legendary heroes.

Bwanga's technique grants super armor on Flowing-Stance and all 3 follow up stance skills.

Siran's technique allows you to shoot a sword wave from Backstep Cutter.

Vaughn's technique allows you to generate tornadoes during Raging Dragon Slash.

Aganzo's technique allows you to create a powerful shockwave after Charge Crash.

Soldoros's technique creates a shadow to attack during Illusion Sword Dance.

Additionally, it enables the following effects:

Draw Sword, Lightning Draw Sword, Charge Burst, Tempest, Lightning, and Telekinetic Sword damage increases.

Mind's Sword triggers a cross slash during final explosion.

Shooting Star enables an additional "Thunder Sword" attack by pressing X during the skill.

Ultimate Slayer Technique - Mind's Sword (Max):

Creates a flurry of slashes in a wide area in front of you at blinding speed. Good damage and skill can be charged for a 20% damage increase. While charging, any target who are within skill range will be marked, and will be hit by the skill even if they walk out of the range when you unleash it. With Hypervigilance, the end of the skill creates a AoE cross slash on one target. You are also granted invincible frames the moment you release the skill.

Additional Weapon Effects:

SS: Charging the skill will create a suction effect that pulls mobs towards you.

Kat: Number of slashes +1 with strong bleed proc. Adds a large number of Stab Wound counters.

Blunt: High stun proc.

Zan: Fully charged skill do 30% more damage instead of 20%.

LS: Number of slashes +1 with electrocution proc.

Ultimate Blade Dance - Lightning (Max):

A lunging sword draw attack. Skill has great hitbox and range, with deceptively big Y axis range, and is fully invincible while active, which makes this skill double as both a strong burst damage skill and a safe damage avoidance skill.

Telekinetic Sword (Max):

Your 2nd awakening active. Generates a set of spirit swords on your back in a wing formation. Swords will fly out and attack anything you attack for the duration of this skill. When time runs out or when you press the skill key again, swords will automatically target the strongest mob in the room and super hold it while slashing it from every direction. This skill is one of the best super holds in the game, as it allow the user complete freedom to act while target is in a super hold state, and it will never miss unless the target is in an invincible frame state. You can even activate the finisher while in a hit-stun, airborne, or downed state. If you use the finisher super hold within 6 seconds of skill activation, finisher will do 210% more damage, making it a somewhat decent burst skill.

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TP Passives
You will have 37 TP to use at level 86. Most skills max at Lv5, general skills usually cost 1TP per level while class skills usuallly cost 2TP per level.

Basic Attack Training (Max):

Basic attack training will give you 10% more damage in all skills affected by basic training, including your normal attacks, launcher, dash attacks, and aerial attacks. For WM this also affects Aerial Chain Slash and SST. 30% more damage in SST alone is the reason to max this. 3TP total.

Upward Slash:

8% damage increase per level. Please don't waste your TP on this.


Cost 3TP and max at 1 level. This will decrease Thrust damage by 10% but makes it hit 3 times. A great passive that makes a crappy skill a good skill at a cheap investment and good for leveling, but not so much for end game.


Max at 1 level, cost 2TP. A level 5 Guard will grant 80% physical reduction and 40% magic reduction. Getting this passive will add 5% to physical reduction and 10% to magic reduction, as well as expand time window for guard shockwave (Zan/SS) by 10%. Can be useful for a cheap investment if you guard a lot. This will also improve Auto Guard's damage mitigation as a result.

Ashe Fork:

Each level increase damage by 8% and lowers height requirement for shockwave by 8%. There are better options than this.

Drive Slash:

1st level will cost 2TP instead of 1, and will increase the maximum slash count by 2 for all weapons while reducing attack power by 15%. Every additional level only cost 1TP and will increase damage by 8%. Decent if you actually max Drive Slash. Don't bother for end game content. You can grab 1 level of this if you really want +2 slashes on the skill for mobility, but it's not required.

Flowing Stance - Clash/Swift/Rise:

This all-in-one passive will increase the damage of all 3 stance skills by 10%. A must max if you have a stance-oriented build, otherwise don't bother.

Flipside Counter:

So bad it's not even worth mentioning.

Auto Guard:

Learning this will automatically make you counter with an upward slash when an autoguard kicks in and leveling this passive further will increase that upward slash's damage. An interesting passive, but will probably do more harm than good in endgame.

Charge Crash:

10% damage increase per level. Preference based. Good for ToDes.

Raging Dragon Slash (Max):

10% damage increase per level. Recommended with the recent change to 2-Dash only.

Charge Burst:

10% damage increase per level. This should be your SP dump after maxing Basic Attack Training, ISD, DS, and RDS.

Draw Sword (Max):

Each level increase Draw Sword damage by 10%. Recommended.

Illusion Sword Dance (Max):

Each level increase skill damage by 10% and slashing speed by 9.5%. Max this.

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Otherverse and Chronicle Options
Chronicle sets for Weapon Master aren't bad, but they are not true end game material. Use these are part of your progression as you farm for legendary/epic equipments. My personal recommendation is 6 Over-Shoulder Crasher, but I encourage people to get sets that you like based on your play style. I also recommend 9pc Flawless Technique for Overdrive swapping (Leave weapon/top slot open).

2nd Chronicle Sets/Comments/Ratings:

Mr.Fundamental (Flawless Technique)

3 Set:

Drive Slash: Increase damage by 20%

Upward Slash: Increase damage by 30%

Backstep Cutter: Increase damage by 50%

Charge Crash: Increase damage by 20%

6 Set:

Drive Slash: Decrease Cooldown by 30%

Upward Slash: Decrease Cooldown by 30%

Backstep Cutter: Decrease Cooldown by 30%

Raging Dragon Slash: Decrease Clear Cube frag consumption by 1.

Draw Sword: Decrease Cooldown by 5 seconds, Decrease Clear Cube frag consumption by 1.

Charge Crash: Decrease Cooldown by 3.5 seconds.

9 Set:

Secret Slayer Technique: Increase damage by 30%

Charge Crash: Increase damage by 30%

Flowing Stance: Decrease cooldown by 20%

Overdrive: Casting will increase Attack/Movement speed by 5% for 60 seconds, Increase skill damage increment by 20%

Illusion Sword Dance: Decrease cooldown by 20%, Decrease Clear Cube frag consumption by 2.


A set that focuses on the basics, as it's name suggest. This set gives you very good skill rotation, but is lacking in damage boost. Not the best set to focus on. The only use this set really have is for swapping Overdrive with 9pc.

Set Rating By Weapon Type:

SS: 3/5

Kat: 3/5

Blunt: 2/5

Zan: 2/5

LS: 3/5

Initiate of the Secret Technique (Enigmatic Swordsman)

3 Set:

Raging Dragon Slash: Maximum number of Dashes increased by 1, Decrease cooldown by 6 seconds.

6 Set:

Charge Burst: Decrease cooldown by 40%, Increase damage by 20%

Raging Dragon Slash: Increase number of multi-hit per Dash by 1, Increase Clear Cube frag consumption by 1.

9 Set:

Illusion Sword Dance: Decrease Cooldown by 15 seconds, Decrease number of slashes by 25%, Increase damage by 100%, Increase Clear Cube frag consumption by 2.

Overdrive: Increase skill damage increment by 20%


A very solid set. Although 9 piece Afterimage of the Wind will give you a stronger Raging Dragon Slash overall, this set will give you an RDS thats almost comparable with only 6 pieces. +1 to RDS multi-hit means a 50% overall damage increase, as you'll do 3 hits per dash instead of 2. The ISD bonus in this 9 set is an overall 50% damage increase on the slashing portion after factoring out the reduced slashes, but it also have the highest cooldown reduction for ISD out of all the sets. Also useful for swapping Overdrive with 9pc.

