The Start of a Swift Master Discussion


Here is the start of my guide (i’d honestly call it more of a discussion because I’m not here to tell you what to do, but w/e). It is as you will see incomplete, but I will continue with the rest of the thing after this week, and partially this week.


You would want to have Tactician’s Contract before posting a recommended build. Most players have that, which limits the available SP. Here is my build with Tactician’s Contract.

Don’t max Headwind, its damage is terrible. Also, you cannot cancel out of Spiral Press into Storm Strike with Headwind as you said. The preferred combo for that is Spiral Press --> Violent Storm. The use of Headwind is to instantly cancel out of Relentless Biting Wind or Storm Quaker.

Wind Blaster will interrupt the monster’s current attack pattern. This is very indesirable if the team is trying to counter attack. For example Luke’s ground smashing pattern offers a very long counter attacking time which can be taken advantage of. If you use Wind Blaster to it, you will interrupt him, making him proceed faster into his annoying cycles. It is good knowledge to know this exists and not use this skill when it would do better for the team.

Drop Twister with Tactician’s Contract.

Sweeping Wind helps you aim Spiral Press. It is also the most preferred skill to use after you cancel out of Relentless Biting Wind or Storm Quaker because after you use Sweeping Wind, you still have time to use another skill before the hold finishes.

Eye of the Storm is similar to Wind Blaster, it will interrupt the monster’s attack pattern. But it is worse - it counts as a hold. This means it will trigger all sorts of chain hold gimmicks, it is recommended to not use this move against monsters than berserk from holds at all, since if it doesn’t berserk them, it will at least increase their berserk gauge, you want to save that chance for other party members/skills.

A good general hold combo is Relentless Biting Wind --> Headwind --> Sweeping Wind --> Storm Strike. You can use Storm Quaker or 2a instead of Storm Strike to continue the hold if the enemy won’t berserk from doing that. 2a could be used after Storm Quaker too, which would make up for your longest hold combo.

Highest damaging skill not Storm Strike, it is 1a followed by 2a, then third between Storm Strike, Spiral Press and Violent Storm.

Note that Storm Quaker is a lingering hold. You can cast it beforehand and wait for the enemy to become vulnerable.

If you have the funds, Kartel Pole is the best swap weapon. Chaser Master is only good for +2 levels, its other effects are not swappable.


Thank you so much for responding to this, and I don’t personally have Tacticians Contract. That is why I make sure to put that this isn’t a Guide and that it is more of a research into and discussion about the character. Thank you again, things like this is why I made this thing in the first place. The facts about SM are so hard to find and for newer players that is a turn off at least in my opinion. Also, I didn’t know headwinds damage was that bad. Though, in about a week i’ll make sure to test each skill he has and their damage.


I have to agree there is very less research into this class. I haven’t seen many end game swift masters post gameplay videos, not to mention cancelling through their skills. Last time I saw a video, the guy pressed skills one by one, which felt really squishy knowing that he could have used cancelling. I wanted to share what I found, but I’m not nearly as geared, and I didn’t feel recognised enough to do it. Though, now that you’ve started it, I’ll leave down everything I know here that isn’t self-explanatory. Pick points to add into your guide that you feel is important.

Throw Mastery. Level 1 allows you to proc Civ and Amnesia Ring with shurikens, quality of life.

Sonic Move. Allows you to immediately cancel out of Swift Master skills with the exception of Vortex Hurricane, Spiral Press, Violent Storm and Stormy Eliminator. That said, there are only threeskills worth cancelling out of: Relentless Biting Wind, Storm Quaker and, to an advanced level, Storm Strike. Combos come near the end.

Wind Blaster. It is a must max, it does good damage on a short cooldown, but there is one problem - it will interrupt the monster’s current attack pattern. You can see this easily by using it on Tog in Black Smoke. This is a bad thing for end game dungeons. The fact is, most people have learnt or become used to the attack patterns of monsters that have a fixed attack pattern, like Tog, Yashin, Luke. For instance, after Luke’s bubble breaks, he will do the ground smashing pattern followed by the meteors pattern. People know this, and they nuke Luke during this golden DPS time. Say you use Wind Blaster when Luke is using the ground smashing pattern, Luke will move immediately to the meter pattern, followed by very frequent invulnerability frames which are very annoying. Your party members who expected him to be still doing the fixed pattern, will then miss their nukes. It is the same for Yashin, when Yashin is charging his Draw Sword, that is golden DPS time for everyone to nuke their non-hold skills. If you use Wind Blaster, you stop him from charging his Draw Sword immediately, and he will start his next gimmick - jumping around with constant invulnerability frames. That said, it only applies to certain enemies, which you could learn from experience how to deal with. Outside these enemies, Wind Blaster is a great short CD 9999999 damage skill.

Sweeping Wind. It is your fastest skill, which is why it is recommended to use in your combos. Combo section comes near the end. It moves monsters onto the same X-axis as you. This can help you land Spiral Press.

Eye of the Storm. This will not only stop enemies like Wind Blaster, but it is also a hold at the same time. Hold-berserk monsters will gain berserk gauges from you using this, so it is recommended to not use it against them at all. For example, Iron Beast can only be held once or twice before it berserks from over-holding. If you use Eye of the Storm alone against the Iron Beast it may not berserk him yet. But you could have used that precious holding chance to do a hold combo instead. Again, even with the disadvantage it is necessary to max, for other enemies and to clear trash.

