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So w/o DG, what element are most summoners going with these days?

And is Stalker or Aquarius stronger? And by how much? Who’ overall better?


my summoner is water cause i got 3/3 CP, when i get crow i might go dark build


dear god tower of anguish fl 31 as a summoner without the blind tactics -_-

i actually found another way, wait it out . . . im serious, set the summons to wait and unleashed them when u get the chance, use wait and mass teleport if they ever get hammered again until he changes his atk pattern at around 170 bars and then just proceed as normal


Dark is generally the best element for a summoner more or less just because Murker’s hive skill is a huge AoE compared to everything else. If you get epics with a big pile of another element (like CP) then go whatever that element is instead.


for zealous spirit its not onyx spirit sub equip, its quartz spirit sub equip
i know this cuz i accidentally bough quartz instead of onyx . . . and im glad i did


whoops, thanks for the correction there, it is now edited.


what summoners can I follow on youtube?

Also what’s gearing looking like for true and game?

What am I suppose to do room by room when I’m geared enough for Antonio and luk?


hi, just came back to a brand new summoner. just wondering what are worth swapping for? i know zealous for sure, and spirit king if you have SLP. but what about the other summons? SLP give bonuses to other spirits but do they actually benefit from the increased skill level?

Also, I got my hand on Werry. tested in training room and it barely increase my overall damage when compared to SLP, even after I pre-stack the procs. both are +12, though the werry is 30ish matk short of perfect stats. am I doing something wrong or does Werry actually suck?

edit: also, does moonshadow still buff our summons? tooltip doesn’t show anymore so i would think no… in which case it’s probably not worth taking?

sorry if that’s a little too many questions! recently trying to do anton raid to gear up, but typhoon around my area kinda broke my internet, so… back to just solo farming gold :disappointed_relieved:


If you press ctrl+f, you can type Werry and check the box to see all the info on Werry in this thread

Cheers :slight_smile:


How do modifiers effect summons now? Mostly for summoner class. I know before stuff like aura was the only way to get extra stats to them, Smash, elenore, bonus damage none of tht worked for summons.

How is it now?

How does zealous creature work with summons summoned after it was cast?

What does and doesnt affect summons?

I got this item and im wondering if the 12% does anything for my class.

Also stuff like mcrit, if summons are affected by real time intelligence or is it going by intelligence when cast.

I’d basically like to know everything there is to know between summons and summoner status


will do it at home then! currently using mobile. sorry for not checking first

edit: not used to the new forum template too, feels… different lol


One thing to keep in mind is that currently summoners are still hybrid damage so refinement plays a role in their damage output, so that might have something to do with the damage test there, though that will be changed to all % in a latter patch.

Moonshadow now is actually an attack spell, it creates an area a little ahead of the summoner that deals a good chunk of damage. It will also apply an effect on your summons that makes it so that the damage they deal will restore health to your Dark Moon which helps you keep it up and active.

And in regards to swapping, while you will keep a level increase on your summons from the likes of SLP any equipment that lets you summon extras such as SLPs double Echeverria won’t let you keep the extra if you swap away from the equipment that allowed it. So the swapping for extra Dead Murker isn’t really a thing anymore.


So then keep a 90 legacy for the summon monster boost then?
ill assume i get to keep the extra level of zealous right?

Also…if this is a dream please never wake me

I dont even know what to say im at a lost for words

6pc dusky,that rod

no decent acc (one cp) no good stones(getting one dusky stone)

what else do i do now


Yeah Zealous Creature snapshots when cast so you’ll keep the buff levels. As for where to go from there, aim to get an echon set, raid and run hells while you’re at it would be my suggestion. If you’re lucky you’ll get good enough epics gear to drop that you can skip finishing echon, if not then it’s the best that you can get outside of epics.

One thing to keep in mind about Newlington is that you want to stack up quite a bit of ele damage to make the most out of the elemental elenore that it provides.


What does everybody think far

4min 9sec nugol run, was spamming every skill. Gear is 5pc dusky, +7 newlington rod 78 shadow damage

Kasijas and lamos timed out so they fell down the dps hole pretty hard compared to this run on the reinforcement

I had aquarious with no big sis, missed big sis dropped some points elsewere and got her, saw aqua was falling behind tried fret, seemed to pull ahead a tad more in dps than aqua but honestly the difference between sandor, that new tau one and echi vs literally every other summon (but awakening) is really fucking big.

Any input on this

pictures uploaded wrong, forgive me


Try again with 6pc Dusky since you’re missing 12% Elenore with only 5pc. If you plan on using CP Necklace, might as well stack water for now and find a source of Inflict Water (whether it be from an enchant or cube contract, etc).


some end game content i happened to find

summoner in luke raid

summoner in solo luke raid

copy paste this on youtube if u wanna see more videos 던파소환사


why does the 2nd summoner use lesser spirit+big sis?


Is there a post rework Summoner guide? I haven’t played the class since Nexon so I have no idea what I’m doing…


Can somebody tell me, why savior staff better, than savior rod? Before pure percent rework that was true, but now? Rod gives more mattack, than staff.