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Does anyone have a good shaman build? Also is a shaman the main dps of a party typically?


I found that not maxing detention amulet, slow burn amulet, exorcist plasma, and soul magnet gave me the SP to max all the other really strong skills, just leave those skills at 1. Also don’t even bother with bead shower. TP goes to rosary prison, dragon’s fury, one hundred eight beads, and then the rest go wherever. I also had a bit of leftover SP to dump into thunder amulet, but you could probably throw that into something else you like.

They are usually not the main dealers, but a sub dealer with support and slight hold power. Not a bad class, if you’re having fun there’s no reason to stop.


So today I was fortunate to pick up a Soul Devourer. Does it trump yin yang skies and un-upgraded savior’s? Been hearing that it is probably BiS, so I want to make sure before spending probably a cool 100m to get it to +12.


Soul Devourer is only BiS if you can get enough dark damage, so in most cases yin-yang skies and saviors will still beat it out. If you can get dark gothic then Soul Devourer will beat the others without a doubt. However at this point its better to grind 85/90 epics which DG isnt a part of.


Hum, okay. Currently I am 3/5 radiant, which makes me at 191 dark. I guess I should still keep praying for the rosaries then. Thanks!


Anyone here have a shaman skill build that I can use as refference?



Does anyone level the heal & cure spells? Why (not)?

Also, Gracia or Dusky on Shaman?


Probably not, seeing as hp potions and status cures are plentiful, and even if you want to save status curing items, a lot of high level status effects are too high-level for cure to work on.

Gracia for more damage and the nice shield, I’d say.