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Welcome back bros. This time without shreds :smile:


Currently have Caravella and Mysteltainn on my SB (and terra reconstrution if that matters) and I’m wondering which of these weapons I should be using?


caravella’s bonuses are quite wasted because sb is shadow-locked


mysteltainn, SB is largely a fixed class now so the weapon type is less important than actual modifiers, i.e. world pendulum BIS over darkstar and muramasa


Alright thanks for the answer guys. Is there anything left I could get from ToD to make it worth doing it with him?


Heaven’s luck sword which is most likely to be the best overall, yin sword:makya for crit smash and 70 shadow damage, byeollungum for the HUMONGOUS smash bonus but low matk, and trinity eternia for the 33s or below skill cd reset swap


heaven luck sword also +2 to all level 20-50 skills, good for buff swap.


I just created a SB yesterday and currently level 33. Things are a little slow but hanging in there. Can anyone share what a standard build look like once max level?


you want to see a build or do you want to see a gameplay?

none cube skills that is kept at level 1 - wave wheel slasher, drive slash

none cube skills to max - sword mastery, unshackle, kazan, bremen, afterimage of kiega, and luner curtains

cube skills to keep at level 1 - rhasa, phantom sword slash, phastasmal slayer, and ghost slash abyss

cube skills to max - everything else.

For me TP is used on kalla, tombstone, kazan, ghost slash overdrive, and ice saya.

I believe that’s what a standard build looks like.


Thanks kiaoken for the build, it’s been really helpful! That’s the build I use for mirror arad farming, it decreased my average dungeon clear time from 4 minutes to 3 minutes. Saya is really nice for holding the mobs while I use ghost slash and moonlight slash on them. I have a few questions though, what ghost should I use for ghost slash drive? I find the sleep from Bremen really helpful, but I was wondering if saya is better? I am not sure if the freeze is better than the sleep when I already have saya up. Also if there any way I can decrease the cooldown of saya? My friend told me to use “mind stims” but I don’t know what that is. I want it up for every room if possible without having to wait a few seconds. I usually use it two or three times per room but it’s usually on a 5-10 second cooldown at the start of the next room and then I struggle with killing things :frowning: Also I didn’t have enough SP for the build you said btw, I tried maxing all my cubes but I didn’t have SP for zieg or blade phantom. Are they necessary to max? I can’t see anything on my screen when I use them so I don’t usually use them.


Skill Build
TP Build

This is what I have used since the revamp. I’ve been very happy with the build thus far. It’s nothing out of the ordinary as far as SB builds go.

Some of the stuff are point sinks (Thrust and Phantom Sword Slash). I also haven’t done the pvp quest for the two TP because I’m lazy, but I’m going to max Keiga and put the last point into basic training. I’ll add Ancient Memory in the main skill tree at some point as well by dropping the generic crit passive, Thrust, and some levels in Ghost Slash: Abyss.

Saya, Ghost Slash, and Moonlight Slash all do extremely low damage for their SP investment and they are not worth it. Saya and Rhasa are mostly used for increasing the damage of Blache and some niche cases in my point of view.

Zieg and Blade Phantom are extremely good sources of damage, so they are definitely worth maxing. Try turning down the opacity of your skills if you think it’s too cluttered. I keep mine at like 50-ish. It’s under the main tab in settings.


Hey, SB main coming back from about a year break. I have been getting the feel of post-infinity reworks and I love it. I’m a little confused by Lunar Curtain now. Does it not need activation in order to lower resistance anymore? Is the cast only for cursing? Thanks guys


The only reason you would want to cast Lunar Curtain is to curse someone now. An enemy’s shadow resistance is reduced at all times whether you have cast the skill or not.


Thanks for the awesome advice. My SB is level 64 now and if I see myself committing to him long-term, would transferring DG from my (now retired) Ele be smart? It seems like SBs from youtube swear by DG and I know I’ll still need to hell for 12/12, just unsure if spending those 108 souls per piece will be worth it nowadays.


that’s over 50k invites, a lot of progress, to give up for a tiny bit of dps


well DG isn’t a “tiny bit of damage” but it’s really only worth to xfer stuff once u fill in other slots. DG will lose to several of the upgraded 90 sets, whether thats crow for the support (after bremen rework) or if fiend happens to do more dmg. I would just keep the DG on ele and see if you find her playable after the rework.


Hmmm, late to the party but no. DG is not central to the idea of being 12/2 on Soul Bender. While it is true that DG is the strongest set to be wearing right now, it is much more important to be rounding out your characters with 90 Accessories/Sub/Mstone/Earrings. Furthermore, it goes without saying that the upgraded sets are stronger than DG.

I do not have Dark Gothic on my SB and I am doing more than fine. The right side provides a lot more damage in 90cap than your left, this should be your priority when gearing any character.


So… Wondering if anybody got some tips on counter killing mateka? Best damage to deal is mostly Ghost slash overdrive for counter. Whale can’t quite hit, tombstone triangle, tombstone, berserk, and abyss deal low damage…
My best idea is to whale at knee or berserk at knee for full damage.
Tried to slow him with the aura to get finishers in, but fk doesn’t look like it help.
I’m cursed muramasa, 5 PC radiant,scent + recollection and Anton raid bracelet for accessory. 2 PC civ + DKT. LVL 17 keiga and 96.5 Crit…


you need to learn mateka’s mechanics if you want to counter kill. he has a damage limit while he’s kneeling, which applies per hit. therefore, trying to do something like using overdrive while he’s kneeling doesn’t work because it hits the damage cap in a single hit.

you use triangles to damage cap on him while he’s in object mode (kneeling0, because you get multiple damage caps off at once. you use other skills for countering. also if you’re a monkey and can’t get every counter consistently, i’d suggest just going for orbs while countering where possible (learning counter timing can be hard at first, it’s not unusual to miss it a lot when you start out), otherwise you waste too much time waiting for cds. you can still counter with blache and zieg, it’s just hard and somewhat subject to rng.