Sword Master General



So yea… can’t quite take a video for some reason. Says file is corrupt so i ended up doing a few tests.
1st pic:
ESSM lvl 33, conducted the test heaven’s luck vs liberation zan as my next best thing was +12 byeol vs +11 amp Yin sword. and difference there was 24secs.
Medley does hit a ton and yields high damage with constant proc
2nd pic:
Liberation zan, came quite close to heavens luck lol. And technically is 10 sec slower than a +11amp yin sword as a 0/+5
3rd pic:
My current main 90 weap, shows what zan can really do. +11/+8 Excalibur. I can’t 1 cycle, but the burst even after rotation is bigger than the dps ESSM can up keep

Can’t really conduct a completely legit test, but this can be used for your reference. SS SM is fun, but up to u if the damage can be overlooked vs zan :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, if there is anything wrong with my test, please let me know and I can redo it. Or if someone can do better, go for it =)