Shadow Dancer Backstabbing PvE Guide


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Heya and welcome to the Shadow dancer backstabbing PvE Guide that is focusing on Shadow dancer duh! Shadow dancer is a leather class for thief that uses daggers she relies on back attacks to deal amazing damage for her party. Super simple to understand with a great many pseudo super holds that will make yo party go :open_mouth: waow. She flows really well with her skills very fluid play-style and oh so good Assassination laugh. The most difficult part of Shadow dancer is getting used to positioning yo self behind the enemy but of course you have skills to help you set up those dank combos! I also included her 2nd awakening skills so I can just list everything in one shot! So I hope you enjoy this wonderful class :)

Shoutout to my boy Mike for helping me translate the skills and everything else <3


About me

Played SD since she came out and iam rocking that wonderful 9 piece Assassination set in KDnF sadly iam too poor to afford the sub equip for Assassination levels :( but now you know what to gift me for Christmas haha. Oh right I also took her to Anton normal’s if that counts for anything!


  • I love bullet points don't you?
  • High Crit damage
  • Easily hit crit cap with near no effort
  • Huge damage on Assassination
  • Has the laugh the evil laugh.
  • Leather
  • Needs to pay attention to positioning for maximum back attacks!
  • Struggles with gimmicks where you cant hold or disturb mobs

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Common Thief skills

[​IMG] Transformation: Molting

The get out of jail free card. Works like Phase Shift for female mage’s but a tad worse. You teleport in the air and leave a clone that taunts monsters around it at the floor. Can still be interrupted as there is a bit of a cast time so time it right. level 1 utility

Main use to get out of those juggles / knock-backs

Trans molt video

[​IMG] Flame cut

Magic based fire elemental slash forward. level 1 utility

Main use to set Delezie element to fire / kill mobs that only die via fire after you kill them. Can also be used to feed the goblin machine in goblin kingdom OV room 2 if you don’t have a good feeder.

Flame cut video

[​IMG] Shining Cut

Slash forward dealing damage can also be used in mid air. Level 1

Shadow dancer can use this twice for extra mobility!

Spoiler: Shining cut vidya

[​IMG] Slicer

Dash attack slicing around thief. Knockdowns. Level 1 utility


[​IMG] Curse Spear

Thief takes a pose with spears behind her press action key to shoot out spears. Level 1 utility for reshpon shadow damage if needed.

Main use to set Delezie element to shadow.

curse spear updated vid

[​IMG] Shadow cut

New and improved and useful Shadow cut for SD brings new things to the table mainly the fact that Shadow cut now acts like Neck snap for SD meaning it works on everything and “hit-stopping” mobs for set duration increasing with leveling up this skill which is HUGE of course just because its SD doesn’t mean the damage has been improved and you are only leveling it for the longer duration SO MAX IT!

At rank 41 no TP invested the “hit-stop” lasts for 2.73 seconds with Shadow cut being on a 5.4 second cooldown. Duration does go up with the TP skill See TP OPTIONS for more info on how it behaves with Shadow cut!

[​IMG] Eraser

Grab enemy appear behind can be used to get some nice interrupts in level 1 utility

Main use interrupting those nasty attacks. Can also be Shadow dash’d out of but not highly recommended to use Shadow dash for this skill since the skill it self ends really fast and wont displace you far.

Eraser video

General skills

[​IMG] Physical crit

Increases crit by 1% per rank (Any level you want) NOTE Now for Shadow dancer its quiet easy to hit crit cap so be careful not to go over the cap 97% is where you want to stop at. Does’nt really need much emblems or enchants to hit crit cap due to Mindset and awakening passive!

Also important to mention about crit for shadow dancer yo buff Mindset of Assassin gives you crit in dungeon so obviously it won’t show in town same thing goes with yo awakening passive except the difference with yo awakening passive is that it wont show on yo stats since its a part of the passive not yo stats you feel me?

[​IMG] Back attack Physical crit Not needed at all but seeing how you have plenty of SP to play around with currently its a good pick up for whatever level you want. Going to drop it later on since you hit crit cap easily without this.

[​IMG] Quick rebound

Thief performs a quick recovery upon getting knocked down hold down key to stay in quick rebound for a longer time has invincible frames. Great for avoiding some combo heavy OTG and gimmicks. MAX

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Shadow Dancer skills

[​IMG] Neck Divider Performs a downward smash with your two daggers. Additional hit will be executed if you successfully do a backattack. Skill preforms poorly due to lack of damage SP DUMP of a skill if wanted either this or Hold up!

