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I’ll be working on a guide soon (as the old one is very outdated) and will post it here when it is done


For those who may not have heard the good news, our future is full of CRIT. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

As of the 8/17 and 8/24 balance patches in kDnF, light armor mastery now gives 5% crit, while 2awk passive gives 7+0.5% per level (10.5% at default contract level 7). There is truly a bright future ahead for skirmishers.

Oh and there were some damage changes at various points I guess but who cares about that


i was under the impression that class mastery gave 10% and off-mastery gave 5% crit chances, is that not the case for skirmisher?


Yeah, it was that way initially from that armor mastery crit patch, but for skirm specifically they nerfed it from 10 to 5% in the 8/24 patch. I guess they were afraid that giving us too much crit at once would be like what happens when you feed a starving person too much food. I’m not actually sure if the off-mastery crit was nerfed from 5 to 0% since it’s not explicitly mentioned, but I assume it was, which would keep in line with the relative disparity in armor type that every other class has.

There’s a chance we will get the patch point where mastery gives 10% crit and 2awk passive doesn’t yet give any.


Actually, I just realized that the nerf from 10%->5% crit on armor mastery in the 8/24 patch was a PvP only change. This is why you can never trust machine translations…

So it will be 10% on armor mastery with whatever the patch was that gave everyone crit, then the 2awk passive crit later probably (depending on how they lump updates for us).


Basically we’ll be at the top, good stuff.


So to try to stimulate some discussion does anyone want to talk about those buffs we got? They look pretty massive as they hit our best skills and fillers and we get 10% crit from our mastery on top of it. If i’m not mistaken, they also buffed +str on full armor mastery too?

I was seeing skrims doing anton anyway but as I never have been 12/12 I never was in the loop of any skrims were doing well in Luke before this buff. Any of you 12/12’s got any idea if this puts you in the higher want tier for luke?

Nothing bad to say regardless as it was a straight buff! Woo! I’ll keep investing in mine as I had previously because I enjoy the class anyway.

And a plead, anyone wanna post their new fremen times? Or videos of luke? Anything? Ha, just dreaming. I’m nowhere close.


If you want kDnF vids of Luke raid, lemme know. I have folders full of them.

In terms of actual buffs, these are quite nice and put Skirm in a good spot in terms of dealing. Just take these with a grain of salt considering there is a nerf in the future for DFO. Not that it is a serious one, but still.

Apologies for not having the guide written, I’ll start working on it next week. I got swamped with college/irl stuff.


Is there a Skirmisher/Lancer discord that I can join?


when ;-; and skirm/lancer discord when :sob:


Who’ll take the initiative and create a skirm discord? :thinking:


I actually think there already is one ( I don’t have the link however)


Does anyone know how Soulbreaker interacts with Natural Guardian? I also have Serpent Spike but I would like to avoid full manual.


so how is the guide coming along? been quite a while