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it’s a shame that this is post skill change so we no longer have mega transforming beam sniper, but aside from that, pretty fun and odd at times, like renegade skill execution is slower compared to secret agent and big boss, but the damage don’t feel as explosive as renegade’s does, also 1a feels pretty weak, and the hold mechanic is kinda odd, like for 1a when is a good time to press the skill again for infusion?


Wonder what level is should leave Core Shield. I don’t think its that useful since i rarely use it. :thinking::thinking:


1, the hp is low and the damage is too low to warrant investing too much SP in it, which unfortunately is the same for the other low level skills as well


Yea i figured. There isnt many situations i would use it, even for utility.


it’s only good for stopping ranged attacks, and even then it’s useless against attacks that pierce defenses


Shield has uses when you can place it correctly.
If the shield is placed on an enemy (either version) it will lock them in place until the shield breaks. It can be used to stall zombies in Leg and keep them on a circle if they get back up.


Specialist runs hell very smoothly and painlessly with 90 Epic Craft Dystopia Ender

Current gear:

I’m sure a dedicated leg setup can do this too.

Edit: Well. Don’t know why streamable link broke. I uploaded it to youtube I guess


vid broke


yea its not playing


So I found Adios, the 90 Core Blade. I’m pretty underwhelmed at it compared to Dystopia Ender. It’s trying to be a Planet Destroyer but failing. Am I missing something here?

For comparison:


It’s stronger for awakenings. Weaker for basically everything else. Awakenings scale heavily based on levels.


Holy fuck I love this class’ level 90 craft epic.
The comet is fucking so strong and makes Specialist’s already strong farming EVEN stronger. There’s like no chance to NOT have some bigass AoE for every room.



So is Dystopia Ender additional Smash or Elenore? It says Additional Smash, but this game is completely incapable of being consistent in telling those two apart (see Black Formal, Radiant Gold, and Metal Line, which use Additional smash, smash, and bonus in order, but are all elenore).