Set Rating By Weapon Type:

SS: 5/5

Kat: 4/5

Blunt: 3/5

Zan: 2/5

LS: 4/5

Shock Emission

3 Set:

Secret Slayer Technique: Increase Damage by 20%

Backstep Cutter: Increase Damage by 30%, Increase Bludgeon Shockwave Damage by 30%

6 Set:

Charge Crash: Increase Damage by 20%

Flowing Stance – Swift: Increase damage by 20%, Increase Bludgeon Shockwave damage by 50%

Bludgeon Mastery: Increase damage of Shockwave of Charge Crash by 50%

9 Set:

Secret Slayer Technique: Increase Damage by 20%

Bludgeon Mastery: Increase damage increment on attacking stunned enemy by 20%

Illusion Sword Dance: Decrease Number of Slashes by 20%, Increase Bludgeon Shockwave damage by 100%, Increase Shockwave size by 50%


This is supposed to be the Bludgeon set, unfortunately a lot of the bonuses are lacking and completely useless for any other weapon type but a bludgeon. The biggest merit of this set is that it boosts SST damage at 3 piece and 9piece. The ISD buff on the 9 piece bonus is very good, and that's really the only good thing about the set other than SST buffs. Despite all this, having 3 piece of this set sitting in your safe isnt a bad idea, as it's a requirement to go with full SST stacking builds in end-game.

Set Rating By Weapon Type:

SS: 2/5

Kat: 1/5

Blunt: 4/5

Zan: 1/5

LS: 1/5

Miroke Eagle-Eye (Deadly Precision)

3 Set:

+5% Physical Critical Rate

Rapid Weapon Switch: Increase cooldown reduction of weapon switching by 30%

Weapon Wielder’s Zenith: Increase Weapon Mastery level by 1.

Flowing Stance – Clash: Decrease Cooldown by 20%, Increase Damage by 10%

6 Set:

+5% Physical Critical Rate

Rapid Weapon Switch: Increase damage increment by an extra 15%

Weapon Wielder’s Zenith: Increase Weapon Mastery level by 2

Raging Dragon Slash: Increase Damage by 20%

9 Set:

+5% Physical Critical Rate

Rapid Weapon Switch: Increase damage increment by an extral 20%, Increase buff duration by 3 seconds.

Weapon Wielder’s Zenith: Increase Weapon Mastery level by 3

Illusion Sword Dance: Increase Damage by 30%


This is a very interesting set. This set is entirely dedicated to weapon swapping, allowing you faster weapon switching and greatly increases the buff it grants by doing so. Using the full set will give you an extra 15% Crit rate, 6 levels of weapon mastery, and will make weapon switching buff you with a 45% increase in physical attack power instead of 10%. Extra duration on the buff and lower switching cooldown means it can easily be maintained, if you are willing to swap weapons every 6-8 seconds. The only downside of this set is that it offers no cooldown reduction on relevant skills, meaning your skill rotation wont improve, this is strictly a damage boosting set. This set however can be used to swap for the insane Rapid Weapon Switch Buff, back into your main gear to give yourself a very short burst period.

Set Rating By Weapon Type:

SS: 4/5

Kat: 4/5

Blunt: 4/5

Zan: 4/5

LS: 4/5

3rd Chronicle Sets/Comments/Ratings:

Afterimage of the Wind

3 Set:

Charge Crash: Increase number of hits on Shoulder Tackle portion of skilll by 1, Decrease Cooldown by 20%

Illusion Sword Dance: Increase size of slashes by 20%

6 Set:

Illusion Sword Dance: Increase damage of slashes by 30%, Increase number of slashes by 10. Increase number of slashes for katana and lightsabre by 20.

Raging Dragon Slash: Increase Number of Multi-hit per Dash by 1, Increase damage by 20%.

9 Set:

Illusion Sword Dance: Increase number of multi-hit on wind blast by 1, Increase damage of wind blast by 55%, Increase range of wind blast by 20%, Increase damage of bludgeon ground slam by 55%, Decrease Cooldown by 20%, Increase Clear Cube frag Consumption by 1.

Raging Dragon Slash: Increase damage by 30%, Decrease cooldown by 30%


An solid set that will give you the strongest RDS and ISD with the full 9 set, which are basically a WM's strongest 2 skills. The biggest problem with this set however is that the cooldown reduction isnt applied until the full 9 piece bonus, making using 6 piece of this set lacking in skill rotation to take advantage of the 2 buffed skills.

