Summoner General


The only summons I never see in Luke vids are Freet/Hodor/Hulk/Glaerin. These haven’t been good in forever anyway, so it makes sense.

Every other summon is used and seems to do fine from pubs to statics to 4 man sell. You can even go no-spirits(aside from Eche) if you feel.

As for weapons like Wailing and SLP, the double summons disappear as soon as you un-equip them. So pretty useless now outside of SLP giving +2 Zealous/T2s and +3 Eche with the CDR stuff.


Freet’s damage output is pretty low, but the communion skill isn’t too bad (but yeah the damage is pretty dumb). I’ve been liking Aukuso lately, the communion skill is pretty stupid and Aukuso’s attack speed is pretty reasonable.

A shame about Spirit Lord not working like that anymore. But still +2 Zealous is pretty neat. Unless we get another TAO it’s going to be pretty difficult to hit that cap on Zealous.


New Summoner feels really nice to use now. I feel like she definitely has a lot more dmg, also being able to spit out all your summons in one skill now feels soooo good. Sucks that sacc summy got completely shat on with this rework though.


doing my own dmg test shows that louise and freet r among the highest dmg dealers but considering they cant take on other elem i think they’re only bad for when ur stacking a single elem that isnt fire or tog


Can you make neutral summons like sander/tau have an ele now outside of DG?


I lack the proper gear to test but, does the skill dmg increase from gear affect the summons actively or does it snapshot at whatever the skill dmg is as the time of the summoning?


u couldve just tested it with cube contract in training; yes it does
hodor, knight, akuso, tau and both 1 and 2a can take on other elements, t2 spirit, freet and louise r locked to their respective ele though freet’s communion skill can take on otther ele but otherwise is pretty much absolutely fire while louise is mainly water


with all these extra skill points ended up getting sandor.
Aqua/Murker/Ech/Murker/Tau King/Lamos

Anyone else rolling other contracts?


So I have an 85 summoner that’s been sitting there forever.
I would appreciate a quick recommended way to build summoner, as I do not know the utility stuff that are 1 point, what to max now, etc.


Don’t know if it’s the best but this is the build that I use for mine and it works out pretty well for me.


ooh water main summoner. I see, I will test this out myself. Thank you kushala :+1:


My new build atm . Loving Running Amok & Eclipse Fall. so beautiful to watch!


eclipse is probably 1 of the most visually beautiful skill in the game, sorta hope that in the future summy will get mor skills or a visual changes so her other skills will hav a similar visual style to it


How long it takes to do Echon w/o Legendary set?


You shouldnt do echon if you dont have atleast a 6pc 85 legendary set. The exo penalty even then is huge. With 6pc + a few epics I was still taking a penalty and it was taking around 3-4 minutes.

im in mixed epics/3pc echon(no set) now, and I get 1:45 or so. The exo penalty is the big thing you need to cover.


Does Does Dark Moon explode fast?


it explodes after 200 secs or after it tanks enough dmg for ur summons as mentioned in its description, keep it at lvl 1 or filler dump


My first time making a Summoner, what legendary armor to use before epics? Is it 5pc Dusky set or Heartrendng set? and for acc is it Great glory and Buried Scream for Sub/Stone?

or mix?

Top/Shoulder - Lv85 Halidom
Pants - Ghost train
Belt/Shoes - Heartrending
Acc- Great Glory
Sub/Stone - Buried Scream


You want to get to 6pc Kartel, recommended to go with 5 armour pieces plus the sub equipment. In regards to Great Glory, the bracelet is the most important piece as it gives you access to both a smash and crit smash modifier.

I would also recommend getting either a dark or all element magic stone and using the cube contract to apply element to your summons that don’t have one already.

You’ll also want to work on getting a swap set together, that is:
6pcs of the Spirit Union chronicle set (shoes, belt, magic stone, bracelet, necklace, shoulders)
Ghost Train pants
Halidom/terra weapon
Hi tech ring (from the Melvin’s Shame quest)
Quartz Spirit sub equip (thanks for the correction Kiki)
Clones and Plat emblems if you can afford them.

Fill in any left over slots with green tainted chronicle pieces and that will be the best set you can get outside of epic equipment.