Vanguard General


Short Introduction to Vanguards

Vanguard is a subclass for Demonic Lancers which uses the Halberd weapon type. It’s a physical % based DPS class, which means our general source of damage increase for weapons will be reinforcement.

It is very inadvisable to use Long Lances, due to the very significant loss of bonuses from Demonic Lance Mastery.

The class identity of Vanguards come from the Smash and Impact Smash skills.

Smash allows the player to add a special attack after their x-string combos. The attack pattern for Smash changes depending on how many times you’ve attacked before pressing the key.

Impact Smash allows the user to cancel skills (excluding Earthshatter and Demonic Inferno) into other skills. Certain skills that have long animations, such as Blade Storm, Devastate, and Dread Bore, will be halted early if Impact Smash is used before the full animation is completed. Impact Smash also temporarily grants us a STR buff for 20 seconds when we hit an enemy, so I would suggest using it at least every 20 seconds.

Vanguards are generally a pretty flexible class. It has a fair number of multi-hits, burst, and hold skills. It allows for a pretty easy leveling experience. With appropriate gear and support, Vanguards can comfortably do competetive damage in end-game content. However, due to a fair bit of usable skills being super holds or enemy displacers, one should always be careful when it comes to end-game mechanics which rely on enemy positioning or anti-holds. As many of our skills move enemies around, one should also always be vigilant of other party member’s skills, especially if they are positioning dependent.

Cheap Swaps for Demonic Unleash

Swap pieces for Vanguards are relatively simple due to Neople’s efforts to standardize swap equipment.

A simple swap set-up without epics looks like this:

Swap Gear Drop / Purchase Location
Head/Shoulder Vicious Spiral Chronicle Otherverse
Top Level 30 or 55 Halidom Top Farm or purchase. Farming advised if expensive.
Bottom Sea God’s Cursed Leggings Time Gate Requiem (Ghost Train)
Belt Vicious Spiral Chronicle Otherverse
Shoes Vicious Spiral Chronicle Otherverse
Sub Equipment King’s Book of Secrets - Revenant Purchase from AH or Gabriel, or Drops
Magic Stone Vicious Spiral Chronicle Otherverse
Weapon Lightning Halberd Purchase from Gabe or AH, Drops, or Neo Premium Rental
Bracelet Vicious Spiral Chronicle Otherverse
Necklace Vicious Spiral Chronicle Otherverse
Ring Hi-Tech Ring Melvin’s Shame quest in Ghent
Pet Any pet with +# to level 10~15 or 15~20 skills. Avatar Packages that include a +# pet, or a pet box from the AH, or events.
Avatar Top Clone Avatar Top with Demonic Unleash +1 Comes with Tradable Avatar packages or from LT.
Title Any title with +# to level 10~15 or 15~20 skills. Avatar Package that include a +# title, or a title box from the AH, or events.

For a maximized Demonic Unleash swap, players should attempt to gather a total of 10 additional levels from equipment while maintaining a full 6 piece Vicious Spiral set. The difference is substantial.

Level 10 DU gives 30% critical attack, and 20% critical chance.

Level 20 DU gives 50% critical attack, and 30% critical chance.

6pc Vicious Spiral also gives +10% critical attack on DU, totaling 60% critical attack and 30% critical chance from swap set.

While swap sets aren’t required for content up to Echon farming, it gives a substantial damage boost for end-game content such as Anton Raids and above. I would highly suggest attempting to finish farmable swap pieces except pets, Avatar top, and titles by the time you wish to attempt Anton Raid.

Other Possible Swaps
  • Tops

    • War God Top: Farmed in Arena PvP. Takes ages to farm, but grants +2 to level 20~45 skills. Good luck maintaining your sanity if you decide to farm for this.

    • Metal Line Armor: Level 90 Plate Armor Epic, +1 to level 5~30 skills aura.

      • Halidom or Metal Line is just fine unless you’re looking to min/max damage from Platinum Emblems and avatars.
  • Bottoms

    • Metal Line Gaiters: Level 90 Plate Armor Epic, +1 to level 5~30 skills aura.

