Tutorial Help


I am requesting a walkthrough on how to update an existing mod. In particular how to update skill Icon mods because the one I use is becoming more and more outdated as more and more content is released. And rather than pester somebody else to do it I would prefer to do such on my own and release the updated version on this site.


Asking someone probably would’ve been a better choice, seeing as how dead things are here. But I’ve had reasons for lingering lately.

I’m assuming the mod has red X’s.
Find the original NPK and mass save the sprites of every modded IMG. Then go to the modded file and do the same thing. Take the extracted contents of the modded file and move them into the folder with the contents of the unmodded one, overwriting when asked.
That creates a folder with the correct number of images to fill the gaps of the missing ones while retaining anything that was modded.
Go back to the unmodded file and mass replace from the merged folder.

If you run into any issues and I forget about this thread, my Discord is Fish#5235


Okay that makes sense. I’ll give that a try and see how it goes


Fish you are awesome! Thanks to what you said I figured it out so now I can update the mod So far I’ve done F.Slayer but I shall work on M.Slayer then Lancer, then M.Priest. After that I’ll do Agent since I’ll be doing that one entirely from scratch.Once done I’ll upload them.