Relentless Biting Wind. This skill can be cancelled as soon as you press it, and it will do its full job. You can press Relentless Biting Wind, Headwind, and Storm Strike without any pauses, and it will do it. You become invulnerable as the swift master uppercuts. However I have yet to find a good place to use this invulnerability, but it is forced invulnerability, so I guess it could save your life in a situation that I can’t think of yet…

Storm Strike. You become invulnerable as the swift master delivers the punch. Like Relentless Biting Wind, I can’t think of a situation to use this yet. This skill is different from Relentless Biting Wind and Storm Quaker, in that if you cancel out of it too early, you will whiff the damage completely. To prevent myself from making a mistake, I have never tried to cancel out of this skill in raid. Cancelling out of Storm Strike, however, does save its recoil time. In the combo section near the end I won’t describe the combos that involve cancelling out of this skill with Sonic Move. If you are capable of doing that combo fluently, you are already beyond the scope of this post.

Vortex Hurricane. Whereever the enemy is, even in the corner of this skill’s hitbox, it will take full damage from the skill. This skill is slow, but it is swift master’s highest damaging skill. It also provides a damage buff for 30 seconds after you use it. In practice, I use it as soon as Luke’s bubble pops, during his ground smashing pattern where I can easily land all of Vortex Hurricane, before I follow it up with other skills.

Full Throttle is shit, pretend it doesn’t exist. But to be fair, you can learn level 1 if you want, to clear trash mobs.

Storm Quaker is a lingering hold, the only one that we have. In practice, we know that Kratek becomes vulnerable for half a second when his cast bar reaches a half, but it is hard to capture that especially with party lag. You can use Storm Quaker just before his cast bar reaches a half, and it will catch Kratek. Like Relentless Biting Wind, it will finish its job even if you cancel out of it right away.

Spiral Press. Like Relentless Biting Wind and Storm Strike, you get a second of invulnerability as the swift master flips back from the rasengan, but of course, with no practical use just yet. You need to be on the same X-axis for the rasengan to form, and Sweeping Wind can help that. However, this skill also works like BBQ, it is affected by who the enemy’s aggro is on. Even on the same X-axis, you can still whiff it, or the rasengan might form a bit away from where the target actually is. This you can’t do much about unfortunately. However, objects like boxes have no aggro, and therefore you can land it even if there is lag. A bizzare example is if you can inflict Fire Damage, you can throw an Oil Flask ahead of you and cast Spiral Press, it will land 100% regardless of lag. However this isn’t quite useful, even less useful than the invulnerability…

Violent Storm can be cast anywhere in the air. When Spiral Press sends you flipping backwards, you are in the air, therefore you can cast Violent Storm, which is why these two skills are always used together. Violent Storm grants full time invulnerability, so it could save you from Veara (if for whatever reason you haven’t used it on him for damage). This skill also provides the fastest Y-axis movement, which is useful if you intend to speedrun dungeons.

Stormy Eliminator. Its first attack is a full screen hold, you can use it to entry hold Agnes in Anton, or even Blue Witch from Red Witch Forest. The skill can be speedup by repeatedly pressing X.

Note: the placing of Relentless Biting Wind and Storm Quaker can be switched around for different situations since their hold time is the same. For instance Rosaura and Snader will teleport upon attacked. Using Storm Quaker as the startup hold ensures he gets sucked back to where he should be.

Short combo to kill Egene: Relentless Biting Wind --> Headwind --> Sweeping Wind --> Storm Strike

Long combo against Rosaura/Snader: Storm Quaker --> Headwind --> Sweeping Wind --> Relentless Biting Wind --> Stormy Eliminator

If you can spam buttons fast enough, Sweeping Wind can be replaced by Storm Strike. This is the combo I use for Haboob skip: Storm Quaker --> Headwind --> Storm Strike --> Relentless Biting Wind --> Sonic Move --> Sweeping Wind --> Stormy Eliminator.

Summon a level 1 Ferman that you can kill too easily, and try out your combo. If Ferman dies before your combo finishes, you have been too slow somewhere.

There are many variations to these combos, and I can’t list them all. Understanding how skills work, then invent and test out your own combos!


Again thank you! I’ve tried in the past uploading content for SM to find, but sadly whenever I try searching my channel on youtube it is impossible to find…(Shameless Plug…YouTube) Sadly, it doesn’t have any content of me Luke Raiding… But it was a start for other swift masters lol.

My point is that as long as someone gets this started, then we can be the change we want to see lol.


Saw This coming through here today to see if there was any action. I’m a swift main been doing Luke for few months working on heblon.


Hi fellow windy bois! o/

Figured I would pop in and say hello (also that there are a few of us out there who aren’t just grandine/support slaves lmao).

Everything Sinister mentioned is pretty much spot on, very nice detail in the explanation. I’ll take a look at the guide and see if there is anything else that can be revised/added that hasn’t already been touched upon. I had made a couple vids on my Swift a while back, a couple involving Heroic Anton solos, but I’ll try to maybe record my Luke Raid runs this week and see if I can post something up for reference.

Always glad to see other Swift players around :slight_smile:


I’ve made a discord for swift master discussion a while ago, tho it hasnt been visited much which I expected, it was meant to be dead anyway.