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Should I use Terra Reconstruction Lightsaber so I can cap crit over the 90 Bludgeon? using 5/5 rg and 2/3 sense. scents necklace when XD


World Pendulum is a really good weapon to have because of the additional Element damage modifier it gives you along with the +1 on 2nd Awakening skills. How much crit are you missing exactly, do you have all the crit enchants and gold emblems, and do you have the Olympus Aura?


As far as Echon Armor/Acc. options go, what would be “optimal”?


Hello from iPauline, and this is the guild for Vagabonds/ Blade Dancer. Since we are a relative rare class, there might be many new vagabonds having questions or tips they want to ask and know but no one can answer them. So here I am.
First of all, this is my character: 222
and my explore club:Capture
Let’s start from the point when you reached 70. Vagabond’s buff is crucial for her damage, from Lv,70 you can start farming Otherverse which located at the left of Saint Horn, you can access it from imageimage
You can start gathering your chronical swap set, most of them can be obtained from Otherverse or be brought by Bowmaster Ludmilla.
The chronical set you need is Ascension 6 piece. image .
6 piece Ascension gives you +2% critical attack per stack so if you cast Quintuple Strength and keep hold of space key, it will take you to max stack(5), this gives you +10% critical attack which is ALOT!!!image
Other things you need if you don’t have much gold are

You can get this by farming Ancient dungeon: Ghost Train which is also located at Saint Horn but at the left.

You can get this from featured quest called Melvin’s Shame, check if it’s in the Featured Tab, it might be in your Uncleared Quest tab. Make sure you select the right one: HIGH TECH SLAYER RING!!!. Don’t get tricked by the icons.

Then it’s the sub-equipment.

Somehow I can’t find it when it try to look for the name but just go to Auction Hall
(AH) -> Sub-Equipment -> Slayer (F) then find it. It’s really cheap and gives you quite a lot damage bonus.

Title, you will need Sweet Dreamer. Search up Sweetdreamer in the AH then look for Quintuple Strength, don’t worry if you can’t find any because it came out a long time ago so it’s really rare and expensive now.

You will also need Metal Line Armor. really good swap but you need to farm hell to get this when you reached lv90.

Weapon, there’s a few choice for you.

Soleit and Heaven’s Luck Sword (HLS)both gives you +LV.2 QS. If you’re reallllllly lucky and you got HLS before you brought soleit then you don’t have to waste 2.5 million gold on soleit, if not then buy soleit, really cheap and good.
Ancient Ruins Lightsaber is probably the most expensive swap equipment in the game which costs 210 million gold but it gives the most damage bonus compare the other 2.

Lastly, you will also need other stuff to build up your QS level. You will need a creature that increase lv20 skill level, an advance or rare avatar top and maybe 2 QS platinum emblem.

Once you reached lv 85 you can farm Ancient Dungeon to get legendary sets which are really useful and gives massive boost.
2 best sets for Vagabond are imageimage
Gracia set focus mostly on light attribute and Wild Romanticist mainly focuses on Awakening skill. They both have their own advantages it’s up to you which one you prefer.

My advice for you when you reached lv85 is that don’t use up the demon invitation that Neople rewards you because you could get lv90 epics when you reacher lv90 and farm in Metro centre.

Once you reached Lv90, don’t miss out pandemonium rift(really hard if you’re not geared but I’m happy to carry you if you message me :smiley:)

Currently, in my opinion, the best epic sets are:

They both their own advantages. Crow set is really good because the bonus it gives won’t be covered by sensory set.
Black Formal set is good because vagabond has leather armor mastery which gives more bonus such as more strength and MP max etc…

Vagabond can use a various range of weapon but only Zanbatos and Lightsabers are best for her.

Advantage: This gives vagabond the HIGHEST damage bonus as it has the highest raw stat bonus out of all 4.
Disadvantage: It has really long skill cool down.
Best for Vaga: image

Advantage: It gives vagabond really high attack speed and cast speed also the least cooldown!!
Disadvantage: The damage bonus is not really high.
Best for Vaga: image

There’s a few tip when vagabonds are doing anton raid.
For Black Smoke Boss: Nerbe we can use image and image to stop him using skills.
However when your teammates are using skill, please take a look at them because these 2 skills can really cause your teammate’s skills to miss.

For BG, when you enters the room on the right hand side, use imagethen followed by image this prevents him from being invincible.
For the boss at the left room, use image when he jumps up and throus around 3 sticks down, you can stand at the centre of the map which makes it easier to hit him.image

For Durable leg, there’s many tricks.
Use image and image to move the zombie, really convenient. Since you’re in a party of 4, you just have to take care of only 1 hole.
For the Gatekeeper, use image when the blue bar is about 1/3.image
If you’re geared, you can kill him instantly.
For Agnis, you can use image at the centre of the map to kill her clones. This gives you more time to run up to Agnis and catch her.
Then use imageimageimage when her shield is gone for a moment, if you’re lucky you will catch her then use 2nd awakening to hold her.

When you do energy, you can use image to bait him.

Black Volcano boss really tests you on timing. you can use almost all the skill to get orbs or counterkill.
Use image when Mateka turns white.

Now, the deadliest counterkill combo!!! Use imagebut wait about 1.5second when Mateka turns white. If you succeed then use image to finish him.

Thank you for reading this and this is pretty much everything you need to know about vagabond, if you have any further questions or keywords from above that you don’t understand, please message so I will try my best to solve your question :smiley:


would cherry blossom zanbato be a good starting zan to use on a fresh 90 or does lib zan do more damage> of course this is until an epic drops.