    • Haboob Tofus Pants: Level 90 Leather Legendary, +1 to level 15~30 skills.

    • Bleak Winds Suede Greaves: Level 85 Leather Legendary, +1 to level 1~45 skills.

    • War God Pants: +1 to level 1 ~ 45 skills. Why?

      • Just use Sea God’s or Metal Line unless you’re looking for style points.
  • Weapons

    • Demon’s Bane: Level 75 Epic Halberd, +2 to Demonic Unleash.

    • Bamboo Lance: Level 80 Epic Long Lance, +3 to level 1~80 skills.

      • There is no reason to farm for either of these items. Use a Lightning Halberd. Spending DI to look for these items is a waste. Only use these if you can find them in events or ToD pots.
  • Sub Equipment

    • Time Traveler’s Silver Watch: Level 85 Sub Equipment, +1 to level 1~80 skills. Useful for resetting cooldowns on skills.

Overly Simplified Gear Progression

Gear progression is relatively simple as Vanguards aren’t element locked like certain classes.

A simple armor progression is:
Magic Sealed :arrow_right: Chronicles (from OV) :arrow_right: Ancient Legendaries (Gracia, etc.) :arrow_right: Echon :arrow_right: Epics

85 Halidom / Neo Premium Rental :arrow_right: Liberation (if desired) / Terra: Reconstruction from Hunter Von :arrow_right: Epics

Magic Sealed :arrow_right: Elda/Verdil/Skuldi from Hunter Von / Gigantic Presence from Anton Normals / Chronicles / Ancient Legendaries (Gracia, etc.) :arrow_right: Echon :arrow_right: Epics

Special Accessories:
Magic Sealed :arrow_right: Uniques (if desired) :arrow_right: Chronicles :arrow_right: Ancient Legendaries (Gracia, etc.) :arrow_right: Echon :arrow_right: Epics

  • Ancient Legendary of choice is usually Gracia from Noire Ferra or Dusky West from Kartel HQ. My personal choice is Gracia, but Dusky West has become a decent competitor after its rework. Gracia is a more general increase in damage across all your skills, while Dusky West relies more on burst through Earthshatter. Gracia is primarily focused on light elemental damage and will constantly use your white cube fragments, while Dusky West requires no materials. Players should attempt to keep the 6 piece set bonus, as that is where most of the damage from these sets is from.

  • Gigantic Presence set from Anton Normals have been a bit lackluster recently, due to its relatively arduous time requirement for farming. It really is only useful once you reach its full 3 piece set effects. Unless an event gives out a piece, players are usually advised to stay clear from it, unless they’re okay farming Anton Normals.

  • Note that slots are flexible. If you are missing a Smash modifier, a Great Glory bracelet is a very good early source of Smash. If you acquire an Epic item you’d like to use, you can shift a 6pc Legendary or Chronicle set from 5 armor pieces + 1 magic stone to something like 4 armor pieces + 1 magic stone + 1 accessory.

  • Please note that the above isn’t a gear progression set in stone. Many players opt to skip certain steps in gearing. I personally went straight to farming for Gracia with a friend instead of farming a Chronicle set, as Echon wasn’t released yet. I used the Neo Premium Rental weapon until I was able to find an Epic halberd. My accessories were Gracia pieces or Magic Sealed items until I could find Epics for them. Gear progression may depend on how you decide to play, and players who are looking for directions or are confused should post their questions in this thread.

Skill Build

Skill builds for Vanguard is very straightforward. Important things to note:

  1. Max your buffs and passives.
  2. If your critical chance is less than 97%, allocate points into Focus: Physical Critical.


