The Return of The Empire Music Pack


Stop clicking the pictures, they are just decorations, go to the download link.

Hi there, the DARKSIDE sends its greetings and this is the infamous music compilation that we made.

All instructions are in the rar file, here is the download link.
Adjust your ‘music volume’ in-game to between 25 and 75, and max ‘sound effects’.

The songs have been harmonized to be within a range of dynamics,
if any track happens to be too loud or too soft in a dungeon, let us know and I will edit them.


Fall 2016 - Synthesis of the DARKSIDE Music Compilation.
Spring 2017 - Project completed, entitled Grand Symphony of Dark Arad,
commonly known as The Empire Music Pack. Posted at DFO Nexus.
Summer 2017 - ColdEmperor waged war against evil in Nexus and was exiled.
Winter 2017 - Old Nexus disappeared, music thread died with it.

07/17/18 - The Empire Music Pack resurrected.
07/19/18 - Demo videos assembled and uploaded.
07/25/18 - Thread reached 10 downloads, 100 views.
07/30/18 - Volume rebalance of Pandemonium songs.

07/31/18 - Maintenance audio reversion, xml file updated.
08/07/18 - Maintenance audio reversion, xml file updated.
09/06/18 - Maintenance audio reversion, xml file updated.

Thank you and stay tuned for future updates!


Watch the videos in HD, and leave a comment on the video page if you like them!


For those who downloaded the music pack recently and had the tracks reverted due to maintenance,
You will need an updated xml file to play the music in-game, and I’m going to post the patched xml here.
Everytime that happens, just check this post. Get only the latest file.

XML By Dates



NOTE : I am on vacation from the game, and thus I haven’t been making the xml file for you. It is simple, open the maintenance-default xml file directly (located in your DFO directory) with a text program such as notepad, and then replace the directorial ‘music’ with the word “GSODA”. Repeat for every line, it should take 10 minutes to do so, and only needs to be done every large maintenance. Save the xml file as it is and play the game.