They are Spirals Not Balls - A Nen Emperor Pve Guide

Spirals Not Balls

By: Loujitsu

Last Updated: July 31st, 2017

Table Of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Skills

III. Avatar/Emblems

IV. Gear

I. Introduction

Yo! My name is Louis, most of you know me as Loujitsu pronounced Lu-Jit-Su. I have been around DFO since beta of the Nexon era and have mained a Male Nen since they were released. I have a ton of experience and love for this class, so I thought this would be a nice way for me to share my knowledge with both new and old Male Nen Master players. I also occasionally make YouTube videos of me on my Nen which you can check out HERE.

Subclass Lore
Nen Master

It takes years of training to be able to use Nen, but there are ways to utilize the power of Nen without investing the time. Tattoos, are one way to do that.

This method, known for its use of contemptible materials, is only practiced by a few remaining tattoo artists and fighters. This special type of tattoo can forcefully change the Nen's flow inside the body. By using this method, Powerful Nen energy is created, which usually surpasses the individuals capacity to control it.

With great power, comes great risk.

This method decreases the life of the tattooed person by about 1/3rd, as the forceful flow of Nen puts an unbearable stress on the body. Because of this reason, these types of tattoos are strictly forbidden in Suju.

Any tattoo artist found guilty of this practiced is executed immediately, and those that he/she tatooed, are banished from Suju, to a place of strict sanctions.

Despite that fact, the art of the Nen tattoo can still be found emblazoned upon the skins of many, who seek ultimate Nen energy…

Man's desire for power knows no end.

If you ever meet a Nen Master in the land of Arad, who has an unstable energy, or a threatening presence, they are most likely bearing this tattoo mark somewhere upon their flesh.

These people have forgotten the true meaning of Nen. The art of applying energy to preserve safety and health.

These careless individuals are concerned, only for extracting the offensive power that the Nen holds…

Testing their skill level though, would be quite a foolish act.

Although they gain more power by sacrificing their lifespan,

Your lifespan will be quickly reduced without gaining anything.

Awakening Radiant Lion

You dare come at me with such lewd virtues? …without a hint of courage?

The remaining life I have is as important as yours.

There is something however, I hold more dear than becoming an old man,

sick and bed-ridden with disease.

Have you ever seen your family die before your very eyes?

Have you begged for your life with your face immersed in utter fear?

If there is one sin in this world worth contempt, it is the sin of being weak.

While you were busy figuring out your "true morals," I acquired my Nen ability…

something none of you could obtain after decades of training.

My Nen is my resentment… my rage… and my pure hatred toward you all.

As I soak in your jealousy, I shall become even stronger.

You who fear this cursed tattoo… I will teach you what true fear is with the ferocity

of my lion-like Nen prowess!

Beware the mauling of the legendary Radiant Lion.

Second Awakening Nen Emperor

There was a guy in the early days.

He has chosen the forbidden path, but has always been concerned about his miserable end that was getting close.

His only enemy was nothing but time, and his anxiety was getting bigger as the day went on.

Do I just let my life get taken away? Do I just get buried with my unfinished will?

He agonized yet he could not find a satisfying answer.

So he walked into the deep inside the mountains.

It was to not just sit down and waiting for his end, but to reach his end himself with harsh training.

With his body broken down, collapsed under the waterfall, he witnessed a lightning bolt piercing down from the sky.

The light that lit the world briefly and instantaneously disappeared has awakened him.

His breathing was changed. The new energy started flowing through his dying body.

He got up and laughed out. It was very loud that the entire mountain seemed to shiver.

Later people looked for him in the mountains, but he was nowhere to be found; instead, only a rock with the paragraph below was found:

"I wanted to become like this gigantic mountains, but threw away a small piece of rock because of its size.

I walked a countless distance, but I realized that the mountains were under my own feet only after I have looked back.

Would my hand be able to grasp the sky, or the sea.

Why would I be greedy for any more if it only gets farther away from me by doing so?

How would it be if I do this, or if I do that. Wouldn't I only rot after I go away?

Has the world ever stopped flowing because my legs rooted as if it were from a tree?

Life and death are both only parts of the universe, and why did I suffer even after I was aware of that fact?

Getting freed from the greed, looking into the void, finally the stuck will be born open and the empty will be filled I now realize that there is nothing 'more' and 'less' in the universe."