Neck divider video

[​IMG] Assassinate technique Passive with many different functions. Monsters will not face you when you attack them from behind. Normal attack, Shining cut, Eraser and Ankle cut will be changed // 3rd attack with normal x string will make the monster face backward // Shining cut’s speed will be fixed, and you can activate an additional hit when you press the key again. If you hit monsters with shining cut, monster will face the way you came from // Eraser’s finisher will be changed, and you will be able to hit immobile enemy with a kick // Ankle cut will make the monster face backward.

Need to make video

[​IMG] Shadow dash You dash forward; upon hitting any monster, you will be teleported behind the monster. You can cancel certain skills and use shadow dash upon canceling certain skills a shadow clone will finish the rest of the cast for you.

The following skills can be canceled out of and the rest of the skill will still proceed everything else will just be canceled early


Final destruction

Shadow sting

Reaper's Dance

Need to update video

[​IMG] Sharpened Dagger Increases your physical attack, hit rate when you equip dagger, along with increaseing the hit stun as strong as dual blade. Maxes at Rank 20 following stats 30% Weapon damage increase and 9% Hit rate increase. Max

[​IMG] Hold-Up! Upward slash. When used on a knocked-down enemy or mobs in the air, it will let them stand up, and giving them hit stun that ignores their hit recovery. SP dump of a skill leave at rank 1 or any other level with contracts don’t touch this beyond level 1. Either pick this up or Hold up!

Hold up! vid

[​IMG] Shadow dancing When you hit monsters with specific skills, shadow clones will hit enemies nearby with the same skill. Skills that can be used by shadow clones will increase as the level of shadow dancing goes up.

Level 1 4th x-string, erase, neck divider, hold-up!

Level 2 Heart piercer

Level 3 Purgatory drop

Level 4 Blade storm

Level 5 Final destruction

Level 6 Assassination

Level 7 Throwing Dagger

Level 8 Shadow sting

Level 9 Death waltz

Level 10 Fatal blitz, Chain reaction

As for leveling this skill is mainly used to stomp easy dungeons and adds AoE to yo skills basically speeding up dungeon runs. Near endgame when less mobs are present in the room it is possible to drop this if you need the SP while under contracts for other skills otherwise max it!

Shadow dancing

[​IMG] Shadow dummy summons a clone that will aggro the monsters, and you become invisible for certain period of time, unless you attack. Your physical crit rate goes up significantly when you are invisible.

Shadow Dummy

Really useful skill that caps at level 1 you can safely apply buffs and take attention off yo self to setup. MAX

[​IMG] Heart piercer You pierce enemy’s heart. If you perform backattack with this, there will be an extra hit, and reduce enemy’s max hit recovery rate.

Amazing low CD high damage skill works fantastic coupled with Shadow cut. MAX

Heart piercer vid

[​IMG] Mindset of the assassin Increases your physical crit rate, and critical damage. At rank 10 it gives 19.9% crit rate and Crit damage increase 42%. Simple MAX

Spoiler: Mindset of the assassin vid

[​IMG] Purgatory drop Goes on top of an enemy, and throws the enemy on the ground. It can used in midair. If you do a backattack with this, the shockwave will be bigger with increased damage. You can maneuver the Y-axis range. Upon using this on a immobile enemy you slam down in place.

Really fun skill to use damage is pretty decent be mindful if you are partying with friends because this skill will move said enemy away but you can control this with arrow keys assuming they are not immobile! Preference to Max even with contracts you can max this skill or take out levels if wanted.

Purga drop vid

[​IMG] [​IMG] Blade storm Spins your blade and damage enemies nearby. You can mash your skill button to increase the number of spins you do and press Z to execute the finisher immediately. Finisher has a vacuum effect and you can press arrow key to the direction you want the finisher to be. Enemies hit by blade storm will face backward as well as enemies behind you will be teleported in front of you assuming they aren’t a immobile type enemy

Amazing grouping skill great damage abuse it. Chronicle 2 set further boosting this skill to make near room wide see below OV sets for info! Max

Spoiler: Blade storm vid

[​IMG] [​IMG] Final destruction Execute a continuous barrage of slashes. If you perform a backattack with this skill, a single, powerful slash will crush the enemy. A frontal attack will cause the SD to jump up and slam down. You can use shadow dash when you hit the mob so that clone can use the rest of the skill for you.

Excellent skill a pseudo super hold very short but thanks to this super hold allows you to set up skills if you Shadow dash cancel out of it leading to some nice combos! MAX

Final des vid

A little hush hush secret about this don’t tell anyone :stuck_out_tongue: is that the frontal attack of this skill is able to be done twice by Shadow dashing right before you jump up to slam down. Will post video later.

