The Official "What I Got From Hell Mode" Thread


not my 90 weapon


Total Pandemonium Rift Runs: 1000
Total Pandemonium Rift Epics: 103
Rate: 10.3%


oops I accidentally deleted my post, whatever

these happened the other day and now comes today which was amazing, when I came home I only had enough invites for one run

orb #1

orb #2 alongside an epic
3/5 plate
orb #3 which I forgot to screenshot
I also got metal line shoulder(1/5), shining intelligence and mana burn robe but they don’t wanna upload



Completed my first 90 set ayyyye



day 1 time gate hells and this happens. More invites saved for w/e future thing.


Not only did I get a Crow Ceremony Day Tie (level 90 epic cloth belt), but I also got a few epic souls.


oh my god

yesterday I run my only hell since I had like 50 invites

then I run those 500 invites, get 2 souls and
so that’s 300 extra invites
I run that 300 extra and on my last two hells




bingo tickets are blessed tbh

Civ 3/3!


Nice little 2/3 in 2 days, Maybe I become bsader main :thinking:


Time for Luke




All the things I want I get on this hoe. Never on the class I need it on. rip 3/3 5sense now.


Well it keeps happening


Finally finished this set. Maybe one day I can find accessories that aren’t Cold Princess (or a damn magic stone) :thinking:


The thing about RNG

it says hi when you least expect it



I can final replace that Lord of Ranger and almost be fully gold equipment.


Windiness Auto Shoes. Never had a good drop on this girl until now. And I could use a good echon crutch.


Good items today