Sharing Hud Mode for free


As what you’ve seen,
that hud is a simple mod.
But the backgroud and seria isn’t included.
In the next days, I’ll share some avatars mods
and interface mods, such as anime hud mods and skill icons mods etc
reply to get the link




Here is the translation for the download link


Well… Battleship HUD was already in DFOG previously. But it is still important to archive this HUD mod as it has been changed back to normal HUD. Thanks for sharing…


Question out of curiosity. Are there more English players on KR than Global? So I know whether or not to invest more time (and money) on Global and just switch to KR.


KDNF requires Korean Phone and Korean SSN to register.
And the GMs of KDNF are currently catching those who use the false SSN to register and block almost all of them.