Soul Bender buff swap


I had a question about buff swap for keiga. I just recently found out that you can enchant a tainted weapon from OV to give 10% to keiga attack so I guess my question is does that go towards critical attack making it a better option than unsung?


Keiga tainted items do nothing right now. The “Keiga +%” gives damage to Keiga x-string attacks, not the buff itself. Our patch on the 27th will change that to “Keiga: Critical Damage +%” which affects the buff amount.

The best setup come Origin patch for swaps is:

Title: Sweet Dreamer (15-20/20-25) w/ +2 Keiga - +3 levels
Weapon: Tainted Dimension Katana/Short Sword w/ Green Dimensional Aura (Keiga) - +2%
6pc Possessed Flame - 10%
Avatar Top (Afterimage of Keiga option, Afterimage of Keiga plat) - +2 levels
Avatar Bottom (Afterimage of Keiga plat) - +1 level
Pet (+1 15-20/20/20-25) - +1 level
Tainted Dimensional Items w/ Green Dimensional Aura (Keiga) - up to 3 slots outside of weapon, with each slot being 1%, so up to 3%

From here, you need 3 more levels of Keiga, which can be achieved by any combination of these:
Belt Bead: Legendary Olympus, Legendary Merlin’s Bead - +1 level
War God top/Supercontinent Top - +2 levels
Aura (Afterimage of Keiga plat) - +1 level
+1 lv 1-45/similar pants or other items such as Time Traveller’s Silver Watch or Solium Fonse - +1 level

Your ideal setting is using only 1 equipment-type item, so you can get the max 3 tainted items. Example: War God top + Belt Bead, or Aura + Time Traveller’s Silver Watch + Belt Bead. It is up to you how much you want to optimise this.

This, I believe, totals to 55% Critical Damage from Keiga.


You’re the MVP. That clarifies so much for me and thank you.