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Ready for some Dante.


SHOTMAN exceeded my expectations, number one thing I was worried about was him maintaining positonal advantage and fuggin hell does he have it through the dodge roll and Oppression. Every single one of his moves feel great to use.


Having stopped at 60, I get the notion he’s one of those “too good to be true classes,” in that so many skills have such rectangular AoE and damage almost all of them are worth spending points on. Although, for the sake of power, he has very low mobility and some skills don’t have invincility or super armor (1st awakening has super armor colors, so I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be invincible). Thankfully he does have a few good holds. He’s kinda like a male Inquisitor when you get down to it, only with more horizontal range.

Course, he is very satisfying to play. I hate having to spend SP on so many skills that I need to be strong, but I’ll know eventually what skills are worth maxing in the end.


Definitely something I’ll be putting a lot of time and resources in.

His skills all feel good so it’s a bit rough figuring what to drop though mostly just going by personal preference at the moment.

One more level to 90.


What’s his 6pc Chron swap called?


Emperor of the Battlefield


Also shoutout to one of his chron names: ABSOLUTE TOUGH GUY


Ignition Slash is the thing I’d drop. rather have it as one big slash.


Chron set names don’t get more apt than this, folks.

I ended up losing G-CTF at lvl1, too. But it’ll probably be most useful in general farming. Edit: lvl85 is making it worse for me to ditch other skills. Is Suprise Present worth ditching? As much range as it has, it’s usually unwieldy in situations where you’re clearly surrounded and its long startup.


G-CTF is great I feel, low CD, great range and good/decent damage plus it’s a hold skill, I could see it being a lvl1 skill since the hold time doesn’t change.

The struggle is real cause I want to keep some low CD skills but it requires taking away from one of the higher skills.


So really you got several options:

  • Double Barrel

  • CTF

  • Violent Smash

  • Dif Burst

  • Perfect Batting

with consideration of dropping Sword Bomb/Ignition Slash to 1.


I left CTF, Brake Shot, Perfect Batting, and Sword Bomb at 1 for utility; I.Slash is my SP dump.

I maxed out Double Barrel since it’s a quick way to dish out damage, and who doesn’t like a quick one-two with their shotty?


Anyone able to translate this?
Either way the jist is how much damage each skill does when max level.


Let’s see, I’ll take my best guess

3rd Column: % with TP

4th Column: Damage dealt within the time frame with usage (suppose it always includes the passives)
5th Column looks like % out of the mobs hp relative the damage of the 4th column.

TS’s 2nd second awakening downs a lot of damage but in the relations to time, It’s only 3% of our total dps %

Column is Passives at their max and what they give.


Here’s some trouble shooter skill builds from KDnF

How to hold with troubleshooter skills in Anton.

I recommend using google chrome to translate the pages into english.


I think the 5th column is actually DPS. Like awakening’s are great burst sure but not great DPS.