Soul Bender General


cool we do negative damage
i wonder what other horrible secrets are just waiting to be discovered


Does the class still do good dmg? Was thinking of jumping this class for the upcoming event


This recent update improved them significantly, partially due to changing them to a %-based damage class and partially due to changing their skills to be much faster.
I don’t main one, so I’ll leave the greater details to someone with more knowledge, but in general they are quite strong.


SB quite frankly is pretty overtuned right now given that they already had an extremely fast skill rotation from being able to use their some of their Liberate-able damage skills during other damage skills/holds. The update not only increased SB’s scaling with saders to impressive levels but also turned 2 of their previously mediocre skills (Rhasa and Saya) into powerful fire and forget DPS skills. In spite of the fact that they may not do that much damage per individual skill like other classes, SBs are capable of brute forcing raw damage through quick damage rotations in the time that most classes can only go through half their skillset.

Short answer to your question: Yes. Many would argue that SB does more damage as a synergy dealer than most pure damage dealers.


@CirclePlacer would you share an up to date skill build please? And should you taken muramusa or dakr star for jump?


The above should be what you’re running, with a few possible deviations that I’ll explain:

  • Magical Critical should obviously be maxed if you’re lacking in crit, however if you’re overcapped, you would drop it to get exactly 97% or slightly over
  • Weapon Mastery should be whatever you’re using
  • You can drop points out of Phantom Sword Slash if you don’t like using it. I personally dislike how Tombstone animation locks you, especially given how fast paced SB’s new playstyle is. If you took points out of Phantom Sword Slash, you can put it in Tombstone instead
  • If you’re unfamiliar with playing SB with content that can easily kill you, you can take 1 TP out of Basic Attack TP and put it into Keiga for a small chance at RNG invuln

Aside from the above, everything else sans Ancient Memory should be the exact same as what I have.

I’d personally favor Dark Star for Jump Server.