  • Leveling:

    • Most of the leveling experience comes from your gold Epic scenario quests. Follow the highest level ones. Sometimes, you won’t be able to reach the level requirement for the next zone. I suggest doing the quests marked [Dimensional Seal] in your highest level zone until you reach the level requirement.
  • “I’m out of quests and I’m not max level.”:

    • Pandemonium Scenarios may not be enough experience to get you to level 90. A very common advice I see is farming Bloody Lane. Alternatively, you can party with someone else who hasn’t finished their quests.
  • “I hit level 90. What now?”:

    • Start farming 5 runs of Otherverse daily for your Chronicle swaps.
    • Attempt to run Noire Ferra/Kartel HQ for Gracia/Dusky West. I suggest running this at least twice a day once you feel like you’re strong enough to do so. Once you have a 6 piece Chronicle set and a decent weapon that isn’t Magic Sealed, you can probably run this comfortably.
  • “My Gracia/Dusky West is complete. What now?”:

    • Run your daily 6 entries of Echon a day and farm a full 6 piece set.
    • Start learning Anton Normals. There are guides for this online both in document and video form. I would highly suggest joining a guild so you can reliably learn mechanics whenever you run the dunegons. Anton Normals will teach a substantial amount of mechanics required for Anton Raid.
  • “What is buff swapping / buff swap sets?”:

    • There’s two sets of gear you should be attempting to collect as a Vanguard. There’s the swap set for Demonic Unleash and your DPS gear. You have a set of gear A, which when equipped, gives you level 20 Demonic Unleash and something like DPS rating of F. You have a set of gear B, which when equipped, gives you level 10 Demonic Unleash but you have a DPS rating of A+. In DFO, there are skills that retain the effects from the items even after you swap out of it. In this case, if you use Demonic Unleash while you have gear A equipped and switch to gear B, you’ll still have the effects of level 20 Demonic Unleash, while allowing you to use gear B to have a DPS rating of A+. This means, in order to min/max your damage, buff swapping is almost mandatory for end-game content for almost every class.
  • “Will [insert item here] be better than [some other item]?”:

    • The best thing you can do in order to see which item is better is to test it out in the Training Room. Unfortunately, if it’s a weapon or an item that requires reinforcement/refinement/amplification, the cost to just test the item may be a hindrance. In general, you should attempt to keep your critical chance at 97% while maintaining set bonuses. Avoid overlapping non-stackable properties such as Smash and Critical Smash if possible.
  • “Which 90 epic set is best for Vanguard?”:

    • Most people would reply with something like “It’s not which epics you farm for, but the epics that come to you” and I agree with them. While I would certainly like to use RG or BF, my most complete set at the moment is Crow. If you aren’t ready to dedicate multiple hundred thousands of DI in order to complete a set you desire, you should just use whatever comes your way.

Helpful Links

As always, if you have questions, please feel free to ask in the threads.
If there’s information on here that is incorrect or you disagree with, please let me know so I can edit the post.


The Vanguard general post was fairly inactive outside of new player question posts in the older forums, so hopefully the revival of the forums will attract new players.

While the forums were down, I was able to find some Civilization pieces, hopefully everyone else also was able to progress well.


Started one today getting the hang of smash is gonna take a minute.


Glad to see more people playing best class. I haven’t been able to progress for awhile now unfortunately.


FC doe


looks like a fun class to play


I am new to the Vanguard. I am unsure exactly what the following two passives are doing: Demonic Lance Mastery and Demonic Control.

Demonic Lance Mastery includes a skill description as follows: “damage required for [monster type] to cause immobility: XX% of max hp.”

Demonic Control includes a skill description as follows: “[stage X] anti-recoil max damage XX% max hp.”

What is immobility and anti-recoil in regards to what those passives should be doing. Are they the same effect with just a funky translation? If they are the same effect, do they stack with each other.

I am guessing these passives essential give a type of pseudo super armor, but when I try to test it in game, I still end up getting hit stunned even though the damage I take may be as little as 1% of my Max Hp. So I have no idea what those passives are meant to be doing.


I never bothered looking much into it after I first made a Vanguard because it made no sense to me. I looked it up on namuwki to see if I could get a better description.