Set Rating By Weapon Type:

SS: 5/5

Kat: 4/5

Blunt: 3/5

Zan: 2/5

LS: 5/5

Thousand Sword Warrior

3 Set:

Draw Sword: Increase attack radius by 30%, Increase damage by 20%

6 Set:

Draw Sword: Decrease cooldown by 30%, Increase damage by 20%, Bonus damage will be fixed to +30% regardless of how many mobs you hit.

Lightning Draw Sword: Decrease Cooldown by 30%, Increase damage of wind-cutter by 40%, Increase range of wind-cutter by 20%

9 Set:

Lightning Draw Sword: Decrease Maximum Charging time by 100%, Increase damage on direct hit portion by 60%, Using Lightning Draw Sword resets cooldown for Draw Sword

When using Draw Sword and Lightning Draw Sword, Super Armor is applied.


This set is entirely dedicated to Draw Sword and Lightning Draw Sword, making this the best burst set as well as the best set for Zanbatous. Having 6 set of this will allow you to clear rooms with a single skill, while the full 9 set allows Lightning Draw Sword to gain full damage instantaneously without charging needed. Resetting Draw Sword cooldown means you can effectively go DS>LDS>DS in a matter of 3-5 seconds, destroying everything in your way. Super armor from the 9 piece bonus means you can freely charge Draw Sword with a Zanbatou without worrying about being interrupted for even more damage.

Set Rating By Weapon Type:

SS: 4/5

Kat: 5/5

Blunt: 4/5

Zan: 5/5

LS: 4/5

Space Saberslash (Space Lord)

3 Set:

Flowing Stance: When using Clash, Swift, or Rise directly from Flowing Stance, Increase damage of respective skills by 5%

Flowing Stance - Clash: Increase damage by 15%, Decrease Cooldown by 30%

6 Set:

Flowing Stance: When using Clash, Swift, or Rise directly from Flowing Stance, Increase damage of respective skills by 10%

Flowing Stance – Swift: Increase damage by 15%, Decrease cooldown by 30%

Flowing Stance – Rise: Increase damage by 15%, Decrease cooldown by 30%

9 Set:

Flowing Stance: When using Clash, Swift, or Rise directly from Flowing Stance, Increase damage of respective skills by 15%

Flowing Stance – Force: Decrease cooldown by 50%, Decrease buff duration by 50%, Increase damage increment of Clash, Swift, and Rise by 100%, Increase Critical Rate Increment by 50%


Do you like Flowing Stance skills? Well you're in luck, because this set will make your stance skills godlike. With merely 6 piece of this set, the cooldown for Clash, Swift, Rise will be 1.9s, 2.3s, and 4s respectively, giving you amazing sustained damage and skill rotation. The 9 piece bonus will make Flow Stance Force double its damage increment value, but it also forces you to recast it every 25s, making it slightly more annoying. Using Stance skills directly from Flowing Stance will make you do 30% more damage with this full set, so if you aren't used to using Flowing Stance, you better start to.

Set Rating By Weapon Type:

SS: 3/5

Kat: 4/5

Blunt: 5/5

Zan: 4/5

LS: 3/5

Over Shoulder Crasher

3 Set:

Draw Sword: Increase damage by 25%, Decrease Cooldown by 15%

Raging Dragon Slash: Increase damage by 20%

6 Set:

Illusion Sword Dance: Decrease Cooldown by 10 seconds, Increase damage by 30%

Charge Crash: Decrease cooldown by 15%, Increase damage by 25%

Draw Sword: Increase damage by 20%

9 Set:

Charge Burst: Decrease Cooldown by 20%, Increase damage by 40%, Increase damage of last hit by 50%, Increase lifting force by 30%, Increase Clear Cube frag Consumption by 1

