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cant wait for the rework


any summoner love up in here?!


this thread will be more lively next month if we get the summoner update.


No it won’t. It wasn’t anywhere close to as active as other classes before, and it won’t change…


yo as a summoner do i grind out for 9 pc spirit union and then go 5/6pc great glory into echon for damage?


so any skill guide for upcoming summoner rework?


What sets and weapons should i be trying to get for summoner


awwww shit! Welcome back summoner mains!


Duuuuude, I can finally use summoner again. This is freakin amazing and was so much needed.


the damage difference is unreal :heart_eyes:


if you summon monsters after you have already cast zealous, do they get it? :thinking:


Yes they do.

Speaking of Zealous Creature, so far I’ve come up with these for swap.

6pc Spirit Lord (preferably, Accessories, belt, shoes, magic stone) – possibly can do shoulders before you get catacylsm shoulders

Shoulders: Magic Catacylsm + 2
Ring: High Tech Ring +1
Top: Halidom +1, Metal Line +1, War God +2, SuperContinent +2
Bottom: Sea God +1
Belt: Merlin Bead +1
Title: +1 or +2, +2 if you have TAO (good luck with that), +1 if you have the other one.
Pet: +1, Behemoth Pet
Avatars: +1, or +3 with Platinums (good luck getting that)

If I recall there was a magic stone or sub equip that gave +2 that was an epic, good luck getting that though.

In any case it looks plausible assuming we get another title avatar or pet that gives + to skills, even without it, it is doable.

EDIT: Forgot to add Spirit Lord’s Protection is a mandatory weapon swap with the double Spirit King and +2 Zealous. Terra Weapon can be used for swap for the meantime.


As far as sets go Satan, if I recall you would go for Spirit Union Chronicle, 6 pc minimum. After that it’s a bit of a mixed basket, I hear that Dusky West is the set you should go for if you are going for Legendary equipment, but of course you can go for Great Glory. Personally you should skip those and probably go for Echon dungeons/Epic frankenstein. Weapons of course would be Terra Staff unless you get lucky and get Spirit King Rod. Wizard Staff, Newlington, and lvl 90 staff epic or savior are all good options for end game.


So what do builds look like now?

You obviously max the passives, the utility stuff that are 1 point etc,

But what are the good summons, and the ones to avoid?

So far I have murker/louise/spirit king/tau/sandor and the awakenings and the support summon, should I invest in the lesser spirits?


Lesser Spirits aren’t as good anymore. Don’t get Louise.


What would I get instead of louise? I have left over sp and its like aukuso spirits or louise :eyes:


I would also like to know a good guide of what skills to take, so many and it’s getting confusing, lmao.


Just wondering what’s so bad about Louise?


New summoner isn’t going to be as “spammy” as it used to be. You’re going to have less summons, but they’re going to be stronger. Problem with Louise is she’s fixed damage strictly, this isn’t such a bad thing to run her in dungeons and whatnot, but doing endgame content her attack speed is pretty abysmal and her communion skill is garbo as well. To be fair the other options aren’t that much better. Flame Hulk and Aquarius are pretty meh. Aukuso actually isn’t that bad, might need some more testing to see if it’s worth using.

Like I said for the most part summoner skill builds are pretty simple now, what’s difficult is the TP I would say. I’m not sure whether to max Murker or Sandor personally.