Sword Master General


How much better between Savior Zan un-upgraded compare with excalibur if my element is over 230?

If they are not that much different then I don’t want to waste my hard-earn 20 rocks for exchange and may be just wait for flip? :smile:


I just run 1 TP in Medley cuz I had points leftover from the fake PvP feat. Doesn’t seem worth maxing now that it doesn’t increase proc chance.


Quick question, my SM’s going to finish ToA in a few days but I’m not sure which weapon pot to get. Which of the level 90 slayer epics is the best one for SM? I have mostly frankenstein epics, and my only significant amount of elemental damage is water (and maybe fire) from full cold princess.


I’d recommend zanbato. It’s probably the best weapon type for SM anyway. Just hope you get excal/byeol, not ganjang.


I actually already have both byeol and ganjang, and most of the other 80/85 slayer weapons worth caring about, so I’m just hoping for the best at this point. Thank you!


In that case, do you need +2 sentiment weapon? Have either light sword masumune or heaven’s luck?


Got both of those, yup. The only thing I still need for +10 sentiment is a plat emblem on my unique motion aura or one of those belt enchants (but I’m too cheap for either of them).


So, if were going the short sword mastery route, do we need to invest in magical crit even if the conversion says physical, or are fine as is?

Also, what are he 2 recommended elements to use in dungeons? I’m personally using dark and fire for procs, but I’m assuming that there is a stronger combination that I’m looking over.


Only physical, you don’t deal any magical damage even with short sword build. Magical sword medley does physical damage.

Fire and Dark are great for giving slightly more AoE, but water and light do more damage (but can sometimes miss)


I looked at the short sword epics and none of them seem very special so I’m assuming my weapon mastery should change with whatever weapon drops, Excali zan being the ideal?

Also, compared to Demon slayer who’s all about damage, Vagabond who SHOULD be about damage but is too slow to be pure DPS, what would sword masters niche be, and please tell me she isn’t as weak as people say vaga is.


Yes, use whatever epic weapon you find, but hope for a zan.

She’s damage and a small amount of holding. She’s one of the most popular physical damage classes, she’s strong.


I saw someone doing this with forbidden swordsmanship and lots of points into short sword mastery, is this still viable or is it outdated?


I imagine it’s probably fairly relevant, from the looks of those procs I believe they’re using the crafted epic short sword for it.


I don’t think the crafted short sword(Or it’s rework) actually affect elemental sword mastery. Do you mean they’re using dual cast to reliably proc it? In that case I’m well aware of that, i’m just wondering how that set as a whole would work.


Thing is, every level in SS mastery is a pretty big jump in DPS (and I think the jump gets higher with each extra evel), so in practice you won’t get nearly as good results if you can’t match the level found in the video. +3 title is a massive investment, and burning event isn’t even something you can fairly account for.

Still, if you like using short sword, I’m guessing you’ll do fine as long as you invest.


I noticed that the 6-piece effect for monster ruler no longer reduces the CD for medley and instead just gives it a attack boost, I’m not sure what the 9-piece effect does because I don’t actually have any pieces of chronicle for it.

I’m wondering if the CD reduction got pushed to the 9-piece effect or if it was removed completely. If it was completely removed then does that mean we can go ahead and aim for gracia/sea god or does the attack boost it provides make it still worth it?

Also, I’m utterly confused as to how were supposed to reliably stack her crit buff AND SS mastery to make this set work. I’m assuming multiple titles + plays in which case should I not aim for a quest legend set?


I was a SS use before as it was intriguing to fire machine gun ice picks. Now I’m no longer doing this so I’m not 100% relevant, but here’s my penny in the matter

I believe one of the major patches before have reworked it so that we are not reliant on MR 9pc set. Before it’s either 9pc or 6pc with like cold princess set. Now iirc, they basically put MR CDR into the mastery. So that being said, going gracias or sea god is doable now compared to before.
Now before it was best to at least hit ESSM LVL 32. Each LVL of ESSM will somewhat increase the amount of medley coming out (= bigger DPS) So your priority is to get as many ESSM LVL if you want to run her decently
Crit should not be an issue since sentiment at cap LVL gives u a ton. If you are still missing some, seek enchantments top shoe and bottom

Now the reason I stopped was because it appears like each update we have, they are nerfing all sword types for us except zanbato. In addition, the damage for zan is really great…
So if you want to invest heavily into her, you should look if you really enjoy her SS play style or do you wanna dish out big burst damage


Oh I’m fine with big burst damage, it’s just that after bursting, whatever is still alive I want sustained damage to be able to handle.

That was my main issue with demon slayer. One you toss out all your big skills, you’re left in a inconsistent limbo.


You stack her crit buff separately. As in, put it on a completely different set of equipment, throw it in the buff enhancement window, it’ll give you the extra levels for free whenever you cast the buff.

You’ll have to look for ways to increase your level in short sword mastery, but avoid having it come at the cost of having things like a 6 piece ancient or echon set-up. It doesn’t matter how low you can get the cooldown on your medleys if they aren’t doing considerable damage. Use titles, pets, and avatars to try and boost the level.


lol, had the same thought process.
I mean before its really the MR set or do something else. Now may be a bit different so I can perhaps do some testing with my epic sets and post something here for you (will need time when I’m free)
But what I had test before was that no matter what, the down time when all your skills are on CD can be filled with ISS. In fact, ISS will pop up a lot on your top 10 damage lines on beefier enemies (Luke, Ferman~) with zan.
For SS, with water (main ele sword) and light (secondary), those are the ones with the highest damage. But since their Y-axis range is not as good and homing system in those are not so good, you’re practically forced to be on the same X axis, need to up-keep attack, and face the enemy.

But yeah… since that was like a ton of patches + before 90 epics, lemme get back to you like this weekend :stuck_out_tongue: