Sky vs Someones 95 weapons


Hello everyone,
I have a problem, because I actually have 2 sky in 2 characters, which are: Sky Odachi in my Executioner and Sky Bowgun in my mecha F,those are my main characters. So, now I have the event box. Then, to whom did I trow the weapon sky? Because I really compare the sky with the weapon 90 +10 and with the exception of the Agent, the sky +0 is doing a good damage with the Mecha F, the fact is thinking me that the weapon 90 in the agent is actually better than the Sky weapon or 95 Harlem (“For the Emperor” That only gives 33% attack skill).

PD: I’ve set luke Venator with heblon and CP on my Agent and Cloth 90 with 95 acc dream and neathermost on the Mecha F.

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