Pertinent Description of Demonic Lance Mastery In Korean

이와 함께 뱅가드가 공격 중일 때 적에게 피격시 데미지가 최대 HP의 일정 비율 이하일 경우 적의 공격에 경직을 받지 않게 된다. 즉, 공격 시 한정으로만 경직 무시를 얻는 특징이다.

대부분의 스킬이 슈퍼 아머가 존재하는데 경직 무시가 뭐 그리 대단하냐고 생각할 수도 있지만, 던파에서의 슈퍼아머는 행동을 캔슬되지 않게 해줄 뿐이라 슈퍼아머 상태에서도 연타공격을 받으면 움직임이 다소 느려지는 것을 볼 수 있다.

I can only hope someone with better understanding of Korean could correct me, but what I can gather from the above is:

While the Vanguard attacks, unless the damage exceeds the HP threshold, attacks are not stopped. Most of their skills have super armor, so you might think "what's so great about this effect" but super armor in DFO only prevents the cancellation of skills. While in super armor, if you were to receive constant damage, you can see that your speed would decrease a little

The second part makes it sound like Vanguards are immune to animation of skills being slowed down by damage weaker than the listed HP threshold.

I think Demonic Control is supposed to be the same effect, since the description also says “Increase the amount of damage it takes to become immobilized while attacking”. It’s probably awful translations. I have no idea how the two stack or if they even stack.

Hopefully this is all correct, but I can’t guarantee it.


Vanguards finally getting buffed somewhat![Gyazo - 4680d0a7001b3994815b379c7da6d79c.png]


What would be the ideal epic sets for Warlord? Would Metal Line be one of them?


I’m pretty sure every 90 set is good. Metal Line is strong set. I’ve seen a lot of other players use Radiant Golden and Black Formal. I don’t see many people using Millennium though. In my setup, Crow beats Millennium in Ferman tests. Just make sure to minimize overlapping smash and crit smash with your armor sets and weapons, as Heaven’s Halberd and Crimson Rod have smash, and Black Dragon has crit smash.


So now with that buff Vanguard got, the optimal set up is to find a +3 demonic unleash title and +2 plats, +1 top, +1 pet, +2 halberd, +1 motion control aura (Comes from LT, waiting for another LT sale) to give +10, then replace Sea God Pants, Haildom top, and Melvin ring with Green aura 3%? each slot demonic unleash?

Min/Max of course, just making sure. No idea where to find a +3 title I doubt anyone has one sitting around a year later. Gotta wait for + skill title packs, shame wild west didn’t have em.


If you wanted to min/max to an almost unrealistic level, you could also grind out a Bamboo Lance for a +3 weapon (or get it from Epic Road if the event returns). Supercontinent top (or War God top lmao) also gives +2, I think. That would put you at +3 title, +1 plat, +2 top, +3 Bamboo Lance, +1 pet for a +10, which allows you to use 2 plats for something else.

I don’t know if you can replace Halidom top with tainted OV because you have it listed as one of the pieces required for +10. Maybe you meant sub-equipment, it comes out to be the same in the end anyways.

+10 - Title (3), Plats (2), Halberd (2), M.C. Aura (1), Pet(1), Top (1).
Vicious Spiral - Shoulder, Belt, Shoes, Bracelet, Necklace, Magic stone
Tainted OV - Pants, Sub-equipment, Ring


Ah yes I meant sub-equipment. I was thinking differently about the plats if we were being unreasonable we would just have a swap clone top and bottom. If we’re going all in with money, mys well spend the money for 3 more plats, gold emblems, and clones!

I wasn’t playing back then, and we have a cap up so I don’t know if we get them again, but I heard a year or more ago the game got a hell road or something similar where people were able to choose level 80 epics from a box. I do not think currently it’d be worth grinding 80’s so I think we’ll just wait for an event. The luke top seems “more” reasonable as we can at least do Luke more reasonably than a waste of grinding 80-85 epics.

And ew, PvP for war god top. No thanks!

Let’s hope for + skill titles some day then. Thank you!