visual novels and weeb games containment thread


Look out here comes little busters, complete with shit translation



I want to protect that smile


Time to take over the world!


is this anime risk


Yea it looks like some sort of anime risk. Sengoku Ranceish in how it plays out with different battle mechanics that that game.

Also apparently touhou is coming to steam?


Now everyone on Steam can appreciate the Zunpets



what a time to be alive

toohoo on steam


Is it a good thing the only thing I remember about this game is that I left it on the character select screen because Happy Maria was the BGM for it?


it’s a decent fighting game. kinda similar to melty blood


I probably should watch out Nadia someday.


New VN humble


Eden is definitely worth $1 for sure

Full Higurashi for $10 ain’t bad either.


To the Moon sequel finally out


o-oh no… I’m not ready for this


Eden is definitely worth $1 for sure

Thanks, senpai. :heart:


omg you’re worth more than $1



how was it?


I liked it as much as the first one but the message is completely different from the first story.