[​IMG] [​IMG] Assassination Cuts the target into 4 pieces, dealing massive amount of damage. If the target has lower hp, it will deal more damage. ALWAYS aim for the back!

This skill THIS SKILL is the hardest hitting skill you have in yo bag of tricks a backattack at Rank 22 will deal 58697% yes that is right if HP threshold is below a certain amount will deal 25% more damage process that. The hp thresholds is as follows

Below 60% for normal mobs

Below 45% for Named mobs

Below 30% for Boss mobs

Can I also mention that there is a OV3 set removing the post delay and increasing damage/lowering cooldown on Assassination? See below in chron options for info on that set!

Do I even need to say it? MAX

Assassination video

[​IMG] Awakening Passive Backward strike Increase your physical attack when backattack and critical rate when you do a backattack. At rank 13 backattack crit rate goes up by 13% and attack increase by 28.6%. MAX

[​IMG] [​IMG] Awakening Active Shadow of the death Initiates a multi hit attack to all targets in range. Then the shadow clone will show up to the any target got hit, and execute numerous slashes. Finishes with doing large, single slash to monsters within range. Leveled automatically

At rank 3 increases sharp dagger by 3 levels

At rank 6 increases hit rate and evasion

At rank 9 Skill cooldown reduced to 10%

[​IMG] [​IMG] Throwing dagger Throws a dagger lasts 12 seconds. Once the dagger hits the target, you can press the skill key again, and you will be teleported to the location of that enemy and do a finisher move. This skill will make the target face backward assuming it isn’t a immobile mob. Personal preference to max

Skill is great for setting up combos/tracking enemy/re-positioning. Best use will be to use this before you Assassinate , Shadow sting , Final destruction and whatever else that will displace yo location. Then press skill again and reappear at location of enemy like magic!

[​IMG] [​IMG] Shadow sting Perform a slash, which will hit stun the target, summons 8 shadow clones in all direction. These clones will slash the target as well. Using this skill with a backattack will perform a strong finisher. Also has a Shadow dash effect when upon canceling it shadow clone will do the rest of the skill for you. Personal preference to Max

Works great in conjunction with Throwing dagger if you do not Shadow dash out of the skill early since the backattack of this skill will displace you away from enemy.

Shadow sting vid

Important Note while yes iam aware there is no 2nd awakening for thief currently I figured I would post there 2nd awakening skills to do everything in one shot! So just look at the bottom skills as upcoming skills not yet implemented !

2nd awakening skills

[​IMG] [​IMG] Reaper’s Dance Grabs an enemy, execute continuous slashes. Using this skill with a backattack will perform a strong finisher.

Amazing skill great damage can be Shadow dash’d early for shadow clone to do the rest of the hits or use a Throwing dagger to deal with the displacement! MAX

Spoiler: Reaper's Dance vid

[​IMG] Veiled attack Upon doing a backattack, your physical attack will increase. There are 7 stages to this passive, and you can go to the next stage by doing more backattacks. Going to the next stage will reset the duration of this passive.

At rank 4 stage 7 the Physical damage goes up by 300. MAX

[​IMG] [​IMG] Heart Extraction Strikes the enemy in front. If you attack the target in front, you will do a single slash. However, using this skill with a backattack will do another hit pulling out the heart of the enemy dealing MASSIVE damage.

This skill is a huge contender if not already king for hardest hitting skill in yo bag of tricks! At rank 4 this skill has 47660% on a back attack yup amazing. Look out Assassination! But of course when factoring in the hp threshold and the OV3 set for Assassination it will out damage this skill not to mention lower CD on Assassination!


Spoiler: Heart Extraction vid

[​IMG] [​IMG] Active Buff / Chain reaction Equips chain to your weapon. During this buff, you can press attack button and other buttons to release the chain. If the chain hits the monster, you can do numerous actions based on what key you press. Can also be used in the air

Nothing was pressed bring the target toward you

X was pressed you dash toward the enemy and slash 'em

X and backward arrow key were pressed dash toward enemy, but suddenly changes the direction and does a backward slash

Space was pressed anchor the chain to the ground and the target, super holding the target. There is a cooldown time for this move

Skill key was pressed Strong finisher

Sadly while this skill does look really amazing on video its damage is lacking besides the finisher move its mainly a utility super hold skill that has alot of uses

Chain reaction vid

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[​IMG] Assassination upgrade increases damage by 10% per rank MAX

[​IMG] Blade storm upgrade increases damage by 10% per rank MAX

[​IMG] Heart piercer upgrade increases damage by 10% and hit recovery reduction duration increase by 10% per rank preference

[​IMG] Final destruction upgrade increases damage by 10% pre rank preference

[​IMG] Purgatory drop upgrade increases damage by 10% pre rank preference

[​IMG] Shadow cut upgrade damage increases by 8% and hit stun duration increase 5% per rank preference

Important to say that investing 5 points into Shadow cut only adds 0.69 seconds of hold time putting a Rank 41 Shadow cut hold time to 3.41 seconds while the cooldown is 5.4 seconds now this is where it depends if you want to heavily invest 5 points for that extra hold time or not. The damage is a nice benefit but its Shadow cut the damage is mediocre at best

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You have sp to work with this is just what is must max as of NOW since no 2nd awakening for thief yet so plently of SP to mess around with till then.

