Swift Master General


Does anyone have a guide or some sort of reccomendation for gearing in general. Im really knew to this and grinding gear takes such a long time that I want to get the right type of stuff to begin with.

OV Gear I was told by some that Spiral Arc is the buff swap set and typhoon is for like grinding for magtonium set

For Epic noone as really mentioned anything.

For Legendary I’m not even there yet so idk

Some help with weapon choices would be good too.

Thank you to anyone who helps out <3 Swiftmaster 4life


Gracia, Sea God, or Dusky West for Leg gearing. Regardless of which set you choose, get a Requiem/Liberation weapon. You can use a Terra Reconstruction weapon for placeholding.

Tyhpoon is indeed advantageous for Grandine farming, but a full 6pc Leg set plus 3pc Typhoon is better for me as it cleared the times faster.

I’ll let someone else answer for Epic weapons that are useful for Swift, but in general, what matters is not what sets you’re aiming for, but when you get them. Make use of any Epic pieces you find and never stop consulting with players about they’re usefulness.


With the changes to Chaser Master, is it still worth using the transfer stone on?

Left side being the current state and blue text being what is removed, right side being the opposite and red text being what was added.


Blegh, and I was just considering using the stone too…


Ultimately out of those 3 Leg sets which one would you say would be the best option? I have heard Garcia is like the “go to” for most classes but it is always different depending what class you are.


You can go either way with Gracia or Sea God for the elemental damage, as well as the benefit of procing Auto damage for being a multi-hit class. Their enchantment cards and beads (+6 to +10, iirc) are easy to obtain as well.


According to the image you posted, there are no changes – a loss of 30% PAtk and a gain of 30% PAtk.


So that 30% P/M/I ATK is 30% of the character’s attack stats? I was rather afraid of it being an extra 30% of Chaser Master’s attack stats.


the change is you can swap kartel into chaser master and dont lose the 30% from using windiness with chaser master equipped


Sorry, I was just referring to Chaser Master and its bonuses on its own.


Any recommendation for clone avatar stats?


face torso: atk speed
shoes :str
top windiness for swap and then maybe pole mastery
rest is pref


should i emblem
them with str


str/crit mixed emblems yeah


I have made a discord server for swift masters. I don’t expect it to be alive, it will probably be dead, but I think such a discord should at least exist :stuck_out_tongue: