Soul Bender - Newbie's Guide - Updated (8_23_2017)


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Just going to compile information for new players regarding gear progession, builds, etc…

If anyone has anything to add or comment on please comment and I'll edit as soon as possible, will mostly keep it simple unless requested for more detail.

Note : I will try to keep this as neutral as I can with information collected from the many experienced SB players.

UPDATE : Bremen no longer shreds in most recent KDNF patch. It goes from shred to -> +% Magic Skill attack. We also lose our Shadow Resistance shred, but gain Shadow damage instead.

TLDR: Support SB got nerfed, damage got buffed.

Soul Bender Revamp

Before we talk about anything else let’s start with revamps. Infinite Equilibrium gave Soul Bender a great overall revamp making the class have very great synergy and flow between skills.

My Summary of Revamped Soul Bender

Pre-rework the class was very slow and required tons of set up. You could deal decent damage if you get the perfect combo off but overall it was very slow. If you ran with other strong M. Dps, you’ll only be supporting. Now that the class was reworked, we gained many new skills on top of our set up time being fixed.


-Lots of burst in short amount of time

-Magical Debuffer / Shadow Debuffer


-Khalla provides consistent damage


-Dark Gothic is a level 80 set

-Some cases will make elemental dropper weaker (IE. Other shredders)

-Damage is high but not top tier


-The class is very powerful in terms of bursting. Keep in mind that we see high numbers because we can naturally shred enemies with Bremen. Other classes can be seen dealing the same amount of damage as us without shred. This means that other M.Dps classes will most likely be dealing higher numbers than Soulbenders in general.

I will not personally be going over the skills but I highly recommend looking through Lethologica's overview of the revamp in the link below.

Lethologica’s Overview of Soulbender Revamp

Soul Bender skill build

Skill build information

This is a post by Ark showing his skill build. It’s a good build to go by, your build should look very similar overall.

Some things to note

-Unshackle should be maxed before Focus: Magical Critical if you are lacking M. Crit chance.

-Ice Saya can be maxed but you will have to drop points from another skill. Personally I keep it at 1. It's great for holds if your team is lacking holds.

I will not be going over skill rotations. Feel free to ask in comments. If other players would like to recommend some I can add it below.

Gear Information (Keiga)

Keiga Swap Information

Keiga is a level 20 swap skill. It’s one of our biggest damage boosts giving us a total of 50% critical damage once maxed.

Below is a spreadsheet created by @Ralexinor. This contains all the information needed for Keiga swaps.

NOTE: I will be posting the swaps in categories of their own down below so it's easier to see if you don't like the spreadsheet.


+2 - Alternative Method (Unique Lv. 25 Katana) / +2 Heaven's Luck Sword (Epic Short Sword) / +3 - Unsung's Tachi (Legendary Lv. 85 Katana)

Total : +2-3


6 Piece Possessive Flame (Rec. Shoulder, Belt, Shoes, Bracelet, Necklace, Ring, Magic Stone) (Any of the 7 unless you have a legendary olympus belt)

Tops - +1 Metal Line Top / +2 War Gods (Unrealistic unless you love pvp or you're willing to work extra hard for it)

Pants - +1 Sea God Pants (Or any alternative epics that give +1)

Sub Equip - + 1 Time Silver Watch (Epic, requires RNG)

Total : +4 / 6pc Chrons

Other Stuff:

+1 Avatar Top

+1 Pet

+2 / 3 Plats (3 if you're willing to buy a unique motion or have one)

Sweet Dreamer Title - +1 / 2 / 3 (Remember Keiga is a level 20 skill)

+1 Legendary Olympus Bead (Unobtainable now unless you buy some kind of tradeable belt with one of these on it)

Total: +7

Grand Total : +13-14 Keiga (+10 is max) - This gives an idea of swaps and alternatives you can go for. If I miss anything let me know in comments.

Gear Progression

If you are going for support then below are the gear sets you should farm for and what the minimum requirements are usually for Anton Raid.


6 piece Unholy Dominion w/ Level 30 Bremen (Chronicle Set)

The base level of Bremen is 20, therefore you are aiming for +10 Bremen levels.

This build focuses around getting as much magic shred as possible. You should have 40% Magic shred with level 30 Bremen and 6pc Unholy Dominion.

Note: With little effort you should reach 28+ Bremen. I recommend AT LEAST 28.

