The Official "What I Got From Hell Mode" Thread


Already have Dethroned King’s Tears. Switch?


Yes. There’s a reason why Rosetta considered the best Magic Stone outside Heblon


was gunna buy a lib cannon the rngesus blessed me with the ice spark :3


good haul today :christmas_tree:



3/3 Civ on my base lancer :sunglasses:


Welp first 3/3 senses on my account is my msader, Atleast he has battle gear kinda. So its k.


Metal Line Armor


5/5 RG. Looks like RG beat BF again.

And that makes 12/12. Kinda hope dragon knight finishes a different set first.


First run of Monday


Just getting QOL pieces at this point.


I got that fishbell sub equip yesterday; forgot to take a screen shot of it; will add one when I play again.

Edit: Also got something else today, which i’ll upload.



Brinicle shell
my idea was that whatever class I get a weapon for, I will transfer it and work on that class, guess we playing mspit too then


First wish epic and 2/3 on 5s now!


Two upgrades in 1 day? Sure. Merry christmas I guess :thinking:


Thanks to the holiday buff, Turiel in epic road has a VERY high chance of dropping an epic, and due to good luck fighting him mostly I got various lv85 epics.


image 9/12 at it finest



4/5 on Metal Line. Bless :sleepy:


…give my sub Inq Destruction…or Heaven’s Halberd to my sleeper Vanguard?



5/5 Crow.
Starting 2018 and up to a good start!