Weapon Master General


It’s been hovering around 200m~ for a while, but last I checked on AH there was only one for 250m


Trinity only resets skills under 33s so no, it does not reset 2a.
But it does make a great reset for lightning draw sword for quick room clears.


Was checking out a kdnf forum and saw some talk about an Overdrive bug, anyone got more details? Couldn’t really pinpoint what was happening due to Google Translate only taking me so far.


Origin patch brought buffs to basic attacks for all classes. It increased basic training efficiency or something and made skill damage affect basic attacks. This caused SST to get affected by skill damage twice. Naturally, any beneficial bugs will be patched instantly. In that process, they broke overdrive which made it not apply to anything. The bug is fixed now, but SST is broken. It doesnt get boost from overdrive at all now. So SST is dead but katana aerial chain slash is pretty beastly now.

edit: nvm they are nerfing aerial chain slash and thrust. Apparently they were also getting 2x skill damage. :confused:


There is a Asura 4s ferman time with cata shoulder 1st awakening basic attacks floating around. After all the trouble they went through to nerf MV I doubt they will let any basic attack bullshittery survive.

And if they do for some reason I trust my kdnf brethren to make some fkin noise.


I just got my WM to 85 today currently using Afterimage of the Wind 9/9 and rental (because I’m poor) and I’m struggling to do ancient can someone give me some tips on what I can do to improve?
P/s: Which lib. weapon and ancient set should I get? Zan vs. LS & Gracia vs. Dusky


I also just got my WM to 85, and I got 6pc Overshoulder Crasher and a Liberation LS (Not sure if Zan or LS is better, I just preferred a faster weapon until i get someone from hells) and It’s perfectly fine for Ancients. Gracia will probably give more damage but is light-locked and not kind when upgrading weapons and other gear, while Dusky is neutral and seems to give more support for sub-dealer roles, which is what ill be doing until I get epics realistically, so I’m probably going to do Dusky myself.


Added a general guide for the class. I’ll be adding things here and there, and I’ll eventually get to some more not-so-obvious techs, etc. If there’s anything you’d like to add, feel free to let me know.


So Gracia 6p > Dusky 6p?


Yes. The only time I’d use Dusky West is if you plan to use some kind of Shadow Damage set-up, i.e. with a Mysteltainn.
It could also work with a Fire Damage setup, but there are quite a few powerful Legendary pieces for that which you can straight up purchase from the Auction Hall instead.

Gracia alone gives 96 Light Damage, assuming 5pc Armors + Sub Equipment, and up to 129 Light Damage with full procs.


Ah I see, and one more thing, what is the recommended weapon for WM? I got myself a Lib. Zan I don’t know about other weapons like shortsword because I hear it really good, and LS.


Short Answer: Lightsabre or Zanbato, whichever suits your play style
Long Answer: Literally whatever you want, as all weapon types are technically viable. Lightsabre is recommended for DPS because it lowers skill cooldowns significantly. Zanbato is recommended for burst damage because of its high Physical Attack, and various skill bonuses (i.e. ability to charge Draw Sword and Mind’s Sword for increased damage).


So later in the game LS > Zan in term of dps, Zan > LS in term of room clear?


Zan > LS for dealing as much damage as possible in a short amount of time (but at the cost of longer skill cooldowns).

Room clear isn’t really an issue in end-game content, as it’s mostly about dealing damage to just one or two enemies at a time.


I see now tyvm


Most optimal weapon is Upgraded Savior LS? Or Upgraded Savior Zan?


Nice little thread; though I should get back into the habit of playing some.


Any WMs need a carry for ancients, I can run you guys everyday. Add me PotatoBlades. I’m usually available after 6pm EST.


Hey I just reached 4/5 Mana Vortex and I can craft Magic Cataclysm right now. Is there some amazing tech we can do with MV or do we generally just wear a pure damage set? I want to luke soon on him but I don’t want to craft MV if its pointless (I have amnesia ring too so maybe MV is kinda redundant?)


It’s a nice set for running event dungeons, hells, ancient dungeons, the daily grind. The “controlled” random reset supported by time watch is :ok_hand:

For actual endgame it requires heavy optimization for decent dps. I’m talking 3 SSA plats on avas/aura ava, +3 SSA title, strong lightsaber, and nothing short of 3/3 5s.

Even then there will be a sizable difference in ferman times with a 90set. And people will give you funny looks because MV WM’s are just not trustworthy DPS. Don’t bother.