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I tend to use Mana Vortex for Tog in raid to unload on him with a +12 weapon. Doing so usually gets him down to about 120 bars before orbs spawn, and ensures that I have enough skills to use against Nerbe. That’s a very specific example though.

Oh, I also use it to solo Naval really easily too. Being able to use Lightning Draw Sword over and over really helps.

Its main use in endgame content was being able to swap to it while clearing trash mobs so it resets your skills before you reach the boss. But that’s hardly necessary anymore, since we never got the long ass maze dungeon maps for Luke Raid.

But yeah, it’s not a great set for dealing damage, so I wouldn’t bother with it unless it’s literally the last thing you’re missing after completing everything else (Full Plate, NG, Refined Ring, Silver Watch, Metal Line top/bottom, 12/12 setup) and you want to have some fun.


So because someone kept bugging me, I went ahead and started up a WM Discord server.

Feel free to join!

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so i have a question on lumen luke. I notice that when i 2a hold him with his barrier gone, he stops being damaged until 2a is over. In all the videos i saw, this was never the case. Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong. Usually i just use 2a on the nen guard since lumen can be berserky, but in some party compositions it might be better to 2a and burst safely?


Yes, it’s currently a bug in luke right now. I just save 2a for barrier now, but you can also wait for an iframe in dps phase then just place it in front of you for damage.


Zerker 1a also holds Luke and makes him essentially invulnerable. As Perry said try to avoid grabbing him with 2a. If you need to grab him use shooting star and let your team do the work.


anyone have tips on figuring out when lumen luke has reflect up? I am kind of bad at reading his dialogue when things are getting hectic… I suppose just saving ISD for barriers is an option but its one of our top dmg attacks so…

btw the bug where he cant be dmged during 2a seems to be fixed

edit: i noticed i wasnt too clear so i fixed it. I was talking about ISD being reflected during one of his gimmicks. He says “I will return the favor” or something along those lines but i have a hard time reading that dialogue box.


He usually iframes right after he jumps during a dps phase


While luke is reflecting, you can use anything but ISD while his barrier is down (and backstep cutter too but lol). You can tell he’s reflecting if your attacks create a sort of white oval-shaped outline on luke’s body. When i have time I can get a screenshot of what it looks like.

If you’re afraid of using isd at s bad time, i always “hit confirm” with sst first then use my skills when I know I can.