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When are we getting our party buff


Can anyone post a SM build?


Only bad skill Swift has is full throttle.

Everything else is free game, id leave the dash at level 1, since all that scales is the damage.

I use storm quaker as my dump, but I can see value in maxing it too, does decent damage.

I max northen wind and Windblaster, I could see value in maxing the other low level skills too, but I prefer windblaster and northern wind.


When are they going to rework Swift Master so he has an aerial play style? :cloud:
2nd Awakening’s literally the lord of the sky but some dragon knight bitches (they’re both cool though) get an aerial play style while wind boy gets an air dash. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


for some reason I think our 45 skill works like graps 45 skill somtimes


I’m looking forward to next buff patch and changes to some skills in the future. Can’t wait to luke raid as soon as hell mode gives me rosetta and/or other 2 senses i’m missing. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
As for my build i prefer all maxed cubes(some over leveled) and sweeping and windblaster as my non-cubes maxed


How does Chaser Master compare to Jubi Horn and Que Sera?


Dog shit, I have had jubi/QSS/Savior spear

But this was before they made pole mastery give % attack, Afterwards, chasermaster was better then savior/jubi just from a smoothness level.

QSS beats both savior and chaser for me damage wise(I tested all three and grinded my chasermaster.) Savior loses slightly in damage but it also is alot more useful with no stacks/active then QSS, So take that as you will. For something like double BG, I can just run in and nuke with savior but the first enemy is slower with QSS and faster on the second cause it has stacks /shrug

tldr chaser is an 85 and thus sucks vs 90s or savior, but spears all loses to poles and are only good if you have nothing else.


Anyone else out there working on luke as swift? Been running into ppl saying they don’t see many of us around. Feels werid to hear/read it.


250k DI’s still not 12/12 also I recently failed +10 amped 3 times in a row on different peices


I havent amped anything yet. Was planning to switch my rosetta from spirit to str and try amping it since it’s cursed and i have a few from the event. As for being 12/12 i’m extremely lucky on that fact.



Am I missing something with Sonic Move? I thought the Swift Master buff patch we got a while back was supposed to change it so that you face the way you dashed from, but after coming back to the game it seems like Sonic Move hasn’t changed at all?


You can choose the direction you face. if you just mash it you just go straight, basically, you can orient mid move. So if you dash and hold back, when you are done dashing you will be facing back isntead of forward. But if you run forward and just hold forward nothing will change and you will still be facing forward.


Wasn’t that how it was before the update? I mean, I know it was possible to do so before the update, but I guess it’s faster/smoother now?


It wasn’t really possible. Before, you’d have to move a few frames after sonic move finishes, but now you can choose to use a skill in the opposite direction you dashed with ease.


hadn’t noticed anything with sonic move as i rarely use skills off of it. However Full Throttle makes you face back where you strarted.


Does anyone even care about Sonic Move’s damage portion? Because, frankly, I really want them to delete it so subsequent inputs for Sonic Move or other skills stop being delayed by hitstop.


i kill trash with it sometimes hahaha but it’s nothing major. i’d miss