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So, it makes no sense to have some of these things buried in the General Discussion thread, so I'm moving some sections out and I'm going to work on curating them a bit better.

Skeleton Build:

Skeleton Build

For the most part, things that are maxed should be pretty self-explanatory?


Rear Magic Critical is useful even if just for abusing the enchant levels, and it's not actually that hard to use with a lot of skills since they'll reach through opponents. I don't use it right now because I hit 97% base mcrit.

Note Transformation: Molting for a free escape if you get launched by something, Eraser for grab iframes, Zombies at at least 1 for free grabspam and Tome Souls

Zombies are worth maxing if you're doing heavy Suju/Despair usage. They're also good if the enemy randomly goes into invulnerability, since they'll spam attempts until it works.


Soul Lure is my favorite of the DoT noncube skills because it deals respectable damage pretty quickly. If an enemy is invulnerable at a static location (Room 2 Ghost Train/Screaming, and Tog/Krave/Agnes/Cerebrate in Anton are some examples), you can easily abuse the bonus damage by leaving the ball on the ground. It also gets directly boosted in damage by Tome, which is nice. Generally, you pick your favorite noncube DoT as your dump skill, but sometimes you prefer having Grasp as the dump or leaving Grasp at 1.

Grasp is good for quickly bursting AoE, but if that's not needed then it can be dropped. Extremely bulky single-target rooms make this cube really pale in comparison to the others. You probably SHOULD max this most of the time even if just to quickly blow up trash in dungeons, though. This is one of the typical choices with remaining SP.

Black Wave is best left at 1 for utility unless you have Spider Prince set or the Epic Wand.

Fear of the Slaughterer is actually nice in parties; it's about as strong as a Native Ornamental Proc with an elemental drop as well. Not an amazing passive itself you can build around, but it can be a nice SP dump. Heavily recommend as a max for difficult content.

Dead Man's Grudge and Dead Man's Obsession usually take too long to inflict their damage for their numbers to be actually worth talking about. If they can deal all their damage consistently (like a DPS spam thing) then DMG is actually a pretty good source of damage. Even if you're looking at a DPS perspective, enemies frequently go into invulnerable modes and nullify the rest of the damage. However, they both have uses at L1.

  • Dead Man's Grudge, with a red cube contract or salamander flask, can ignite puddles in Reshpon because the splash inflicts any element.
  • Dead Man's Grudge doesn't reflect damage back to you if the enemy has a reflect shield up (Black Web does this as well). They just don't actually attempt to hit enemies that will just reflect it back.
  • Dead Man's Obsession, even at L1, immobilizes most enemies that aren't immune to immobilize immediately in Requiem/Ancients/OV. It's weird like that, and I use it all the time to make Rabineta stand still and stop his Ghost Step walk in both EX and regular GT. If that's not useful to you, you can drop it entirely.

Black Energy Wave does a fair bit more damage, but lengthy cooldown means it should probably be also saved for utility. Again, opens up as more of an option with Spider Prince.

Black Arachnia has kinda terrible damage and scaling but great utility and a low cooldown. You can max it it you really want a low cooldown cube.

Vallacre Incarnation is useful for refreshing Vallacre's duration before he expires, or huge AoE suction.


You use the rest of the TP on the things you like using. Tome TP can be set to 1 until we get 86 cap.

You're probably going to either dump remaining TP into Grasp or Nicholas. Dark Nail is also an option for shadow resist dropping; that becomes a bit more of an option in a shadow stacking party


There’s a couple interesting things for Anton and raid specifically, depending on your position in raid.

  1. In Gunship Defense, Black Web TP is amazing. In Cutting Off the Energy, it's an annoyance on Egene because it will build up his anti-hold status when he gets immobilized.
  2. In Black Volcano, Nicholas skills (aside from black web's aura) are not eaten by Mateka's staff. This makes Nicholas one of the best hatchery-bug killers and is by far your best option for dealing with hatchery spawns consistently. It is recommended that you max and TP for Black Wave, Black Energy Wave, and maybe Black Arachnia with spare SP.