Raging Dragon Slash: Decrease Cooldown by 20%, Increase damage by 20%


Over Shoulder Crasher is the set that most WM players use, because it is simply the most balanced set that is good with almost any weapon type. It's the can-do-everything but master-of-none set, as it gives very good boosts to almost every single relevant skill. This set also have one of the most powerful 3 piece and 6 piece bonuses. The RDS buff on the 3 piece bonus is merely a 20% damage increase overall after factoring the -1 Dash count, but if you are using a Short Sword, all the sudden it becomes a 40% damage increase, which is incredible for merely a 3 piece bonus, and that's not even factoring in the Draw Sword buff it adds. 6 Piece will give you a huge ISD CD reduction and damage boost, a boost that every other set needs a full 9 piece to obtain. The Draw Sword buff on this 6 piece bonus is almost comparable to 6 Thousand Sword Warriors, because it makes hitting a single target do 50% more damage instead of 30%, making it great in many end-game dungeons.

The biggest benefit of this set however is that you can roll with only 6 piece of it and isn't required to use 9 piece for its full potential. This frees up many equipment slots to use for actual damage boosting gear, a luxury you dont have with most other sets.

Set Rating By Weapon Type:

SS: 5/5

Kat: 4/5

Blunt: 4/5

Zan: 4/5

LS: 4/5

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General Gameplay/Weapon FAQs and Advice


General Skill Utility:

WM have a very versatile skill tree that covers pretty much everything you need.


Drive Slash, FS-Swift, Raging Dragon Slash.


Charge Burst, Tempest, Mind's Sword (Short Sword).

Invincible Frames and Damage Avoidance:

Wave-Wheel Slasher, Tempest, Shooting Star, Mind's Sword (on release), Lightning.

Super Armor/Anti-Boss Shockwave:

Guard (front), Auto Guard, 2nd sequence of SST (Zanbatou) while charging, Flowing Stance (Need Hypervigilance), Charge Crash, Charge Burst, Raging Dragon Slash (During dash only), Illusion Sword Dance, Mind's Sword.


Wave-Wheel Slasher, Tempest, Shooting Star (Thunder Sword), Telekinetic Sword.

Y-Axis/Safe Offense:

SST (Short Sword), Draw Sword, Lightning Draw Sword, Raging Dragon Slash, Mind's Sword, Lightning.

Mass Room Clearing:

Draw Sword, Lightning Draw Sword, Mind's Sword, Lightning.


SST (Katana/Lightsabre), FS-Clash + Thrust (Katana/Lightsabre), Illusion Sword Dance (Katana/Lightsabre), Shooting Star.

Panic Buttons:

Charge Burst, Tempest, Shooting Star.


Mind's Sword (Short Sword)

Stun Procs:

SST (Blunt), Charge Burst, Guard (SS and Zan), FS-Clash (Blunt), Mind's Sword (Blunt).

Learn Flowing Stance Canceling.

Flow stance cancel is a technique that use the flow stance skill to cancel out of your SST's recovery, then press the stance skill again to go back into neutral state. In other words, you can effectively get rid of all post-cast recovery on your SST attacks by pressing the Flow Stance hotkey twice. This will greatly improve your DPS and can make slow and clunky attacks like Zan SST more bearable.

For example, if I was using Short Sword, I have Flow Stance mapped to A, and SST mapped to S. I would press SSS > AA > SSS > AA e.t.c

Use SST Once Before Using Skills.

Practically every WM skill is cancel-able from a normal attack. This mean you should get into the habit of pressing SST at least once before using another skill such as Charge Crash or ISD. SST comes out fast therefore canceling it into your skill will not eat any extra time at all, and the benefit of this is that it will indirectly make your following skill stronger by adding that single SST damage on top of whatever skill you do, as well as making your following skill stronger due to the Iron Strike proc. Doing this can also help prevent your skill from getting interrupted should a mob tries to attack you as you swing. Lastly, it can help prevent you from accidentally turning around depending on how you have some manual inputs set up.

How to Manual Input Raging Dragon Slash.

If you find a Balmung, or have ever tried to play full manual, you will notice that Raging Dragon Slash is really tricky and annoying to manual. There is an exploit however. Simply change RDS's command to "Space" or whatever you changed your "Cast" button to. You can now treat that button as RDS's "hotkey" while still manual inputting it for Balmung. Assuming you dont have any other skills mapped to Up + space or Down + space, you can even hold up or down + space to RDS diagonally this way.

