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Since there doesn’t seem to be much; what’s the current good choices for epic daggers?


Upgraded Savior > Moonlight Sword > Savior > Resplendent Goddess > Silver Spirit


any good Shadow dancer dps vids out?


^ solo luke normals shadow dancer

^8man shadow dancer luke raid?

^ shadow dancer solium machina luke raid


Anyone here have goddess knife that would like to share what their inputs they use are? Just got one and pretty sure it will be better than silver spirit even tho i got black formal set.


its not worth the extra 15pct smash to be full manual, just stick with silver spirit until you find a moonlight or savior


You are better off using silver spirit unless you really want to go full manual or like to min max. I manual SD still and general breakdown is: c and z have your hard hitting and combo setting skills (shadow cut, hold up, etc), x has your utility and aoe (biting wind, dagger throw, etc), and spacebar has buff, shadow step, and awakenings


I’m already kinda used to it now so yeah basically just waiting until moonlight drops or a few more red rocks lol.


Man I’m thinking of taking all sp out of SD lv85 skill. I cant trigger the one time awakening hang move for the life of me. It either randomly happens or I cant get it to trigger. T_T


Me too it’s probably evil but I don’t use her second awakening at all. I just use her as a farming alt


If anybody has Sharp Dagger plats for sale can you let me know <3


Why isn’t Shadow dancing a perm. Duration buff. Everyday I’m finding more and more reasons to deleting this char.


Don’t worry they finally make that buff permanent uptime, will prob take around 6 months tho


Welp, looks like I was wrong.

It was being reflected incorrectly whether I had the weapon equipped or not.
I unequipped and equipped the weapon and it’s reflecting the proper amount.


Ah, ok. Is it reflecting the correct damage if you compare without AA to with AA?


I’m just not recognizing how damage calculations work in the training room.

I have it figure out now Necrofancy. Sorry for the confusion.


Assassination vs Sharp Dagger for plats?

I’ve only seen pre-socketed Clones in AH with Assassination.


anyone play SD know if veiled attack passive doesn’t show after back attacks, is bugged or it just doesn’t show because its a passive? for the record it used to show up next to buffs but not anymore.


It’s been reworked, now it just places a debuff on enemies and has a passive, all the time buff on you, so there’s nothing for it to display.