Bremen Items

Items worth noting for Bremen levels

+1 Legacy / Halidom Weapon

+1 High-Tech Ring

+1 Sea God Pants

+1 Halidom Top (Level 25)

+1 The King's Book Of Secrets - Soul Reaper (Sub Equip)

+1 Avatar Top

+1 Pet

(Make sure to fill in the rest with 6 pieces of Unholy Dominion)

Grand Total: +7 Bremen (27 total)

Items that will boost it from 27 to 30

+2 Ancient Ruins Bronze Sword (Level 28 Bremen) -Replacing Halidom / Legacy (+1)

+3 Unsung's Tachi (Level 29 Bremen) - Replacing Halidom / Legacy (+1)

+2 Bremen Title (Level 29 Bremen)

+1/2/3 Plats (Level 28 - 30 Bremen)

9 piece Tombstone of Oblivion (ToO / Chronicle Set)

This set focuses on Tombstone Triangle debuffing. It's a very powerful set for supporting if you have a shadow magical dealer (IE. Dark Gothic users). It could also work for shadow dps but Dark Gothic physical dealers aren't as common since 90 cap.

Saint's Medal - Soul Reaper (Unique Magic Stone +2 Tombstone Triangle)

Erudite Medal - Soul Reaper (Unique Magic Stone +2 Tombstone Triangle)

Level 85 Legacy / Halidom Weapon (+1 Tombstone Triangle)

Fill in everything else with with Tombstone of Oblivion Chronicle pieces

Heartrending Legendary Set (Vilmark)

You can deal a little bit of damage in this set I guess, haven't personally tested it. More importantly it serves as an aura support type set (Mini tactical).


-You'll generally want the 5 pieces of armor (Shoulder, top, pants, belt, shoes)

-The 6th piece I believe is unnecessary. You could get a shadow damage magic stone + Blooming Black Smoke Energy (Legendary Sub) if you want to deal a little more. (Although if you want to deal more damage you will not be using this as your dps set)

-The 6th piece should be filled wherever you have an open slot (Probably magic stone or sub equip). The super armor can come in handy at times depending on the situation.

-The set takes up your smash (3 piece / 5 piece effect)

Damage Dealing Sets

Spoiler: Dusky West Set (Kartel Set)
Dusky West is a well rounded set. You’ll be lacking elemental damage but it provides a ton of quality of life stats along with raw stats. You can pair it with various gear or if you want to farm it, gigantic presence (3 piece Anton legendary accessory set).

The pieces you get are up to you. If you have good off slot epics you could fit in then you should build around it and try to fit in any good epics you can.

A standard solid build could be this below

-5 piece Dusky West armor

-3 Piece Gigantic Presence

-Dusky Sub / Magic stone (Choice may vary depending on what magic stone / sub you have)

Note: The choice between Dusky sub or magic stone can be decided by things like a strong magic stone or a strong sub equip (IE. Pars Golden Grail, Blooming Black Smoke Energy, etc…)

-Dusky Sub equip has 8% Crit Smash on it.

Spoiler: Echon Legendary Set - Level 90 Quest Legendaries
If you’re strong enough to do Echon, it’s highly recommended. I won’t go into detail in explaining how it all works but I’ll note some stats worth going for. Here’s a more in depth explanation of it

Stats to go for on individual pieces:

-Magical / Independent attack

-Elemental damage

Note: You could always modify the stats to crit chance or something else within the same category if you need other stats.

Set Effects to go for:

15% Elenore/Smash/Crit smash (Whichever one you need, elenore is probably best in case of smash standalones)

15% Magical / Independent attack

15% Intelligence

Rest goes into Elemental damage

Notes: I'm not 100% sure on how many points you get from 6 piece 3 star ranked gear. I believe you can almost max the 3 damage modifier effects, maybe not all the way though. The gear is still new, we'll find out soon enough.

Various Legendaries Worth Noting
  • = One of the best options
Black Flower Lower Armor (Legendary Lv. 85 Light Armor Pants)

Stats: +7% Attack/Movement Speed, 10% Casting Speed, +20 Shadow Damage

2nd Effect : +4% Attack/Movement Speed, 5% Casting Speed, +10 Shadow Damage if HP is at or under 70%

Notes: Weaker than other options but cheaper. You don't get all the shadow damage / speed if you don't lost hp (Con of the armor)

Ominous Giant Bat Pants (Legendary Lv. 85 Leather Pants)*

Stats: +18 Shadow, -25 Shadow Debuff (Proc on attack, summons bats)

Notes: Decent shadow with a shadow debuff on top of it, not too pricey.

Spoiler: Yashin’s Moonlight Gaiters (Legendary Lv. 90 Light Armor Pants)*
Stats: +1 to Lv. 85 Skill (Zieg), 5% Chance to increase phys/magical/independent attack by 13%

Notes: Zieg is our strongest skill, a +1 boost is a good chunk of damage on our 2nd awaken. A bit expensive.

