Shadow Dancers.... What are those_ - A Shadow Dancer PvE Guide


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Shadow Dancer PvE Guide

By: EmiliaIsNay


About Me:

Hello everyone my IGN is EmiliaIsNay and I am one of the very few people who main Shadow Dancers. I haven’t played that long compared to a lot of people (roughly 6 months), but I love this class and I hope this guide may tempt some people to giving the class a chance!
I. Intro
So what exactly are Shadow Dancers? Well they are a subclass of thieves who probably best fits what a typical assassin in most MMO's would do, but in terms of DFO Shadow Dancers are DPS and Holder (somewhat) in parties.

Armor Type: Leather

Weapon: Dagger

Damage Type: Percent and Physical

Difficulty: Intermediate/Difficult


  • Very fluid and nice combos
  • Got lots of burst
  • Decent super holds and immobilize
  • Our legendary weapon is so cheap compared to others
  • Can utilize chronicle sets very well so decent funding yields nice results
  • We have an evil laugh
  • Weaker in terms of constant DPS
  • Has to position for back attacks for maximum damage
  • Not a lot of multi hitting
  • With party lag its very hard to get our holds off and back attacks
  • Being gated in terms of epic weapons compared to other classes... RIP
  • Some long CDs on our skills as well as long skill animations
Disclaimer: This guide is my own opinion on skill builds, itemization, etc. and is not the absolute truth or only way to play the class. Everyone has their own preferences and so you do not need to strictly follow this guide and do whatever is most fun/optimal for you.

Also feel free to message me (in game or forums) on any mistakes, suggestions, or questions!

Update Log:

4/15/17: Added 90 Epic/Optimal Setup​

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II. Skills
I won't be listing every skill and will display the ones that are recommended/used.

General Skills:

[​IMG] Focus-Physical Critical- Free physical critical rate? Oh yeah I like the sound of that.

Recommended: Max (once you are near capped you can take out points here)

[​IMG] Physical Rear Attack- More free ways to hit critical cap seems nice, but in truth Shadow Dancers can hit crit cap very easily so you can feel free to put points into it early in the game, but take points out later (take this one out first if you have both this and above)

Recommended: 0 or preference

[​IMG] Quick Rebound- One of the most useful skills in the game that can get you out of some situations.

Recommended: Max

Shadow Dancer Skills:

[​IMG] Shadow Cut- This skill lets Shadow Dancers get their back attacks in easily and has a immobility attached onto it that increases by skill level. Damage is pretty negligible tho so you can choose to dump points into this or leave it at 1. I personally maxed this.

Note: This is not a super hold so hitting the enemy with a non super hold skill can cause the monster to break out of the immobile.

Recommended: 1 or Preference

[​IMG] Eraser- A pretty fun skill to use, but outside some utility it doesn’t bring too much to the table.

Recommended: 1

[​IMG] Neck Divider- This skill is OK. The damage isn’t spectacular, but it has low CD and has its uses for knocking an enemy down. Usually its between this, shadow cut, and hold up in terms of SP dumping. I personally left it at 1.

Recommended: 1 or Preference

[​IMG] Hold Up- Picks up a downed enemy and immobilizes them, which definitely has its uses as a lot of enemies will become downed with our skills. Again you can decide between this, shadow cut, and neck divider to put points into.

Recommended: 1 or Preference

[​IMG] Shadow Trip- A dash that is oh so fun to use. Now don’t be fooled it isn’t only a dash, but if you use it during the animation of certain skills a shadow will finish the animation while you can do whatever during the meantime.

Skills that Shadow Trip work with.
  • Final Destruction
  • Eraser
  • Shadow Sting
  • Deadly Dance

Recommended:Easy Max

[​IMG] Shadow Dancing- Lets all our skills and 4th basic back attack become AOE IF it’s a back attack. This skill lets us clear rooms of monsters easily. Each point adds another skill that gets affected by Shadow Dancing

Recommended: Max

[​IMG] Heart Thrust- Good damage and low CD. One of Shadow Dancers best skills in terms of how many times we can use this skill and using it on an enemies back will hold them briefly and then knock them down.

