TorturedXOnes Multi-Music Mod (5/2 Update)


Due to the release of the Origin update, a decent chunk of this music mod is temporarily in a sense unusable and now only applies to the Post Metastasis Mirror Arad, currently the mod is planned to be worked on, re-tweaked and updated to reflect the new changes to Arad in DFO. Presently for the time being as of this edit only Parts 5 and 6 as well as the Optional files will be left up for download, the re modified Part 4 will be uploaded later and all music prior to Ghent will be modded when i start playing the game again (which will be around the time Dragonian Lancer finally comes out)

The changes that will take place are as follows

This mod covers all main areas of DFO from Elvenguard to Pandemonium, Post game content music is changed only in some areas (Otherverse, all Ancient Dungeons and Mt.Kulun as well as the Anton and Luke Raid since they had relevance to the main story prior to Origin update)

PvP and content past Pandemonium (i do not know the name of it as of these edits i’ve been making) are untouched
the only song remotely related to PvP that has been changed is the Practice Music where you test out and try new skills before learning them

This Music Mod has no recurring theme through out each of the various towns as they use a combination of songs from various games. The music is largely modern with only a handful of songs being more synthetic
the only town with a “theme” of sorts is Ghent which largely used SHMUP music due to the theme of the town being at war with the Kartels when you arrive

Part 1: Elvenguard-Hendon Myre-Behemoth
Part 2: Aphelia Post-Noire Ferra
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5: Shonan-Time Gate-Power Station
Part 6: Noble Sky-Zelva-Pandemonium
Optional: Click Here

Just a small taste of what music is featured in the mod

Pre-Metastasis Arad
Character Select Screen: Quiet Resonance
Hendon Myre: Undiscovered Horizons
West Coast: City of Commerce
Outer Temple Wall: Unknown Pollution
The Catacombs: Malediction

Post-Metastasis Mirror Arad

Silver Crown: The Lost Forest
Underfoot: The Sound of the Bell, The voice of the Prayer
Chessboard of Despair: Games Room
Forbidden Shrine: To Draw the Sword

Update Notes
3/18: Took down links for Parts 1-4 and left notes regarding the new changes that will be taking place following the Origin Update as well as make some modifications to the post itself
4/5: Added Part 1 and updated the Pre-Metastasis Previews to have some music to reflect the music being used


Some of those Bgms Sound a Bit to much like the First PSO.


What songs in particular if i may ask? :o


Like Silver crown and the ones similar to that one.


ohh i see, ironically enough i’ve never heard any of the music from PSO myself (though i will also admit, in my stupidity from how tired i was last night, i interpreted PSO as some means of Playstation which led to my curiosity in the first place)


Not that it’s a Bad thing, But it has that same beat to it.
Still - It is enjoyable. :stuck_out_tongue:


glad to hear you’re enjoying it, i appreciate the feedback :smiley:


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