Shiro's Beginner Vagabond Gearing Guide


Shiro’s Beginner Vagabond Gearing Guide


Starting with the basics - Swap Set

  • Generic Setup will look alot like this. Some items will vary

    6 piece Chron set - Ascension: +10% Crit Damage (2% per stack)
    Sea God’s Cursed Bottoms: +1 lv1-45 skills
    High Tech Slayer Ring: +1 to Quintuple Strength
    King’s Secret Book - Dualist: +1 to Quintuple Strength
    Ancient Ruins Lightsaber: +10% Crit Damage (2% per stack)
    Clone Avatar Top: +1 to Quintuple Strength
    Pet that gives +1 to lv20 Skill range: +1 to Quintuple Strength
    Title: +1-3 to Quintuple Strength
    Belt Bead Enchant: +1 to lv15-35 skills
    Platinum emblem Quintuple Strength: +2 to Quintuple Strength

Some of these items might not be available currently or can’t obtain for other reasons (200m ARLS >:c ) so here are some alternatives.

  • Metal Line Armor: lv90 Epic Top: +1 to lv5-30 skills
  • Metal Line Gaiters: lv90 Epic Bottom: +1 to lv5-30 skills
  • Time Traveler’s Silver Watch: lv80 Epic Sub Equipment: +1 to lv1-80 skills
  • Balmung: lv85 Epic Lightsaber: +2 to Quintuple Strength
  • Soleit: lv20 Unique Lightsaber: +2 to quintuple Strength
  • Any Halidom Sword lv20+: Unique Slayer Weapons: +1 to all skills up to level 85 (based on weapon level)

Damage Dealing Gear - Armor

  • Gracia Setup will look like this starting from scratch.

    Being a neutral element class means you can deal any element. Gracia set you to light damage so this set is the best choice if you don’t have an element locked weapon. (Brinicle Shell, Shrieking Queen of Pain, etc)

    To get this set you will need to run the ancient dungeon City of Noire Ferra at least 2 times per day on any difficulty and complete the Daily Challenge.

    The Set Effect is only applied if each piece of armor has the matching type (ex. mixed leather and heavy will not create set effect.) So stick with leather since it’s your mastery.

    I got something really good from hell mode, but it breaks my 6 piece set. What do?

    Simply replace the Gracia piece in another unneeded slot. (Usually the magic stone slot.)

  • Dusky West Setup will look the same as Gracia setup.

    Why would I get Dusky West set instead of Gracia set?

    You pick Dusky if you have a weapon that locks your element from light (ex. Shrieking Queen of Pain is dark)

    The Set Effect is just like Gracia in that each piece needs to match armor type. (The lines reading Attack Damage +5 and Attack damage +12 are both bonus damage lines AKA Elenore.) Obtained from Captian Luther’s shop. (Purchase material is Romantic Horizon)

    If you get weapons or acessories that lock you to water damage, just go for 5 piece Sea God Armor. Each piece gives a decent amount of water damage and the 6 piece effect is not worth getting so it saves you a gear slot.

Damage Dealing Gear - Weapons

  • Zanbato

    Why pick Zanbato when Vagabond has a Lightsaber mastery passive?

    Because Zanbato offers the highest physical attack stat of each Sword type which matters a lot since
    Vagabond is a pure damage dealer class. So if you’re choosing a weapon
    to buy or craft, it should be a Zanbato. Here are some starting Zanbato’s to work towards:

  • Lightsaber

    Even though you won’t be using this as a main weapon, you still need something to go in your offlslot. This weapons stats are only based on the item rarity and quality. So basically just fill it with the highest level/rarity you can get. Even a simple lv85 Halidom will be good enough for a placeholder.

    Epics can change what you need to use however. For example, if your best weapon is a Liberation Zanbato but you obtain a Brinicle Shell from hell mode, you should still use it over a liberation despite it being a lightsaber. This applies for all Slayer weapon types. It will be a very rare case for an epic to lose to a legendary.