Triggering "Skills have a X%" Procs:

SST count as an auto attack, not a skill and will not proc anything that require "Skills" such as Refined Amnesia Stone Ring, Babylonian Symbol, Pars e.t.c. When trying to proc these, keep in mind that Drive Slash is your best friend. Each individual dash on Drive slash counts as a separate skill usage, so you can get anywhere between 3 to 7 skill usages off this one skill in an attempt to proc your gear effects.

Alternatively you can use the "Throw Mastery" trick, by learning 1 level of it. It enables all item thrown when learned to count as a skill usage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Build my skill tree?

This is my rule: End game, max all cube skills for bursting along with all buffs/passives and SST.

If you have a Skill Contract, you will have to leave all non-cube skills at lv1 except SST, then make the choice to either leave Charge Burst at Lv1, or Shooting Star at Lv1 to over-level everything else.

Alternatively you can forego charge burst/shooting star for FS - Swift and Rise. With Infinity patch these low cooldown skills hits like trucks with FS - Force and maxed TP.

What Weapon type should I use?

As a Weapon Master player, you should have 1 of every weapon type. But that's a pretty expensive investment and not ideal for many new players. At the state the game is at now, every weapon is viable and their effects are more important than typing.

Ideally you will have a strong Zanbatou and a Lightsaber such as Excalibur and/or Saviors Glory. But any weapon with decent effects works for rapid weapon switching.

What Are the Best Weapons?

Any Savior's Glory weapon or lv90 Epic swords. 90 Lightsaber is the weakest of the bunch but still a very good support weapon with damage potential.

What Are the Best Armors?

Radiant Golden Armor to upgrade into Super Continental set through Luke Raid. While Fiend Venator (Upgraded Black Formal) is stronger than Super Continent, the utility Super Continent provides, plus the light armor mastery bonus you gain from it to shorten the gap, far outweights the slightly higher damage from Fiend Venator.

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Gear/Setups/Other Stuff

Notable Endgame Gear:

Relevant Epic Armor sets:

Full Plate for damage swapping. Nature Guardian for multi-hit procs in Luke Raid. Radiant Golden Armor and Black Formal for DPS/Burst and for upgrading through Luke Raid.

Relevant Chronicle sets:

There are 2 (3) relevant chronicle sets: Flawless Technique (Or Enigmatic Swordsman), and Deadly Precision.

The former 2 is required to achieve maximum Overdrive damage increment.

Deadly Precision will give you the ability to get a gigantic physical damage increase before you burst. You need 9pc + Aphopis Scabbard + any weapon swapping, then quickly swap back to your main gear during the 9 seconds that you have and burst as much as you can. Typically people will use Tempest first and swap while it is active (weapon first to apply Rapid Weapon Switch buff) then quickly swap out into their main gear just as Tempest end and begin bursting as much as possible.

How to maximize Overdrive Swapping?

Achieving Lv20 Overdrive by itself is fairly easy, use any following combinations:

+1 Ancient Ruins Lightsabre (Must have).

+1 Avatar Top option.

+2 Platinum Emblems.

+1, 2 or 3 on Title.

+1 From Pet that add +1 to lv25 skills.

+1 King's Book, Weapon Master.

+1 Ghost Train Pants.

+1 High Tech Ring.

+2 War God Top (PVP) OR +1 from Legacy top, OR Supercontinent Top.

The tricky part is applying lv20 Overdrive WITH 9pc Flawless Technique (or Enigmatic Swordsman). To do this you will need your 9pc of the set with weapon and top slot open, then wear the following:

+1 Ancient Ruins LS.

+2 War God top (can substitute with any other +1 piece if you dont have this).

+1 Avatar Top option.

+2 Platinum Emblems.

+1 Creature.

+3 Title.

The only difficult items to get is +3 title and War God top, so at minimum you can achieve Lv17 Overdrive with 9pc swap.

Iron Strike Support Build:

Ways to increase Iron Strike:

+2 from title (TAO title in DFOG).

+2 from Emperor's Secret Book, Hera's Protection - WM, or Fish Ball Line.