Spoiler: Blooming Black Smoke Energy (Legendary Lv. 85 Sub equipment)*
Stats: +94 Int, 165 Independent Attack, 5% Chance to increase shadow damage by 15.

Notes: Probably the best non epic sub equip. It’s pretty cheap right now. WORTH buying.

Spoiler: Liberation Katana / Short Sword (Legendary Lv. 85 Ancients Weapon)*
Stats: 16% Additional Damage, 7% Magical Crit (9% If short sword)

Notes: Decent weapon to start off with because it's easy to farm for now. Recommended to farm for if you're starting out fresh.

-I would recommend Katana over short sword for the attack speed.

Spoiler: 3 piece Gigantic Presence (Anton Legendary Accessories)

Bracelet: 12% Physical / Magical Crit chance

Necklace: +18 All Elemental Damage

Ring: +40 Phys/Magical Attack, +51 Independent Attack

3pc Set effect: -10% Skill Cooldown, 10% Skill Attack, 5% Chance to increase str/int by 10%, +20% MP Costs

Notes: This is a very well rounded set, although with new 90 epics it could be easy to beat. I wouldn’t recommend farming for it unless you got nothing else to use Antoniums on. I do recommend transferring if you can afford it without costing an arm or leg.

Note: Dusky is the only "level 85 legendary quest set" you should go for in terms of dealing. There are strong off slots that you could buy if you plan to go a various build.

Epic Armor Sets

I will not be posting any tier list of my own, but I will try to give some information on the sets individually. In the total stats, I will be including the individual stats of each piece in the set also. If I have not mentioned them then I don't recommend using the armor set unless you have nothing else. I have not personally tested all armors but if you finish any set I have not mentioned, it's better to use it over nothing.

Note: Post-Rework Soulbender can use various epics. It’s viable and reliable only because the class has a strong kit to back it up (Bremen + utility + damage). I highly recommend using training room to figure out what epics (of whatever you have) are best.

Dark Gothic - Level 80 Cloth Set
Total Stats

+165 Shadow Damage

+10% Additional Shadow Damage

+29% Movement Speed, +30% Attack Speed, +44.5% Cast speed

+150 M. Attack/Ind Attack

+300 Int, 20% M. Crit chance

-30 Shadow Debuff Aura

+1 to Lv. 40-50 / 60 / 70 Skills

Notes: This set is bread and butter for Soul Bender until 90 upgraded sets.

It's a very powerful set. Shadow additional damage on top of TONS of quality of life stats with no smash mods. This means that it will not conflict with Sensory Satisfaction Set (Five senses)

Unfortunately it is a level 80 set, if you can't get your hands on it I would recommend going for 90 hells.

Mana Burn - Level 85 Cloth Set
Total Stats

+480 Magical Attack

+550 Independent Attack

+18% Intelligence

+27% Magical / Independent Attack

+15% Critical Smash

+20% Magical Crit. Chance

+10% Movement Speed, 25% Cast Speed

+20 All elemental damage

Notes: A decent set. Having a crit smash mod means it will conflict with Five senses. Provides tons of raw stats. Since it gives %Magical/Ind/Int, it will slightly be diminished by things like Pars Golden Grail, Recollection of Water Sounds. Overall it is a strong set but not the best.

Elemental Dropper - Level 85 Cloth Set
Total Stats

+42 All Elemental Damage

-44 All Elemental Debuff Aura

-25% Movement/Attack Speed Aura

+400 Intelligence

+18% Skill Attack

Super Armor when enemy is in range

-20% Magical Defense Aura

Notes: A set worth keeping. Doesn't really offer any QOL type stats. Since we lost necromancy, it can probably be used to max shred in Anton Raid. No conflicting smash mods with Five Senses. I've seen some Soul Benders use this set for some parts of Luke Raid although I'm unsure where in Luke raid. Assuming you don't hit over shred cap, this set can deal some decent damage close to or more than Mana Burn depending on your other smash mods.

Natural Guardian - Level 85 Light Armor Set
Total Stats

+325 Phys/Magical attack, +370 Independent attack

+38 All elemental, +50 All elemental (Individual element procs)

+25% Elemental additional damage (5 piece proc effect) / 45% Additional Damage

+15% Phys / Magical Crit. rate

+12% Movement / Cast speed, +8% Attack speed

5 Individual procs from each piece

Notes: If this is your ONLY set you have so far I guess you could use it. It provides decent stats and the procs are free damage. Depending on the elemental elenore proc (Yes you can deal "additional fire" even if your main element is shadow), you'll be doing massive damage on shadow but anything else will be a bit mediocre. Don't expect crazy burst from this set. It's mostly unreliable due to RNG procs (since we're shadow locked). Keep for memes.