Recommended: Max

[​IMG] Shadow Decoy- Makes you invisible while creating a clone that attracts aggro. Has its uses as a 1 point wonder which is its maxed level… might as well make use of it. Also to note while invis your next skill will always land as back attack even if you hit them in the front.

Recommended: Max

[​IMG] Sharp Dagger- This skill is the reason why we are forced to use daggers and not allowed to use twin swords… but it’s worth it as at maxed it gives daggers an additional 30% weapon att. and 9% hit rate.

Recommended: Max

[​IMG] Shadow Dancer Leather Armor Mastery- Automatically maxed, but the reason I’m listing this is because this is the reason why you are kind of forced to use leather armor as it gives 20% critical damage when wearing all leather. That part is moved to one of our other passives so no need to worry about it in the future!

[​IMG] Assassin’s Attitude- A buff skill that gives increased crit damage and critical chance… oh man what more can Shadow Dancers ask for?

Recommended- MAXXXXXXXX

[​IMG] Abyss Drop- A grab where you can use your arrow keys to bring them further to a certain location. Has its uses and you are invincible during the moment u grab him to dropping him on the ground and it can be used in the air or backstepping. Other than utility tho the skill isn’t that great

Recommended- 1

[​IMG] Blade Cyclone- Our only inherent AoE skill (minus first awakening). You can get more attacks in by mashing basic attack key and end it early by pressing the z key. This skill goes REALLY well with one of our available chronicle sets.

Recommended- Max

[​IMG] Final Destruction- One of our best skills and acts as a super hold. Using this attack on an enemies back yields a strong finishing attack and this skill will be the most used with shadow trip.

Note- Using heart thrust into final destruction (back attack) will cause final destruction’s final strike to not hit sometimes as heart thrust will down the enemy.

Recommended- Max

[​IMG] Assassination- Notice that this skill is red instead of the standard. Well that’s because this skill is our hardest hitting skill in the game and gives us the evil laugh (if done back attack ofc). This skill is what lets us hit so hard and get possibly accepted into raids with one of our chronicle sets. Also to note is that the skill does more damage to monsters with low HP and on back attack it acts as a super hold. Can be cancelled with 2a (2nd awakening) if buff is active.

Recommended- MAXXXX

[​IMG] Rear Ambush- First awakening passive that gives back attacks more attack and hit rate. I believe also that this skill and/or our 2nd awakening passive gets changed and switched around in the future to have an additional effect or something… don’t quote me on that tho.

Recommended- Max

[​IMG] Killing Shadow- Our only other AoE inherent skill that also gives a nice buff after this skill is used for 30 seconds. An auto leveled skill so no need to worry about it.

[​IMG] Dagger Throw- A fun skill to use that allows Shadow Dancers to reposition and does alright damage, but used more for the utility it brings. The 2nd cast is a super hold.

Recommended- 1 or Preference

[​IMG] Shadow Sting- A strong skill overall and this is prob one skill where I don’t get too bummed if I didn’t land it as a back attack but of course always recommended to back attack.

[​IMG] Deadly Dance- A fun skill to use especially with shadow trip. An important note is when this skill is used as front attack the enemies back will always face you oh and also its a super hold. A downside is this skill can whiff a lot thanks to p2p connection

Recommended- Max

[​IMG] Fatal Blitz- Our 2nd hardest hitting skill in the game. Unfortunately no evil laugh, but still this skill is very VERY strong where you will be sad if this skill doesn’t land as a back attack. Can be cancelled with 2a if buff is active like Assassination.

Recommended- Max

[​IMG] Veiled Attack- 2nd Awakening passive where the more back attacks landed the more skill attack this buff gives with a max stack of 7.

Recommended- Max

[​IMG] Chain Reaction- This skill is in red not because it gives an evil laugh (wish it did), but it just brings so much utility to the table that it deserves to be in red. The most important is pressing space bar which will root the enemy in place and the finisher pressing the skill again which acts as a super hold. This skill singlehandedly is the reason why shadow dancers are decent holders. Mastering the flow and duration of this skill combined with others is difficult but so satisfying when rooting your target for almost as long as a female grappler.

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TP Skills:
I'll just post the TP's that I put into, but honestly other than Assassination, Heart Thrust, and Blade Cyclone you can experiment with the rest of your TP points.

[​IMG] Shadow Cut Upgrade- The damage increase isn’t the important part it’s the immobile increase. At maxed this essentially almost allows us to shadow cut right after immobility duration ends.

Recommended- 0 or Max

[​IMG] Assassination Upgrade- Yes and yes. No reason not to max our hardest hitting evil laughing skill.

Recommended- Max

[​IMG] Heart Thrust Upgrade- This is the closest skill we have to a constant DPS skill so might as well make it better!

Recommended- Max

[​IMG] Blade Cyclone- I think our only AoE skill that’s on a relatively low CD deserves to have some love.

Recommended- Max

[​IMG] Final Destruction- A very solid contender for TP points, but I unfortunately put them into Shadow Cut instead of this so I was not able to max this.

Recommended- Preference

III. Items

There are only 2 noteworthy sets to obtain (for now) and they are:

Song of Death (3rd Gen Chronicle Set)

This set boosts assassination onto crazy levels of burst and even bit of utility. This set allows the assassination wind up to be faster and eliminate the post cast animation entirely essentially getting shadow trip added onto assassination allowing you to freely use other skills and move around while the monster is being held.

Relentless Biting Wing (2nd Gen Chronicle Set)

This set allows Shadow Dancers to clear rooms so easily with blade cyclone. This set is literally a spin 2 win dungeon clearing set and even boosts assassination a bit so overall a solid pick up.

Assassination Technique (3rd Gen Chronicle Set)

Currently at 9 pcs. this set boosts Assassin’s Attitude Critical Damage by 10% which is very useful BUT at the same time very hard to get +10 Assassin’s Attitude in. Thankfully in the future the 9pc effect gets moved to 6 pcs. making it easier to obtain the +10 AA so I would recommend farming this set after SoD.


I’ll just list the noteworthy STAND ALONE legendaries that can fit with many different builds BUT that does not mean the other legendaries are bad/worse as it really depends on the rest of your gear as a whole and your own personal preference in terms of build.

Liberation Dagger:

By far the BEST legendary dagger to obtain compared to others. 16% elenore damage (stackable damage) is very nice and thankfully they are relatively cheaper compared to the other liberation weapons. Unfortunately this dagger is very ugly aesthetically… looks like a machete or a butcher knife… This is also a farmable item but if you can find one for under 50m its usually cheaper to buy it than to make it.

Ramnu’s Invisible Blade:

Not as good as Liberation in terms of burst, but overall better DPS and is SLIGHTLY cheaper than Liberation Dagger so if your on a really tight budget then this is a fine dagger until you get a shiny epic.

Wooden Puppet Whip (Sub equipment):

A sub equip that gives physical attack AND 4 points of assassination?! Wait that’s not all it also raises Assassination TP by 1?! Sign me up for this awesome legendary, but say goodbye to your gold as this is a pricey item to obtain.

Human Sinew Bracelet:

A great legendary bracelet that packs a lot of stats in one item. While recently this item has gotten cheaper it is still a pretty pricey item to obtain.

Farmable Sets:

Gracia Family Heirloom:

A very solid set if you want to go a light damage build with your shadow dancer. This set will lose out in terms of burst compared to Song of Death, but increase your constant DPS. As for the 6 Pieces typically it’s always armor pieces + sub equip + magic stone, but it depends on some epics you find which will be mentioned later

Anton Accessory Set/Gigantic Presence Set:

A farmable great legendary accessory set if you are willing to put the time in to get them. The only thing this 3 piece accessory set really loses out to is Cold Princess and Otherverse Accessory set and stands just about equal to Super Star set IMO.