Standard Gear Loadout:

Korean PuG Raid Necros

Liberation Wand

Dead Captain's Bone Breastplate

Black Flower Upper Armor

Wooden Puppet Whip

Gigantic Presence accessories

How does Dark Ritual/Pledge/Swaps Work [Now]?

See Dark Ritual thread

How does Dark Ritual/Pledge/Swaps Work in kDnF?

Soon ™. To sum it up, Dark Ritual change a net buff with Saders and general party stats flying around, evens up the difference between swapping and non-swapping Necro a fair bit, and comes with other buffs/improvments for Necro and at the same time a QoL patch comes for buffs (they become permanent duration so you swap once per run/life).

Where Do I Get Started on a Battle Set?

Battle Set Starter

See again the standard build setups in kDnF:

Liberation Wand

Dead Captain's Bone Breastplate

Black Flower Upper Armor

Wooden Puppet Whip

Gigantic Presence accessories

Upper screenshot has 3pc vilmark bottom belt shoes.

Lower replaces bottom for Black Flower, and Belt for Head Security's Skull Belt.

There's a lot of farmable Ancients involved, but the buyable legendaries can be extremely scarce at times. So, until you have the funding or DFOG gets a steady flow of legendaries, let's find some decent substitutes.


If you have a moderately fleshed out DR/Pledge setup, soloing Ancients/Req shouldn't be too much of a hassle with Thanatos with halidoms. Farm up 80-85 halidoms through scenarios and regular dungeons to build up funding until then.

  • Armor just starts out by filling out Vilmark set, and replacing pieces as you go.
    • Order would be Shoes, Bottom, Belt, Top, Shoulder for getting. Reverse order for replacing.
  • Accessories you build until Gigantic Presence:
    • Bracelet: Source of Disease Bracelet; +10 it for 13% mcrit. Great Glory gets obsoleted here
    • Necklace: Superheat Magtonium Necklace or Ceave's Masterpiece - Proof of Concept. If you go long enough without completing Gigantic Presence, you could replace with Great Glory.
    • Ring: Vilmark in parties is good (+18 element in a 4man), Great Glory otherwise. Forgotten Ancient Elven Ring is a good piece both solo and as a proc-swap piece.
  • Sub Equipment:
    • To start out, grab an attack sub or Becky's Goggles.
    • Vilmark in a full party on like Anton, Kartel quest if you don't have a Crit Smash mod, King's Ruin otherwise.
  • Magic Stone is just getting a Tear
  • Weapon: Work on getting a Requiem wand while farming all this, use an Egoista or Iris Wand until then.
That should work as a solid cobble-together until you can afford better stuff for those slots. You're going to really want the core legendaries (Whip Book, Liberation Weapon, Black Flower Top, and either Dead Captain's Bone Breastplate or alternative epic gears (Blackness Auto Shoulder post-revamp, Mana Burn shoulder).

In terms of legendaries to work towards, Whip book is highly recommended as your first step.

Some stuff to workshop on, I might end up posting drafts in thread at some point:

  1. Update clarification
  2. Burst/DPS mechanics and things to mind
  3. Holding mechanics and things to mind
  4. Epic revamp comparisons
  5. L90 Epics (though this looks fairly straightforward, waiting to see actual revamps)

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I just want to say thank you for what you have completed so far. I just started playing DFO for the first time this past weekend and it is a whirlwind of information that can be confusing at times. Guides like this make it easier to get into the game that has been around for a long time. So thanks again for taking the time to do this.

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I can help u about lv90 ebins

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Is it still advisable for me to go 3 piece heart rending ( Shoes Belt and bottom) if I have a goddess knife?

Recovery of Necrofancy’s Post on Sep 9, 2016 at 1:01 AM

Nah, that 3pc was chosen for a smash mod.

You asked on General Discussion whether you should get GG Light Armor Bottom/Belt, if you need the Crit, go for those for critical rates.

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Thanks fam

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Could you possibly post hotbar and command rebinds? I'm really bad w/ that stuff…

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How important is gear swapping? I'm a fairly casual player but like any other person having to wait 1 hour for a raid group gets a little bit sad. From what I've read necro needs super good gear to swap just to have on par damage with other dps?