Armor Type: Cloth Armor

Weapon: Knuckle

Damage type: Percent

Attack Speed: Very Fast

Difficulty: Intermediate


Fast fluid combos

Constant DPS

Super holds

High defense

Great crowd control

Flashy skills


High mana consumption

Long cooldowns

Awkward skill hit boxes

Author’s Notes: Before we begin with where I believe your SP is best spent, it is important to note that this guide is simply a tool to guide you in the right direction to make your character as strong as it can be. However, at the end of the day you can build/play your character any way you see fit. If you disagree with my recommendations feel free to make any changes you want to fit your play style.

Any feedback is welcomed, if you notice any errors, have any suggestions or questions hit me up. Also if you found the guide helpful to you in anyway drop me a positive rating, it would be greatly appreciated.

II. Skills

This section will cover general skills, subclass skills, TP passives, and my personal recommendations as well.

  • General
[​IMG] Quick Rebound - Invincibility frames for if you are ever knocked down.

Recommended level - MAX

[​IMG] Indomitable Spirit - Casts super armor while we cast.

Recommended level - 0

[​IMG] Ancient Memory - Increases Int stat. Nice increase of INT. The low duration and high cooldown of this skill made me dislike it, which is why I don’t have it.

Recommended level - Max, 0

[​IMG] Leap - Makes you jump higher for a set period of time. Pretty useless for pve, but has its uses in pvp.

Recommended level - 0

[​IMG] Physical Critical Hit - Adds physical crit. Do not want.

Recommended level - 0

[​IMG] Physical Rear Attack - Nah

Recommended level - 0

[​IMG] Magical Critical Hit - Magical Crit is great for us. Max this until you start going beyond 97% Magical Crit then you can start taking SP out of it to put elsewhere.

Recommended level - MAX, Preference depending on your gear.

[​IMG] Magic Rear Attack - Eh… SP is better spent elsewhere.

Recommended level - 0

[​IMG] Throw Mastery - With at least 1 point in this skill throwing rough stones and other consumables like it will have a chance to proc refined ring and other skill proc based equips. Very useful in raid and Luke.

Recommended level - 1, 0

[​IMG] Damage Conversion - Mark it as “Magic”.

[​IMG] High Kick - Basic launch skill for M.fighters

Recommended level - 1

[​IMG] Hammer Kick - Leave it at 1

Recommended level - 1

[​IMG] Knee Kick - Basic M.fighter Grab skill.

Recommended level - 1

[​IMG] Low Kick - Useless

Recommended level - 0

[​IMG] Sand Splash - Decent in Todes, pretty much useless everywhere else.

Recommended level - 0

[​IMG] Air Walk - Just leave it at 1

Recommended level - 1

[​IMG] Seismic Crash - Decent early on for leveling, but pretty useless at higher levels

Recommended level - 0

[​IMG] Iron Physique - Strengthens the body to be tough as iron, increasing physical defense and vitality. If you’re stuck with 15 SP and have nothing else to put SP into, this is an alright option.

Recommended level - 0,1

[​IMG] Flash Move - 25sp for a skill that quickly dashes you forward is pretty nice

Recommended level - Max

[​IMG] Crouch - Pvp skill

Recommended level - 0

[​IMG]Tiger Chain Strike - Lets you cancel a dash attack into quite a few skills. Get it and seal it.

Recommended level - 1

[​IMG] Tornado Kick - Solid option for grouping mobs early on while leveling, but is easily replaced by a lot of our later skills

Recommended level - 0

  • Steal Skills
[​IMG] Neck Snap - Snaps the neck of a target and forcefully switch the facing direction. The target remains hit stunned with increased chance of getting critical hit briefly. Amazing skill for skipping gimmicks and setting up your most damaging setups.

Recommended level - 1

[​IMG] Poison Throw - Throws a poison bottle at the enemy in front of you.

Recommended level - 0

[​IMG] Torpedo - Hits with a lightning fast elbow to immobilize the enemy. Good for the movement it provides.

Recommended level - 0,1

  • Subclass
[​IMG] Nen Shot - Fires a projectile made of Nen. The projectile explodes upon contact with an enemy, splashing Light Damage onto surrounding enemies, inflicting shock status. Max this and Cannon OR Lightning Leg Strike.