In all honestly almost any epic set is better than Gracia and Song of Death (debatable), but I’ll list the sets and stand alone pieces that will be useful to Shadow Dancers. Remember that in most cases wearing full leather like Song of Death or Gracia will usually be better than wearing a ton of epics that either don’t synergize with one another or is just not worth breaking the armor set your using. This will probably change once 3 pc epic effects comes out.

Level 80 Epics-


Submarine Volcano Set-

A very solid set for any physical class or fire build and is probably the best lvl 80 set for shadow dancers

Dark Gothic Set-

Now yes it did get nerfed and is worse, but it is stronger than Gracia set and a popular set you will see in Raid so shadow damage builds tend be more accepted.


Super Star-

As a set this set is pretty good, but as stand alone pieces each piece of this is pretty mediocre so only wear it if you have absolutely nothing or the whole set.

Spiral Spin-

The only level 80 dagger that is available to us and unfortunately it isn’t that good. Liberation is better probably, but if you love to spin2win or found this and have no better weapon by all means this weapon isn’t terrible and you can get away with using it.

Level 85 Epics-

This is currently the end game gear that everyone aspires to have and quite frankly majority of the 85 epic sets are usable if you manage to find the whole set. I’ll just list noteworthy sets and stand alone pieces to watch out for.


Wesley’s Strategy Set-

Currently one of the BEST sets in the game for all classes and most certainly even better on Shadow Dancers given our leather armor mastery. This set makes you not only deal a lot of damage in a party, but a great support role as well with all the auras you give.

Assassin’s Attitude Set-

The other leather armor lvl 85 set that packs a BIG punch with all the smash it gives on each individual piece and the raw stat gain from the set effect that’s even named after our buff skill. Unfortunately Night Shadow Top will not stack with Goddess Resplendent Silver Knife but if you have the whole set then it doesn’t even matter that your missing 18%.

Mana Vortex Set-

A set that gives a lot of skill cooldown reduction, which is always nice to have. A big thing to note is the shoulders gives +2 to 30-45 skills so its a great buff swap item for Assassin’s Attitude.

Natural Guardian Set-

As a set this set isn't the greatest on Shadow Dancer, but each piece as a stand alone is great for the specific element you are going. If you manage to find Cold Princess set and Natural Guardian then this combo probably only loses out to either of the leather armor sets.

Full Plate Set-

This set is used as a swap (get hit and you get stacks that can give you an extra 300 physical attack). This is a set almost required for Luke pre upgraded 90 sets and is actually just a solid set overall. You won’t need this set when reinforcement patch hits, but until then keep pieces of this set~


Ice Princess Breath Set-

Each stand alone piece is great for going a water damage shadow dancer build, but the set as a whole is the BEST for Shadow Dancers compared to Otherverse as Tactical and Assassin’s Attitude set does not offer a specific element for you.

Otherverse Refined Accessory Set-

Stand alone each piece is a solid option and as a set it is very strong, but it loses to Cold Princess set unless you are running an element build through your armor.

The Assassin Accessory “Set”-

Assassin’s Blade Ring, Executioners Butchery Necklace, and Bloodstained Cuffs are part of this “set”. While they aren’t a set each piece gives a lot of stats in a specific category similar to the pieces of Assassin’s Attitude Set. Very good option for the respective stat/smash modifier it gives and definitely should be something worth keeping/using.


Savior’s Glory- Dagger

Can only be obtained through Anton Raid or Heroic Anton, but is the best in terms of flexibility because it can fit in many different builds but loses to Goddess Resplendent Silver Knife if we are talking just raw stand alone damage only slightly. A dagger that should one should hope for when you are raiding

Goddess Resplendent Silver Knife

The strongest dagger obtained from hell mode that requires you to manual all your skills. While it sounds really painful to do it’s actually not that difficult and only requires you to change the skill command and combine them in a way that makes it comfortable for you. Definitely the dagger you pray to RNJesus for when running hell modes

Silver Spirit-

A strong dagger that goes very well into Light damage builds so if you have Gracia set then this dagger is very strong. It also gives +2 into assassin’s attitude which is very good buff swap if you manage to find both.

Buff Swap

As a Shadow Dancer we only have one buff skill called Assassin’s Attitude so we want to try to get +10 Assassin’s Attitude through items to maximize our buff before switching to the main damage set. Here are some items that give Assassin’s Attitude so feel free to pick anything that will give a total of +10. I don’t think this is everything, but this is all I can remember off the top of my head.

Halidom: Vepar Khanjar +1

Sweet Dreamer[Panda] +1/+2/+3 (Very very hard to find currently if any are left)

Silver Spirit +2

War God Top (legendary only obtainable from PVP shop) +2

Metal Line (90 epic plate armor set) Top and Pants +1 each respectively

lvl 75 APC Epic Dagger (Hurricane Blue) +3

Sea God's Suede Pants +1

Magic Cataclysm +2

Platinum Emblem for Rare Avatar Top/Rare Avatar Top Clone +1

Platinum Emblem for Rare Avatar Bottom/Rare Avatar Bottom Clone +1

Skill Option for Advanced Avatar Clone, Rare Avatar Top, or Rare Avatar Clone +1

Olympus Legendary Bead (belt) +1 (Unobtainable currently)

Petit Grim Reaper Pet +1

The Behemoth (25-30 skills) Pet +1

Olympus Pet (25-30 skills) Pet +1 (Unobtainable currently)

3 Kingdoms Pet (25-30 skills) +1 (Unobtainable currently)

High Thief Technique Ring (quest from Melvin) +1

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Avatar Options and Emblems

Hair: Spirit/Casting Speed

Hat: Spirit/Casting Speed

Face: Attack Speed

Torso: Attack Speed

Top: Assassin's Attitude/Chain Reaction

Bottom: HP

Waist: Evasion

Shoes: Strength

Skin: Preference


Red: Strength or Strength/Physical Crit

Blue: Hit Rate or Movement Speed

Green: Critical Chance

Yellow: Attack Speed

Platinium: Assassin’s Attitude or Assassination

IV. Raid-Anton
In this section I will cover some tips and tricks that Grim Reapers can bring to a raid party. I will assume that if you are reading this section that you understand the general gimmicks of Anton Raid or Anton Norms so I will be writing it like so. The first thing that you must always know is when you look at your party you should adjust your playstyle to either be a more DPS style or Holder or a mix of both because that's what Grim Reapers are a DPS Holder.

Note: Never ever be placed in the same party as a female grappler. It is almost impossible to land back attacks with all her spinning grabs and such and this amount of holds is almost never required. Being paired with a female grap as a reaper is probably worse than being placed in boats.

Phase 1

Black Smoke-

Run it like any other DPS holder would there aren't any real tips or tricks that Grim Reapers can exploit here except maybe bring Nerbe out of his circle with your 2nd awakening.

You can break nerbe out of his iframe when he does orb gimmick or the lightning all map with 2nd activation of dagger throw


Grim reapers are bad at boats as our only AoE… is a cube skill so if your raid leader put you into boat party you should ask him to move you to a different party… or leave the raid as he put a grim reaper into a boat party in the first place…

Battle Ground A/B-

In battle ground you can actually hold the boss as well as any of the other holder classes but you also have burst compared to say a female grappler so IMO in Battle Ground Grim Reapers are awesome. It’s best to use 2nd awakening and chain the right room boss immediately and in case you guys can’t burst him then activate 2nd awakening finisher and chain him to the ground afterwards. Try to save/wait for hold skills to come up for the other room since 2nd awakening will probably go down by then

Leg A/B-

Grim reapers are pretty good at leg. Neck Divider is really easy to down zombies and Abyss Drop is good in case one of your party members needs a bit of help. You can hold Kratek when you enter the room but the timing is very hard to pull off. At Agnes when her bubble goes down briefly after you kill her clones you can assassinate to hold her while your party attempts to burst her to skip the gimmicks or if you time it right you can shadow cut (usually when the magic circle beneath her disappears briefly) into 2nd awakening root for ezpz 1 rotation agnes.

Phase 2

Eugene- You can bait Eugene’s hug in the beginning with either Shadow Clone or Killing Shadow.

Hatcheries- If you are geared enough you can skip Ator (Hatchery 3) gimmicks by just straight up killing him instead.

Black Smoke- At Kres you should probably use final destruction as soon as you enter (front or back) just to hold him and into assassinate for further holds as this is enough time to burst him down, while the next room (Magtonium 5) isn't that scary. At Medel its best to use your 2nd Awakening to root her and hold her the entire time as this gimmick is really annoying so hold her to death and 2nd awakening.

Note: You can counter kill Mateka by using Shadow Decoy -> heart thrust bubble down -> go behind and fatal blitz. Credit to BorrowYourSoul for this~

Heroic Anton Solo Vids:

Black Smoke

Spoiler: Black Smoke Pre Infinity Patch

Spoiler: Black Smoke

Battle Ground

Spoiler: Battle Ground Pre Infinity Patch

Spoiler: Battle Ground

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Ah level 90 cap with tons of new items and new content to tackle (Luke norms). Too bad the 90 legendaries arent really worth it so ill mostly just talk about the new epics that came. I haven’t fully tested every single setup possible and I can’t for I don’t have everything, but I will talk about optimal setups with the 90 cap and give my own personal rankings~

Level 90 Legendaries

I honestly don’t know much about these except that the dagger is essentially a worse liberation dagger so your better off farming for gracia or dusky set and liberation.

Level 90 EPICS

So many new stuff and so many possibilities! I recommend not dissing ANY 90 armor/acc as you can run a 3 pc 90 set + 2 off slot stand alone piece which is very powerful and in some cases better than some complete 85 sets. I will talk about each set and how I feel about each set (includes upgraded)

Note: For reference on the stats of the upgraded sets you can find it here

Crow Ceremony:

The level 90 cloth set which in its own right is strong, but it has the major flaw of having TOO much all attack modifier (stacking the same mod gives diminishing returns). You won’t have to worry about elemental damage (unupgraded that is) as it gives plenty and it is very friendly in that this set can stack with ANYTHING so its a very flexible set. The upgraded version (Gespenst) has the same flaw of too much all att and even conflicts with sharp dagger (defense pen) so this set is not worth upgrading, but if you find this set first by all means go ahead and use it until you find something better.

Radient Symbol:

The level 90 light armor set which is EASILY top 2 in terms of best set (unupgraded and upgraded) for SD. Unupgraded it gives elemental damage and lots of mods that can stack with the only exception being 5 pc set effect which offers 35% crit smash. Upgraded is Supercontinental which is regarded as the “best” set mainly because its good on ANY class. Easy keep and pray for the completion of this set.

Black Formal:

The level 90 leather set which battles with radient symbol for best set. The set itself packs a LOT of stats, but the flaw is it offers NO elemental damage (until upgraded) and gives a 33% smash mod on 5 pc effect. Upgraded is Fiend Venator which essentially is Natural Guardian 2.0. The upgraded set is the only one that offers bonus elemental damage and rivals super continent for majority of classes. Pray for this as well as radient

Millenium Set:

The level 90 heavy armor set which IMO is meme status. The set is good don’t get me wrong, but this set unupgraded raises awakening levels and SD 1st awakening is actually just terrible. It gives a lot of smash on 3pc and 5 pc set while packing some ele damage. For optimal set up this set isnt good, but as i said keep ALL 90 armor pieces and its definitely something worth experimenting until you find the best of the best. Nagaraja is the upgraded version and is honestly a great set… if you can upgrade 2 of the pieces to +15 soo good luck with that.

Metal Line:

The set effects are good and the armor pieces themselves give an aura to party members to raise skill level. Honestly other then for swapping purposes this set is MEH. Don’t even bother upgraded (Seven Deadly Sins) as its for crusaders only (what a meme)… but I heard the sets will get reworked in korea so if it does I’ll update later in case tiers change for optimal set up.

