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How reliable does amnesia ring with SM if you want to reset 1a or does time difier set still better? :thinking:


Just carry a stack of throwing items to proc the full reset :V


Put 1 point into throw mastery, buy 2 stacks of throwables and alternate it (enemy must be in the room)


does 6pc echon set with yang beat out MR9 with kill joes?


can’t you just use imperial swordsmanship for resets.
echon set is supposed to be on par with decent 85 epic sets. which are pretty good. If you are farming echon set with Mr9 and kill joes please let me know that’s op.


yea ive been doing echon this whole time with mr9 and kill joes. 4 minute clears for the left side and 2 and a half minute clears for the right side.


does the exorcism reduction not effect those status procs or something? whats your other offslots thats sort of crazy


dethroned kings tear and a echon earring, its just enough to put me over the exorcism needed for echon. i should also mention i have all the mr9 pieces upgraded to lvl85.


+10/+8 kill Joe’s? I wanna copy because I have an SM sitting at 89 in bludgeon build might use event to get mr9


Anyone got a skeleton skill build for SM?


+11/+8. +2 essm title and essm plat


Returning from 1 year hiatus. what’s the end goal gear for sm? currently have monster ruler set and yin sword.


end goal is going to be full 90 epics (radiant armor ideally but black formal/ millenium war hero once upgraded also good), 5 senses, and civilization.

a new intermediate step is to do lvl 90 quest legendaries (which you should try to do with ur current setup) they are as strong as lvl 85 armor sets if well crafted. you find those running echon which is in central park.


What would be the preferred skill build for a zanbato SM? I just hit level 90 yesterday so I need to figured out what skills I should use/drop.


No, imperial doesn’t count as a skill for procs- it won’t trigger reset ring, civ pieces, etc.


Generic skele build for Zan SM is max all cubes, keep elemental eradicator at 1. Max Zan mastery & pcrit.
If u need extra SP to put elsewhere, then if u want, u can take points out of dragon motar.
If in dungeon after senti, u have over 100% Crit, then u can take points out of that too (physical critical chance) - always max senti for the Crit damage*
Blade dance, I max cause I like to go fast, so up to uc


You should never remove points from Sentiment since it also gives crit damage.


You never take points off sentiment. Your SP dump is eradicator and if you max out just your cubes and mastery, you will still have SP for sp in Crit if you need it and 1 in eradicator. This is of course assuming you’re using a zan build and not maxing any non-cube skills.

Also, how do you guys feel about Medley TP for the cd reduction on Unleash vs TP in flash? I’m asking for use in Luke Raid because I have to spend time juggling mobs or hitting boxes to get full stacks.


Lol yeah I know. I meant pcrit if I wasn’t too clear and went back and edited as per MC. Meant if Crit chance is maxed in dungeon after senti buff THEN take points out.
And yeah, that was for Zan build assumption

I wouldn’t favor TP from flash to medley unless cd was significant. If u want, u can try duo build with ss to switch when stacking. But you’ll have to stray from skele build to provide the needed SP