Recommended level - Max, 3

[​IMG] Nen Cannon -Allows Nen Shot to be charged to fire a Nen Cannon. Nen Cannon’s projectile size, projectile speed, magical Atk., shock status rate, and range are increased. Must have if you decide to level Nen Shot.

Recommended level - Max

[​IMG] Lightning Leg Strike - Imbues leg with the power of Lightning and kicks downward at an enemy. Has a 100% chance to shock at max level. Max this OR Nen Shot/Cannon.

Recommended level - 0, Max

[​IMG] Doppelganger - Creates doppelgangers that shield the fighter from attacks and confuse enemies. Doppelgangers are destroyed after taking a certain amount of damage or after a certain amount of time has passed. It cost a ton of SP and TP to effectively use this for damage with Doppelganger Blast. Don’t bother getting this past level 1 unless you are using it for Anton shenanigans at Nerbe or using Luminous Fist (chron set) + Doppelganger Fist (level 70 Epic knuckle)

Recommended level - 1, Max

[​IMG] Doppelganger Blast - Creates a doppelganger that explodes and inflicts Light damage over an area when colliding into an enemy. Male Nen Masters can convert his doppelgangers into nen orbs, moving towards the player before they explode. Only get this skill if you are building around Luminous Fist chron set + Doppelganger Fist.

Recommended level - 0, Max

[​IMG] Nen Guard - Creates a large stationary globe of Nen energy that makes all allies inside it invincible. Nen Guard is destroyed after taking a certain amount of damage or after a certain amount of time has passed. No reason not to max this.

Recommended level - Max

[​IMG] Nen Tattoo - Increases Magical Weapon Atk., Defense-ignoring Atk., and Light Damage.

Recommended level - Max

[​IMG] Stimulating Breath - Increases attack and casting speeds of allies within an affected area.

Recommended level - Max

[​IMG] Spiral Nen - Summons small Nen fragments to inflict Light Magical Damage on enemies and boost your physical defense. Nen fragments regenerate automatically at the cost of MP. Increases Atk. for Lightning Leg Strike, Energy Shield, Tiger Flash, Nen Spear, and Electric Energy Sphere and further increases their Atk. depending on the number of existing Spiral Nen orbs.

Recommended level - Max

[​IMG] Spiral Nen: Press - Shoots stronger Spiral Nens at enemies in front. The Spiral Nens circle around the enemies for a while before they return.

Recommended level - Max

[​IMG] Spiral Nen: Stone - Increases the spin radius of Spiral Nen for a set period of time. Your spirals rotate faster with new Atk.

Recommended level - Max

[​IMG] Lion’s Roar - Deals damage and puts enemies into a stun condition. You either go ALL in on this skill or don’t get it at all. It took me a while to come around and like this skill, after much testing I decided to drop energy shield in favor of maxing this skill, because of how quickly it can burst and the slightly shorter cooldown.

Recommended level - Max, 0

[​IMG] Energy Shield - Forms an energy shield and shocks enemies with multiple strikes. Windstorm Spiral Power gives you super armor during the skill.

Recommended level - 1, Max

[​IMG] Tiger Flash - Changes the animation of your basic, dash and jump attacks while granting movement speed and damage reduction. Tiger Flash increases Atk. for Nen Shot, Nen Cannon, Doppelganger Blast, Lion’s Roar, Haitai Summon, and Lion of Suju.

Recommended level - Max

[​IMG] Haitai Summon - Summons the mythical creature called Haitai to attack the enemy. Causes multiple hits followed by an explosion.

Recommended level - Max

  • Awakening - Radiant Lion
[​IMG] Lion of Suju - Summons a Gold Lion made of Nen to attack the enemy You ride the Gold Lion Nen and attack enemies using the directional keys. Lion grants 10% skill damage to all skills for 30 seconds after being used and finishes with a powerful explosion after moving 3 times. One of the strongest 1st awakening actives in the game.

Recommended level - MAX

[​IMG] Nen Conduit - Maximizes the power of Nen, making visible the Nen flow within a living being. Increases Magical Critical Rate, and Critical hit damage.

Recommended level - MAX

[​IMG] Nen Spear - Forms a spear of Nen Energy to stab enemies a short distance in front followed by a small explosion. Stabbed enemies become electrocuted at a set rate.

Recommended level - Preference, 1

[​IMG] Electric Energy Sphere - Slams down crystallized Nen energy to form a pillar of light. Suction effect gained during Windstorm Spiral Power.

Recommended level - Max

  • 2nd Awakening - Nen Emperor

[​IMG] Spiral Absorbtion - Skills hit and collect environmental energy, which is converted into Spiral Energy. Attack Enemies with skill accumulates Spiral Energy. This is the meter mechanic you gain after 2nd Awakening.

[​IMG] Windstorm Spiral Power - Activates collected Spiral Energy and uses it to improve Spiral Nen: Press, Spiral Nen: Stone, Lion’s Roar, Tiger Flash, Haitai Summon, Lion of Suju, Electric Energy Sphere, and Overlord Spiral Blade.

Recommended level - Max

[​IMG] Overlord Spiral Blade - Creates a lightning sword in his hand and stabs at an enemy with it, injecting the lightning energy and using it to detonate him from the inside out. Nice holding skill with great damage.

Recommended level - Max, 1

[​IMG] Moonlight Land - Scatters luminous Nen energy across a wide area to attack enemies. The Nen Emperor absorbs the energy of the attacked enemies and converts it into Spiral Energy whose amount equals a certain portion of the total Nen gauge.

Recommended level - Max

[​IMG] Resplendent Form - Instantly gathers enemies to the center and then cause an explosion that spreads to the entire screen. After the explosion, the Nen Emperor temporarily radiates an aura that inflicts Light damage on surrounding enemies. While enveloped in the aura, the Nen Emperor maintains the maximum amount of Spiral Energy. You cannot move while pulling enemies. Hit “X” repeatedly to pull enemies more quickly.

Recommended level - Max

  • TP
[​IMG] Basic Training Upgrade - Enhances the effects of basic training.

Recommended level - 0

[​IMG] Nen Shot Upgrade -Increases the Size and Atk. of Nen Shot

Recommended level - Preference

[​IMG] Nen Cannon Upgrade - Changes Nen Cannon into the form of energy orb that appears immediately when used. Charging the orb increases its multi-hit count +14, decreases Atk. -84%, and improves its size and shock chance. Fully charged orb remains on the same spot as a construct for a set duration

Recommended level - Preference

[​IMG] Lightning Leg Strike Upgrade - Increase Lightning Leg Strike’s Atk. and its shock Atk. and chance.

Recommended level - 0

[​IMG] Doppelganger Upgrade - Creates more doppelgangers.

Recommended level - 0, Max if Doppelganger Meme Build

[​IMG]Doppelganger Blast Upgrade - Increases the Atk. and explosion range of Doppelganger Blast.

Recommended level - 0, Max if Doppelganger Meme Build

[​IMG] Nen Guard Upgrade - Increases Nen Guard’s duration and adds an explosive property, making the skill inflict Light damage on surrounding enemies upon explosion.

Recommended level - Max

[​IMG] Spiral Nen: Stone Upgrade - Increases Spiral Nen: Stone’s duration and Atk. variable. This lets Spiral Nen: Stone have 100% uptime.

Recommended level - Max

[​IMG] Tiger Flash Upgrade - Increases Tiger Flash’s size and shock level/Atk.

Recommended level - Preference

[​IMG] Lion’s Roar Upgrade - Increases the Atk. and stun Level of Lion’s Roar. If you chose to max Lion’s Roar, you should max this as well.

Recommended level - Max, 0

[​IMG] Energy Shield Upgrade - Increases Energy Shield’s Atk. and shock level. If you chose to max Energy Shield, you should max this as well.

Recommended level - 0, Max

[​IMG] Haitai Upgrade - Increase Haitai’s Atk. for the final explosion.

Recommended level - Max

My Current Skill Build


III. Avatar/Emblems

  • Avatars
Hat/Hair: Intelligence

Face/Torso: Attack Speed

Top: Spiral Nen,Tiger Flash, Nen Conduit (Any of these or the swap tops: Nen Tattoo and Lion of Suju are viable options)

Bottom: Max MP

Waist: Inventory Weight/Shadow Resistance/Evasion (Pick whichever you prefer, If you are using Dark Gothic then Shadow Resistance is a must)

Shoe: Movement Speed

Skin: Magic Defense/Physical Defense (Preference)

Aura: Unique Motion Aura for swaps, Festival firework - Light, Rising/Falling Tide, or Blessing of the Goddess if you need more crit rate.

  • Swap Avatars
Avatar Top: Nen Tattoo

Avatar Top: Lion of Suju

  • Emblems
Platinum: Nen Tattoo, Spiral Nen, Tiger Flash (All good options)

Red: Intelligence

Green: Intelligence+Magical Crit OR Magical Crit (How much Magical Crit you have will decide which is best for you)

Yellow: Attack speed

Blue: Movement speed

Multi: Intelligence, Intelligence+Magical Crit (For Skin and Aura slots how much Magical Crit you have will decide which is best for you)

  • Pets
Endairon the Freeze

The Behemoth

Petit Becky

Petit Nen Emperor

Petit Gragol

Petit Guan Yu

  • Titles
Hot Summer [Dream]

The Oath of Light

Doppelganger of Light


Full Armor

DFO Supporter

  • Swap Titles
The Awakened One +2 Nen Tattoo

The Awakened One +2 Lion of Suju

Sweet Dreamer [Cat] or [Rabbit] +2-3 Nen Tattoo

Sweet Dreamer [Any] +2 Lion of Suju

Author’s Notes: Not everyone can afford multiple avatar tops just to swap for every situation so just go with the top that works best for YOU. If you use a Nen Tattoo avatar top all the time that is perfectly fine (I use a Lion of Suju top all the time). The best Pet to use depends on your current equipment setup and pretty much what you are able to obtain, since certain pets aren’t always available.

IV. Equipment


  • Knuckles
[​IMG] Nen Cluster - Our level 90 Knuckle. Personally, I feel that this is currently the best weapon available to us. It has a higher base magic attack than a Savior or Berserk and an effect that can be just as good if not better than them. The effectiveness of this weapon depends on how much light damage you have and the amount of bonus damage lines. Rating 5/5

[​IMG] Savior’s Glory Knuckle - This weapon is really good especially with certain power ups available to it when paired with Eternal Glory equipment. With Luke raid allowing it to be upgraded to a level 90 version of itself, this is your end game weapon. Rating: 4.85/5

[​IMG] Berserk - One of the best weapons in the game for its level. Rating: 4.75/5

[​IMG] Raikiri - Really good weapon overall that has nice synergy with Gracia set, but it is still really out classed by Berserk. Rating 4/5

  • Other Weapons
Knuckle Violence - APC specific weapon, the ultimate buff swap weapon for male nen masters. +4 to level 20-35 skills.

Incomplete Infinity Gauntlets - Great buff swap weapon. +2 to level 1-80 skills.

Black Moon Wolf - The level 90 claw is pretty good and makes for a powerful weapon choice. 4/5

Savior's Glory Tonfa - Sure it's not a Knuckle, but that doesn't change this things Godly effect making it a very powerful weapon choice. Rating: 4.25/5

Raider's Draupnir - 40% smash 20% attack speed and a nice buff to haitai make this tonfa pretty damn good. Rating: 3.85/5

Savior's Glory Claw - Not a Knuckle or a tonfa… but that doesn't change this things Godly effect. Rating: 3.85/5

Mana Reinforcement - Good level 80 weapon that packs a punch. 3.75/5

Konigstiger - This weapon is alright, but the low magic attack for being base 75 weapon and the fact Male Nens no longer rely so heavily on Shimmering Onslaught made this weapon lose a lot of value. Rating: 3/5

Doppelganger Fist - Meme weapon.

  • Best Epic Sets
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Crow Ceremony Day Set (90 Cloth Armor Set) Very good level 90 set for us that has really great synergy with sensory satisfaction accessory set and infinite series accessories. Rating: 5/5

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Pandemonium Gentlemen Set (90 Leather Armor Set) This set has a powerful smash mod and packs a huge punch thanks to all the magic attack gained from the set pieces and set effect and once upgraded this set becomes the best set in the game for us. Rating: 4.85/5

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Resplendent Honor Symbol (90 Light Armor Set) Powerful set that provides a wide variety of damage modifiers and a ton of elemental damage. However, you will definitely need a way to gain a ton of crit rate because this set is giving you none. Rating: 4.75/5

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Centurion Hero Set (90 Plate Armor Set) This set is one of the strongest sets in the game providing you with skill levels for your whole party, a ton of raw stats, and a very powerful smash mod with bonus damage. Rating: 4.75/5