5 Senses:

This beast of an accessory set outshines every other accessory set by far. Packs on so much modifiers and you zoom around as if your a rogue. Each piece easily is BiS and the only thing that can rival this set is upgraded anton accessory epic pieces to their infinite version.

Sky Traveller:

The other 90 set and honestly… its disappointing. Cold Princess beats this set unless your running Natural Guardian but the pieces arent terrible and it most certainly isn’t bad to use if you dont have either complete CP or 5 senses

Moonlight Sword:

The level 90 dagger and man oh man this dagger is great. Resplendent’s main flaw is that it gives smash so it can’t be stacked and all 90 set effects (minus crow) give that mod somewhere so it conflicts with it. Moonlight sword gets rid of that and comes with 3 stackable mods one of them being the best: SKILL DAMAGE. Pray to the might RNGesus to get this dagger to drop.

Ancient Civilization:

The special equips (earrings, magic stone, and sub equip) don’t have any set effects (except heblon which is obtainable through luke raid) and the pieces that make up this are: Babylonian Symbol, Rosetta Stone, and Par’s Golden Grail. These 3 pieces are easily the best until heblon as they give the MOST modifer compared to the others as well as elemental damage.

Border of Black and White:

The 3 pieces are Heart, Mask, and Chaos and the only noteworthy one is Chaos (earrings). I’ve debated this with another SD as he says border: chaos is best once the physical attack changes come instead of Babylonian, but I personally disagree with the set up I’m aiming for requires elemental damage from anywhere possible.

Ocean? Set:

The three pieces are Bridal Pearl, Bismuth Stone, and Fishball Line. Bismuth Stone and Fishball line are the two good ones while Bridal pearl is ranked last for earrings for most classes SD being one of them. Fishball line is practically on par with Par’s in terms of damage after Infinity Patch hits where our 2nd awakening passive gets changed. Bismuth stone is great, but rosetta will always no matter what situation be #1 (until heblon that is)

Optimal Setup:

The goal of SD any in fact practically every class is to get as many different damage modifiers in along with picking a specific element (most cases light and shadow because of luke raid). These set ups are my own personal opinion and in by no means the best of the best as there are plenty of VIABLE and GREAT set ups.

Black Formal + 5 senses + Moonlight/Savior + 3/3 Civ-

This is the current set up im striving towards and in my mind is the ideal set up to aim towards. I personally like Fiend Venator more than Supercontinent, but radient set is better than black formal until upgraded probably. This set up gives everything with the only flaw being the smash mod from 5pc effect conflicts with 5 senses set effect and having no elenore damage (you can use DKT to make up for this but rosetta will be stronger), but I will soon test this set up vs the set up i will mention next.

Natural Guardian + 5 senses + Moonlight/Savior/Resplendent + Fishball, Rosetta, Babylonian/Chaos:

Pre upgraded 90 sets, Natural Guardian is still the BEST 85 set and can rival current 90 armor set ups. Natural guardian also makes up for SD’s lack of multi hitting and no modifier in this setup conflicts at all unless your using resplendent and 5 senses.

Now why did I write optimal set up section? Because these 2 set ups are the requirement to get into luke raid. Anton raid is regarded as a HUGE JOKE compared to luke and you will require perfect set ups to get even into a pub party. Am I saying these two set ups are the only way to get into pub? NO definitely can get away with using tactical set instead of NG and possibly other less optimal set ups depending on the "Raid event" similar to when Anton came out. As a bonus you will also NEED as in ABSOLUTELY NEED these noteworthy items to reset skill CDs:

1. Time Traveler's Silver watch

  1. Amnesia Stone Ring

  2. Time Defier Set (ring have to either find in time gate hell or get lucky as a reward from anton raid while the other two are purchasable through Grandis).