Damage Dealing Gear - Accessories

  • Fish Accessories: Can be obtained from Hunter Von in Pandemonium Outpost/Central Park for 400 Purification stones each. These are decent placeholder accessories until you find something better. Each piece casts a unique effect that deals some damage to enemies.

  • Enherja “set”: Not really a set, just matching names. They can be bought on Auction Hall or obtained from RNG drop after defeating Gruff in Dark Elf Ruins Daily (random chance for him to spawn on 3/4 stars difficulty.) The Bracelet offers 8% smash damage. The Necklace offers physical crit chance and strength. The Ring gives strength aura which also benefits party members.

  • De Los Glory Necklace: A strong necklace that can be purchased on Auction Hall or random chance of drop from lv53-62 areas. Physical Attack have a 5% chance at increasing strength by 10% for 30 seconds. A nice cheap option to go along with other accessories.

  • Great Glory Accessories: Obtained from Captain Luther’s shop. Purchase material is Ancient Kingdom Golden Coins from King’s Ruin daily challenge. The Bracelet gives 10% attack damage (AKA Smash, not stackable) and 5% Critical Damage (AKA Crit Smash, not stackable.) So if you already have an item that gives 10% or more Smash, ignore this piece. The Necklace gives some crit rate and elemental damage. The Ring gives raw stats and crit chance.

    As for magic stone, you are somewhat limited on options. Just buy yourself an elemental magic stone on
    the Auction Hall for the element you inflict. Search Options for Auction Hall

The Next Step - Echon

  • Echon

    After getting your Ancient Legendary set and a decent weapon, you’re now ready to move on to something
    stronger. Echon Legendary Sets are just that, but they take a bit of time to acquire compared to Ancient
    legendary sets. Echon dungeon is located in the lower section of Central Park. The entry requirement is 5
    Seed of Birth and 5 Terraniums per entry. Ideally you will want to run this dungeon 6 times per day. (So total
    30 Seed of Birth and 30 Terraniums per day)

    The goal for Echon set is to achieve 6 piece set effect with very specific options. But before creating the set effect, you first need the pieces of gear. Just like Gracia set, you work around what other powerful epic items you have.

    There are 4 versions of Echon gear:

    Combat - 0 star
    Strife - 1 star
    Insanity - 2 star
    Destruction - 3 star

    Before adding the set effect to your echon gear, you will have to make sure each piece is Destruction version.

    So to begin, make sure to accept the Daily Echon Quest. This quest is your only source of Darma’s Mark which is used to buy echon gear boxes. Aside from random gear drops in dungeon, you can buy these boxes from Snowflake Joshua. You select the specific piece of gear you want and it will roll two random random stat groups on it.

    There are 3 Types of stat Groups:

    A. Stat/Speed Option Group

    B. Attack/Critical Option Group

    C. Elemental Damage Option Group

    Ideally in party setup, you would want all 6 pieces to have CC Roll. However, BB and BC rolls are still ok. Don’t
    consider anything with A group as it’s useless and waste of stat. Just like Gracia again, you will want any
    armor pieces you use for this set to be Leather even though your will likely get perfect group roll on other
    armor type drops. You will need 1311 Pure Condensate of Valor just for the set effect alone meaning at least
    1311 Darma’s Symbols. (will take more because of upgrading echon gear to 3 star.) Completing an Echon set
    currently should take you around two months. (give or take some time based on RNG.)

    The Difference between this set and Ancient Legendary set is that once you create it, its not so easy to replace pieces. You cannot simply change out one piece of gear if you get a better epic to fill its place. It ruins the set effect and currently would require you to farm up 1311 more materials.

The Real Beginning - Hells

After you have reached the point of full 6 piece Echon set, the only way forward is hell mode. By this point you should already know what hell mode is so I won’t go into large detail for that. From here you will just progress into full epics. You are aiming for 90 epic sets to upgrade with Luke Raid.

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I have played this game since March 2015. Played just a little in Nexon era but never got that far. Ever since Vagabond was released she has been my main. I figured the event from Neople would give me a good reason to put together a small guide on gearing vagabond. It’s not perfect but hopefully it can help some newer players start their gearing process.

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