Full Plate Armor - Level 85 Plate set
Total Stats

+500 P/M/I attack (300 of it is permanent after plate stacking)

+15% Crit smash

+37% Attack speed, 41% Movement, + 53% Cast speed

+220 all stats (From 5 piece effect)

+40% Bonus Damage

Super Armor

Notes: Great set overall. Gives super armor, tons of speed, raw stats, and a fat 40% bonus damage elenore. On top of that, people often keep this set to use for the +300 P/M/I Attack you can stack from the 5 piece effect, it's permanent after you stack it which means you can swap to another set (If you die you lose the stats). Recommended to keep.

Tactical Set - Level 85 Leather Set
Total Stats

+620 Strength / Intelligence (Aura)

+12% P / M % Critical Rate (Aura)

+20 All elemental damage (Aura)

+80 P/M/I Attack (Aura)

+20% Attack/Movement speed, +25% Casting Speed (Aura)

+40 - 55% Bonus Damage (Depending on amount of party members)

Super Armor (Aura)

Notes: Great set for the party. Gives a lot of bonus damage in a full party while buffing your entire party on top of all the support Soul Benders have already. No conflicts with Five Senses, but probably not one of your top dealing sets. Recommended to keep if you get it.

Level 90 Armor sets

I will not be ranking these sets but will be giving opinions and notes according to the most recent KDNF patch.

Bremen loses it's % magic defense shred but gains % magic damage instead. I will be including the Luke Upgraded stats of each set. The names of the set may be wrong, will update as soon as they are released on DFOG.

Crow Ceremony - Level 90 Cloth Set
Total Stats - Crow Ceremony

+125 All Elemental Damage

+25% P / M critical rate

+10% P/M/I Attack

+10% Strength / Intelligence

-Each piece gives a good amount of stats also (Str/Int)

Gespent's Hallucination - Luke Upgraded

+2 to Skills (1-85)

+45 All elemental damage

-25% Defense (Debuff Aura)

-35 All elemental resistance (Debuff Aura)

+35% All attack

+30% Skill Attack

+5% P/M Crit chance

(The shoes give some stats but it hasn't been updated in the spreadsheet I'm collecting information from)

Notes: Crow is a great set pre-luke upgrade. The pro of it is that it is the ONLY 90 set that does not conflict with Five Senses set. The cons are Dark Star + 5 sense Necklace + Babylonian = Tons of all attack. Regardless of that you will be doing a lot of damage in this set.

Post-Luke Notes: Currently, we will hit shred cap easily with Gespent's Hallucination. Regardless it is a powerful set overall. In you're looking for the long run this set will provide the shred debuff that we will be losing later on (way later on whenever we get that KDNF patch). I am personally going for this set unless I somehow magically finish Black Formal.

Black Formal - Level 90 Leather Set
Total Stats

+580 P/M Attack, +667 Independent Attack

+20% Additional Crit Damage

+33% Smash

+25% P/M Crit chance

+5% Strength / Intelligence

+15% Attack/Movement Speed, +25% Cast speed

Fiend Venator - Luke Upgraded

+71 All elemental Damage

+64 P/M Attack, +74 Independent Attack

+12% All attack / Additional Damage / Additional Crit damage / Bonus Damage

+20% P/M/I Attack

+25% Bonus Elemental Damage

Notes: This set gives A LOT of raw stats. Each piece gives around 160~ Strength and Intelligence alone. It has smash so it conflicts with five senses. Regardless it is a strong set recommended worth using if you get it.

Post-Luke Notes: Fiend Venator… AKA "Darker Gothic"… has amazing synergy with Soulbenders. It's a VERY good set. In the future, we will be losing shadow shred but will be gaining shadow damage to make up for it, farther boosting the bonus elemental damage from Fiend Venator. This set may have higher damage potential due to us losing shred, allowing other classes to shred for us instead.

-To be continued-

Things to add later

-Legendary set info

-Epic armor list / opinions from players (Finish up 90 epics) - In Progress

-Tips / tricks for raid (Maybe.)

-Pictures for easier reference

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Just a quick tidbit on the Triangle setups, you can also buy the Unique Magic Stone: Erudite Medal - Soul Reaper. Same thing as yours but maybe in stock for a cheaper price.

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