Note- You can get away with having 2 out of 3 of these but better to have all of them if possible

HAVE NO FEAR THOUGH. SD can bring a LOT to a luke party and I will talk about it in the next section (when I get a chance to be more comfortable and confirm some things~)

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Luke norms or other things

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Really oh sorry to hear would you prefer it in a lighter color? I thought light color usually harder to see than bolded dark

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The dark theme uses black backround with white letters. If you set a color outside of default it does not fix so your guide looks like this to me



this is what default looks like, and its much easier to read.

Im just saying a good portion uses dark theme, so its prolly best to account for that. Not sure what color to say to use just cause colors are personal prefrence, just hard to read is all.

Recovery of EmiliaIsNay’s Post on Dec 23, 2016 at 4:07 PM

Oh wow I didn’t even know thats what it looked like to you ok I will definitely make changes.

Recovery of Ventra’s Post on Dec 26, 2016 at 6:30 PM

@EmiliaIsNay this class exists? WOW

Jokes aside, nice guide Emilia :D

ps. found u on forums~

Recovery of Cat_Tree’s Post on Jan 1, 2017 at 10:46 PM

The high tech thief ring you get from ghent melvin quest gives +1 to assassins attitude for buff swap purposes.

Recovery of Knullset’s Post on Jan 23, 2017 at 1:09 PM

@EmiliaIsNay Excellent Guide!

One suggestion: I think you undervalue 9pc Assassination Technique for swapping. It is possible to get +10 AA with the 9pc set which gives +10% Crit Dmg. I think that should be mentioned in the buff swap section.

Personally, I learned about Neck Divider against zombies and that I probably did my clone avatars slightly wrong. Thanks!

Recovery of Forte’s Post on Jan 30, 2017 at 2:49 PM

I really dont have proof of this, but i've compared Liberation Dagger and Ramnu's invisible blade and found that both have quite similar damage values

Obviously, the liberation dagger edges out in burst, but ramnu's ability to provide better DPS and the wind blades taking on your element is also useful. It's also got a crit damage modifier on it

Recovery of EmiliaIsNay’s Post on Feb 9, 2017 at 3:03 PM

Glad you were able to pick up something! While I do find 9pc Assassination Technique to be VERY useful it is at the same time VERY difficult to squeeze 9pc Assassination technique in with +10 AA. Assuming a player has plats and pet (AA plats are pretty hard to come by these days) you need 6 more AA in 2 slots (3 if you include title) so essentially EVERY slot needs to have +2 AA (if you have +2 title) which leaves you with Magic Cataclysm, Silver Spirit, the lvl 75 APC dagger (+3), or legendary Olympus bead before it expires on AA technique belt with +1 somewhere else, in which all cases are hard to come by for newer players. 6pc is a HUGE deal because it frees up 3 more slots for AA which makes it much friendlier for SD mains to get the rest of their AA with Assassination Technique.

Recovery of EmiliaIsNay’s Post on Feb 9, 2017 at 3:07 PM

Yea Ramnu’s is better DPS and it isn’t a bad option I will probably edit that in, but liberation is just overall superior with SoD because its burst meta right now and SD are more leaning towards a burst class. My overall impression of Ramnu’s is that its better for Rogues than SD and that its relatively same price as liberation so why not go for the one thats more suited towards anton :stuck_out_tongue:

Recovery of Sykar’s Post on Feb 10, 2017 at 5:02 AM

Nice guide, helped me with my level 60 Shadow Dancer.

Recovery of Knullset’s Post on Feb 16, 2017 at 6:19 PM

Agreed! However, it is important to note that immobilize skills like shadow cut stop the enemy until you deal more damage. So, Ramnu's wind effect damages the enemy too soon and makes them turn around to face you making shadow cut much weaker. I did not know this when I bought Ramnu's.


yay its saved :smiley: can you bring it back to Shadow Dancer discussion @Necrofancy


Rip man i haven’t played this class in a long time, since she came out. currently waiting for moonlight sword drop, got it once on zerker so, its a really good weapon so getting 6pc dusky so i can start echon farm. apparently SD becomes higher tier in Kr 4/26 patch after DPL. they pretty much fixed her problem in party play with the back attacks getting screwed up by teammates, so she has consistent damage.