The Official "What I Got From Hell Mode" Thread





First ever party epic drops.


I am so ready for Dark Lancer


back to back gold armor drop for 3/5 -> 5/5
no point in posting ss cause I hell with item names off





I got Byeollungum on my Vagabond a couple days ago.

It’s sooooo nice having an epic weapon that actually looks cool.



Ele dropper finished! WOOHOO


Everyone else is getting one, so why not.


Kind of hard to see, but I just got a double epic drop.

Balmung and Dark Star!
On my Vagabond…
It’s kind of funny, because… I NEVER wanted Balmung. :relaxed::gun:
At least I finally have a Lightsabre to replace the shitty magic sealed one I’ve had in my off slot for 2 years.
Oh, and the run right before this I got Gleipnir.


30 hell tickets later.





Now if I could just get an Epic Earring…


Sky Traveler set finished.

Still waiting for my Water Sounds to show up eventually, but in the meantime, Sky Traveler set isnt bad.


Got really excited when this dropped so it’s kinda hard to see, but I am now at 2/3 Civ! Just need the stone now.






Vol 98 and 99.


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DFO Hell Mode Vol.99 GIF | Create, Discover and Share on Gfycat



#103 started running hells when class got released


I haven’t played in few months, this is what I come back to