Pretty late reply so you’ve probably already decided… but Cherry Blossom is better than Liberation. 2% more bonus damage, higher base stats, and delicious 15% movespeed/attackspeed. Although Liberation has crit on it, but I’d personally rather have the other traits of Cherry Blossom.


I did but thank you for the reply and detail regarding both hopefully it helps others as well.

that said i do have 1 more question now, how do the bonuses from our secondary weapon work like if we had a halidom weapon in our secondary weapon slot so we get the + skills from it. Or what happens with weapons that give bonuses to skill damage such as ancient ruin lightsaber. Or do they need to be in the main weapon slot for you to get the bonuses


Only 10% of the Str and Phys. Attack is applied from the weapon, everything else is ignored.


So I’m gonna get a rare clone top from the current event, and I’m between deciding 1a skill or 2a skill +1, which would be better? I already have a clone top with quintuple+1 for swaps.


Zenith. It gives 2% damage while Cleansing Fire gives 1.5%.


I was actually referring to the 1a or 2a active skill, not passives.


Oh, mb. In that case I’d say Fiery Hell since it’s much faster than Moonlight Dance.


I recommend that avatar top is a choice between either 1a active or 2a passive.

2a active is not recommended due to its style. It will move your character as well as the monster to new places, which means by the time you finish casting it, you have to “find” where you and the monster ended up being at and “plan again” how you will use your follow up skills. Adding on to how obviously slow it is, is how incoherent it is to follow up with other skills. For this reason it is mostly used as a finisher, or a desperate last minute hold. Which also means, by the time you eventually decide to use it, you have already used your better, more prioritised nukes. Its usage rate is too low for us to properly evaluate its damage increase per level.

1a active on the other hand is bae, you use it to begin your burst cycle. More than how it is the highest damaging skill, is that it gives you a damage buff for your next used skills. It also flows very well, you remain stationary in the center, giving you a chance to locate where the enemy is, or will end up at, and allowing you to calculate what you will do next.

The damage increase from level 10 Fiery Hell to level 11 is 7.5%. This increase will steadily be lower than 7.5% for each level you raise from 10. But at current meta is isn’t likely that the skill’s level will be purposefully stacked high, so might as well see it as simply 7.5%.

The true damage increase from level 7 Zenith to level 8 Zenith is 1.5% (diminishing returns, 1.34/1.32=1.015). It may seem much lower than Fiery Hell, but remember Zenith will buff all of your skills by 1.5%, which means one skill cycle down, one level in Zenith will probably beat one in Fiery Hell.

As it can be seen both are good choices and it is completely up to personal preference at that point. If you have picking difficulties flip a coin. I personally picked Fiery Hell since when others look at my damage chart all they will ever see is 1a’s damage, might as well buff that!


How you guys liking the changes? Feels REALLY strange being able to act off Cross Sword’s hold, I keep forgetting I can now.

Also the 10 seconds off Blazing Palms CD is SO nice. I can’t want for craft epics so I can get Hello Hella and have that delicious CDR to bring it even lower.


I definitely need time to get used to the new changes. The most important and also the most difficult thing is telling myself that Explosive Palm is the BIG skill now, stop using it so randomly! Habits are the hardest thing to change :c

Another problem is indeed adapting to the new Cross Sword. For Cross Sword, the best combo is Cross Sword --> Explosive Palm --> something else. Knowing that, this could happen: okay I’ve used Cross Sword to hold this guy first hand, I figured out I’m supposed to follow it up with Explosive Palm then something else after that, now lets press Explosive Palm, where is it, okay its here, press! NOO! By the time you go through that think process the hold is long over. It’s good to practice this combo in the training room a few times before running bigger dungeons, so that you don’t stagger in practice. Follow ups to Cross Sword needs to be an instant reaction.

Cross Sword surely adds some variety to gameplay. End game wise, instead of completely counter attacking, vagabonds are now allowed ONE hold combo. It is useful for monsters like Canaps and Veil. Again, the best hold combo is Cross Sword --> Explosive Palm --> something else. Anything else than Explosive Palm is either too slow or too risky to make it in, from personal experiment. If Explosive Palm is on CD then just follow up with something else. Keep in mind that Rosaura and Snader who teleport after you Cross Sword them, you need find them and 2a.

However, don’t be like, oh I got new skill I’m going to use it everywhere I go. Remember, Cross Sword only gives you ONE hold combo, and it can only be followed up by quick skills. Your big skills Fiery Hell, Lotus Dance and Comet Rush still require counter attacking like before, you can’t chain into them from Cross Sword. Think situational, for monsters that you don’t need to hold, you can drop your counter attack combo instead. For example if you are facing Veara, using Cross Sword is rather useless and a disadvantage since you don’t need to hold him and you lose counter attack. It will be better to drop your nukes as good as they already are, Fiery Hell --> Lotus Dance (reposition yourself with the skill accordingly) --> Comet Rush.

So it can be seen how vagabond is still a ‘counter attack’ class, Cross Sword won’t transform us into physical DT. For Cross Sword, it’s ‘hold’ meaning is more weighted than its ‘damage’ meaning, when I use it, I think ‘hold’ not ‘damage’. For this reason I have decided to still leave Cross Sword on level 1 as a utility first hand hold. My own skill buiild here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet but like always it is all preference max it if you like x_x