The Official "What I Got From Hell Mode" Thread


Post your drops from hell mode here.

Only discuss hell drops in this thread, any other information should be placed in its proper thread.

The thing about RNG




just finished cold princess, refined ring evading me so well xc



just finished BF 5/5 :smiley:


The last day of Franger hell farming gave me the piggiest luck in my entire life. Three epics in a row…three epics in a row. Even now it mocks me. -_-


10% away from crafting pars on my chaos, was torn on actually crafting it on her or on my witch but i guess this solves that problem ¯_(ツ)_/¯

im sooooo happy yall, this item was a fkn curse :heart_eyes_cat:


I’m pretty hype my dudes!


Got 5/5 today after 3,042 runs (give or take, I’m sure I’ve miscounted). Now I gonna start stepping up my game and learn Luke mechanics


Yesterday was pretty shiny

last one was today and it’s a reactor core mail


After like… 2k invites of nothing good, i got my bis

fuck savior amirihgt?


yay just got pars :smiley:
and that makes me 12/12 if im not picky about radiant xd



Give me some luck guys pls yall are 12/12 anyway



So this just happened
Then 10 hells later then next drop
Fsader has completed 5s meanwhile fgrap main still stuck with CP


nearing first 1000 hells on fspit, only real notable thing is 3/5 Tact and 90 weapon. progress seems a bit slow.


this doesn’t matter since it’s a lancer weapon, it’s heaven halberd btw
and this is a 1% quality radiant top meaning I have 2/5 now