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Ancient War Goddess Set (90 Heavy Armor Set) Strong set that gives skill levels to both awakenings and other high level skills. This set comes with a strong smash and crit smash mod which allows this set to pair up very nicely with sky traveler set. Rating: 4.5/5

Elemental Dropper (85 Cloth Armor Set) This set is amazing in raid setting when your party doesn’t have max shred. It is overall just an amazing set and can be insanely good under the right circumstances. Rating: 4.5/5

Burning Mana Set (85 Cloth Armor Set) This set will turn you into a powerhouse with the amount of INT and Magic attack you will receive from the set bonus and individual pieces. Rating: 4.25/5

Natural Guardian Set (85 Light Armor Set) This is a Great set for us, the set pieces and set effect proc quite often for us thanks to the multi hits from spirals and our other skills. One of the best sets for taking down anything with a ton of defense. Rating: 4/5

Wesley's Strategy Set (85 Leather Armor Set) The ultimate party set. With the aura settings this set effect and pieces provide, you become a valuable support party member while also being able to dish out tons of damage on the offensive end. Rating: 4.25/5

Full Plate Armor Set (85 Plate Armor Set) Great Set with a ton of utility all around. Thanks to the individual pieces of this set you are pretty much always in super armor, on top of that taking damage while wearing this set gives you with a ton of raw power that stays even after you swap to a different set. Rating: 3.75/5

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Sensory Satisfaction Set (90 Accessory Set) The best epic accessory set in the game. The individual pieces of this set provide you with up to 17% All Atk, Skill Atk, and Matk at +12. That alone already beats most accessory combinations you could possibly have, but there is also a great set effect that provides you with 20% smash and crit smash, and at least a 10% boost of speed across the board. Rating: 5/5

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Sky Traveler Set (90 Accessory Set) This is a really great set for us that sometimes gets overlooked. Pairs really well with an epic armor sets that already has a smash and crit smash modifier and provides a large amount of Bonus damage, crit rate, and elemental damage which is nice, but unfortunately this set is just out classed by Sensory Satisfaction Set. Rating: 4.25/5

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Refined Otherverse Magic Stone Set (85 Accessory Set) Good epic accessory set for us, but it comes with it’s share of limitations in terms of who you can effectively party with. Once you can get past the fact that you have to play confused, this set provides you with a ton of power in the form of smash, crit rate, elemental damage, skill damage, additional damage and the ability to reset skills. Rating: 4/5

  • Anton Accessories & Special Equipment
Infinite Structure of Avarice - Bracelet 30% Smash.

Infinite Remnants of Avarice - Ring 30% Critical Smash.

Infinite Shape of Avarice - Necklace 25% Bonus Damage.

Infinite Source of Avarice - Magic Stone 70 Elemental Damage

Eternal Glory: Agnes - +20% Skill Atk to Anton Weapon

  • Individual Pieces
Babylonian Symbol - All Elemental Damage +18, All Atk. +18%

Rosetta Stone - All Elemental Damage +18, Skill Atk. +18%

Pars's Golden Grail - All Elemental Damage +18, STR and INT +18%

Bridal Pearl - 165 Matk. Additional Critical Damage +8%

Fish Ball Line - Gives +2 to all skills 45-80

Border of Black and White: Chaos - Matk. +15%

Bismuth Stone - All Atk. +18%

Cabala's Memory - All Elemental Damage +55

Florae's Memory - Light Damage +55

Cyan Hoop Armlet - Skill Atk. +8%

Capri Empher Necklace - All Attack +20% after achieving a certain combo rate.

Dethroned King's Tear - Bonus Damage +18%.

Time Traveler's Watch - Gives +1 to all skills 1-80 and resets the cooldown of a skill every 20 seconds.

Worshipful General's Textbook - +1 to Awakening and 2nd Awakening as well as all TP skills.

Ray Decrease Shoulder - Decreases light resistance of mobs around you by 44 and provides you with 12 light damage. One of the best off slot equipment pieces to pair with Gracia set.

Assassin's Blade Ring - Gives 10%-30% critical smash.

Executioner's Butchery Necklace - Gives 10%-30% smash modifier.

Author’s Notes: These are just a few notable epics you should hope to get from slot machine Hell Mode. When it comes to Epics you really just take what RNGesus blesses you with. If you complete an epic set that I did not list feel free to use it, if it out damages your Gracia setup.


  • Knuckles
Dark Handcuffs - Rating: 3.75/5

Scarred Intestine Splitter - Good Knuckle that provides 40% smash on bleeding targets. If you can afford one and don't currently have an epic weapon or smash modifier this is a very good option. Rating: 3.75/5

Liberation Knuckle - Solid Knuckle to go for if you are not having any luck finding anything better in hell mode. Rating: 3/5

  • Best Quest Legendary Set
Gracia Family's Symbol Set - This is the set I recommend ALL Male Nen Masters start working to get after hitting the level cap. This set has amazing synergy with Nen Masters, that it almost feels like it was made just for us. You have 10 set pieces to choose from all with their own effect, so choose the 6 pieces that best compliment the rest of the gear that you have.

3 piece set effect: 50str, 50int, Light Damage +10, Every 30 seconds grants your weapon with the light attribute for 2 white cubes.

5 piece set effect: Light Damage +12, 10% chance to cause a light explosion when attacking.

6 piece set effect: 10% chance to cause a light explosion when attacking, 6% bonus light damage on attack.

  • Legendary Accessories & Special Equipment
Filir Cool-headed Judgment - Great ring that provides a nice 15% INT boost. Great for pairing with Gracia and other stand alone Epic accessories.

Nigrumnex's Emission Necklace - A very nice necklace that provides a nice 8% INT boost. Great necklace for those who already have a smash modifier from another piece of equipment.

Wooden Puppet Fist - Huge boost of damage on Haitai.

  • Insignia
Perfect Insignia of Blessing

Gems: Light Damage, Hit Rate, Movement Speed, Inventory Weight or Attack Speed.

  • Otherverse Sets
Shimmering Onslaught - This is the go to OV set for damage if you are looking for an alternative to farming Gracia or running Hell Mode.

Recommended: 9piece set effect is recommended if you are going to be using this, but you should really be using Gracia set instead, unless you just love running OV.

Nen Conduit - Great swap set for buffing Nen Tattoo.

Recommended: 6piece set to combine with 3piece Light of Divine Follower.

Light of Divine Follower - Nice Swap set for buffing Nen Tattoo and Stimulating Breath.

Recommended: 3piece to pair up with 6piece Nen Conduit.

Luminous Fist - For you Doppelganger lovers. Gives you some respectable burst damage with Doppelganger Blast.

Recommended: 9piece set effect for Doppelganger shenanigans.

Nen Tattoo Stacking Guide: Use some combination of the Equipment below to reach level 20 Nen Tattoo.

  1. Avatar Top Skill +1
  2. Avatar Top Platinum Emblem +1
  3. Avatar Bottom Platinum Emblem +1
  4. Unique Motion Aura Platinum Emblem +1
  5. Title +2-3 (The Awakened One Title, Sweet Dreamer Title)
  6. Pet +1 (Becky, Behemoth, Petit Nen Emperor, Gragol, Guan Yu)
  7. War God Cloth Coat +2 (Obtainable through PVP)
  8. Knuckle Violence +4
  9. Weapon +2 (Incomplete Infinity Gauntlet, Royal Blue)
  10. Weapon +1 (Terra: Reconstruction, Ability Amp, War God Energy Weapon)
  11. Time Traveler's Watch +1
  12. Olympus/Merlin Bead [Legendary] +1
  13. Top +1 (Metal Line Armor)
  14. Bottom +1 (Sea God Pants, Imp's Pumpkin Pants, Metal Line Gaiters, Glassy Orb Silk Pants, Big sacrum Gaiters)

Author’s Notes: I did not list the other potential Otherverse sets because they just aren’t as good and your time would be better spent farming something else. When swapping to buff Nen Tattoo the ideal setup would be 6piece Nen Conduit, any equipment/avatar/pet you have that gives you the most added levels of Nen Tattoo, and 3piece Light of the Divine Follower. Skill levels are more important than 3piece Light of the Divine Follower.

For those who are curious about what my swap setup is

Spoiler: My Nen Tattoo Swap Setup

Knuckle Violence (+4)

War God Cloth Coat (+2)

Sweet Dreamer Title (+3)

Olympus Belt Bead [Legendary] (+1)

6 piece Nen Conduit

3 piece Light of the Divine Follower


can you show your hotbar?


Thanks man great guide :grinning: