Summoner General


weres the 8 man summoner raid at???

my summoner is ready for it we should do one

my gear is:

5/5 metalline or 5/5 BF
3/3 CP
savior triumph staff

im thinking about doing a 8 man luke raid (aslan is going to be a huge challenge in a way)




Im going to take a wild guess and say no cohesive updated summon “guide” is up right now? Hiatuses suck when a toon has been patched 3 times and you dont know what to take anymore.


@zachi2 u looking for a build???


kinda. someone gave me one and Im enjoying it, but im curious to see what other people run. Im slowly tweaking it to my style, though


@zachi2 heres my build im using/ tweaking Imgur: The magic of the Internet its not the best but its ok for me


Summoners are built depending on what equips you have (single ele stack vs all ele) and you use summons based on that.

Summons you always use: cow, eche, sandor, ramos, helion, axo
Summons if all ele: deadburger, big sis
Summons if DG: deadburger
Summons if CP: aquarius


thanks, guys. also I think someone said to use dusty west, but is that correct?


dusky is good till u get to echon or epic


new summoner discord if any wanna-be, new, mains out there that want to join

its still a new server


link doesn’t work. Can i still join the discord?


??? @CantWankTheDank the link works fine for me


@CantWankTheDank here try this


thanks it worked!


ok np