+1 from Dark Gothic Shoulders or Submarine Volcano Shoulders.

+2 from that epic 90 no-set plate shoulder.

+3 from full Lv85 Legacy light armor set (conflict with shoulders above in this case), OR 4 piece lv85 Halidom armors.

+1 from any Lv50+ Legacy Weapon OR Gracia's Heirloom Weapon OR Heaven's Luck Sword.

+2 from Brinicle Shell.

+2 from Supercontinent Top (Luke Raid exclusive).

+1 from your Top Avatar option.

Damage Dealing WM Setup:

Burst damage Build:

Not much to explain here, complete any good 85-90 epic armor sets + a non-conflicting weapon/accessory set. The top 3 un-upgraded armor sets are Golden Radiant Armor, Black Formal, and Nature Guardian.

Super Continental is the best armor set for WMs.

Luke Raid Requirement:

Full Nature Guardian armors (or 5/5 Radiant Gold/Black Formal epic armor), Savior or Lv90 Epic weapon, along with Refined Amnesia Stone Ring, is mandatory for static Luke Raid parties.

3/5 lv90 epic armors + other strong lv90 epics/infinity Anton accessories are minimum requirement for PUGs.

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Who is a Weapon Master?

Recovery of Skiptrace’s Post on Mar 26, 2015 at 11:03 AM

Weapon Master is a common term for Sword master because he does not only use bladed weapons, he uses Blunt weapons also.

Recovery of YanDaMan263’s Post on Mar 26, 2015 at 3:55 PM

Will finish rest of posts tomorrow.

Recovery of YanDaMan263’s Post on Mar 29, 2015 at 12:13 PM

Finished WM's chronicle set breakdowns along with my personal comment and rating on them.

Recovery of Yon’s Post on Apr 2, 2015 at 11:40 AM

From what I've experienced, Katana is a very weak weapon for weapon masters. It's outclassed by LS and SS and the bleed just feels insignificant when you can stack electrocution with LS much faster and deal more damage. Also electrocution seems to be on-hit and will proc from party members as well.

Recovery of Todhaseo’s Post on Apr 2, 2015 at 5:55 PM

I want to go for a LS/Katana/SS Build,what skills should I go for? I'm not enjoying what Zanbato/Bluds used to be.

Recovery of YanDaMan263’s Post on Apr 3, 2015 at 10:06 AM

During the leveling process I recommend maxing all Flow Stance skills, as they will hit almost as hard as your cube skills but with significantly less cooldown. Once you start gaining TP for your cube skills however (Lv65+), you can make the conversion to max all cubes instead. Your cube skills will start off pretty weak until you gain their TP passive and chronicle sets. Keep Draw Sword all the time though, since that's always good to hit everything in the room.

Recovery of Indra1506’s Post on Apr 5, 2015 at 3:23 PM

Hey man, just wanna ask, are purples +10 enough for lvling 60-70 ?

Are there any noteworthy LS or SS in the current patch of DFOG ?

Recovery of YanDaMan263’s Post on Apr 6, 2015 at 9:30 AM

It's fine for soloing Hard Road, Ultimate Road will probably be a slight struggle.

Honestly I wouldnt bother wasting money on a decent weapon and wait for the next round of open beta and see if we get 85 cap. The only notable weapon to get right now is Ancient Ruins Lightsabre (65 Pink) for Overdrive swap boost.

Recovery of Refaze’s Post on Apr 6, 2015 at 1:37 PM

No x5 pinks in game anymore :V

Recovery of YanDaMan263’s Post on Apr 7, 2015 at 11:45 AM

They get re-added into the game in a later patch on KDNF when they removed Pink Magic Seals.

Recovery of GeistesblitZ’s Post on Apr 13, 2015 at 12:10 AM

Are short swords a viable option for endgame, or will your weapon need to be upgraded more to make up for the lack of physical skills/effects on short swords?

Recovery of Indra1506’s Post on Apr 13, 2015 at 7:08 AM

Dude, how long does it take to farm a C2 set ? You must at least have a C2 set then proceed to farm the C3 set right ?