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Important Note I will only list the two chron sets that matter for simplicity sake as well as the role you fill with it and whatever else needed to make it work for endgame since all you really need is a chron set!

OV2 chron set Raging Biting wind set

Raging biting wind

3pc Bladestorm cooldown time reduction decrease by 20%, Final destruction cooldown time reduction decrease by 20% , 5% more attacks onto dagger mastery.

6pc Bladestorm damage increase by 30%, cooldown time reduction decrease by 30%, vacuum range increase by 30%, Final destruction attack increase by 25%,

9pc Bladestorm damage increase by 40%, cooldown time reduction decrease by 20%, range increase by 30%, vacuum range increase by 30%, clear cube fragment consumption +1 / Assassinate’s damage increase by 35%, cooldown time reduction decrease by 25%

Another great set up

that you can run except instead of one hit wonder its more all in Blade storm which is great for grouping and clearing shit its basically the more constant dps set vs assassination set both sets do really good. Gearing options obviously you want 9 piece and you can either do legendary sub equip for the +4 levels to assassination / +1 TP or just using a Ele damage tear will do with a Lib weapon or greater easy!
OV3 chron set Singing of death

Singing of death

3pc Heart piercer damage increase by 30%, Hold up! cooldown time reduction decrease by 20%

6pc Assassination initial delay removed, damage increase by 30%, cooldown time reduction decreased by 25% / Hold up! hit stun duration increase by 30%, cooldown time reduction decrease by 20%

9pc Assassination post delay removed, damage increase by 45% for back attack, cooldown time reduction decrease by 30%, clear cube fragment consumption +1, 5% increase to critical attack increase and chance to assassin’s mindset, Heart piercer damage increase by 20%, cooldown time reduction decrease by 20%

Super great set up you become the one hit wonder of the world 9 piece this set along with getting the legendary sub equip book from ghost train EX to add +4 levels to Assassination / +1 TP and you do wonders Amazing burst damage or if book to expensive for you just rock a ele damage tear easy!

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Da bes avatar options

hat/hair. Spirit

face/torso. aspd

shoes. mspd / str

top. Mindset of the assassin

bottom. HP

waist. evasion

skin. Physical reduction


Green Phy Crit/Str

Blue Hit rate

Red Str

Yellow Aspd

Plat Mindset of the assassin , Assassination

Aura emblem slots Str

Skin emblem slot Str

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Videos will fill in later iam exhausted

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Whatever else probably fit here.

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If you would be kind can you put these pictures in spoiler tags trying to make 1st page not blow up old school computers/internet with alot loading process. Thank you

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Finally the guide i have waiting for :jerry: and it’s just the beginning :)

Thx for this contribution @Yoowy:science101:

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its 2:39 am and my eyes hurt but i must keep going so much to do :weep:

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Alright well guide is done i say I need to sleep 4am got side tracked thanks to lancer 2nd awakenings in test server are now up excited for that

just need to add a couple of videos probably spell check some garbage later

overall shape up

oh and i guess gear list if i feel like it heh

Oh x2 probably change the english on the skills if its different zzzzzz and chron sets zzzzzzzz anyway have a wonderful night hopefully i made this just in time thanks to me playing dota 2 and being overall lazy to make this and crap

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Thanks for the Guide! :V

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Which of the chron sets is better for say, Anton? I would imagine the Chron 2 since it has better sustained?

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c3 set for assassinate is mainly used in anton. C2 is used for dungeons like the pathway to the hatcheries but if you want to use chronicles in anton they would use c3 for the more burst dmg. Noone really looks at "sustained" dmg anymore.

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is SD one of those classes that excels with just a 9pc OV Set like Demon Slayer does, or are they just decent? Mainly asking for raid setting, but any reply works.

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I wouldn't say that they 'excel' with 9pc OV, but I think it's just that their 6 piece set effects aren't so great so they run 9 pc/mixed epics+legendaries/full epics.

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Quick question, is back crit worth the SP?