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Been having fun with this guy, but like I expected, shadow step is hard to get used to.


yeah Shadowstep was confusing at first, now my general rule with shadow step is to use it when enemies are at least 3 steps away, and as long as the meter is still up keep mashing X till you don’t shadow step anymore

my issue with Special Agent so far is getting used to his dash that is supposed to be used as both a gap closer and dodge, maybe I should try keybinding it to Z instead


I have it bound as a dash z. Might make it easier for you.


I’m messing around with Secret Agent this time, and I’m having a similar confusion with Shadow Step, thinking it would at least hit surrounding enemies in its hitboxes. Perhaps it’s best used to hit bosses while exploiting i-frames or killing stragglers.


this is correct, as a damaging skill it’s not that good compared to other frontal dashing skills we have, but it’s good as an evasion skill, especially after 2nd awakening where you could use it to get out of a hitstun (according to the description)


After doing the math, it’s insane single target damage.

Speaking of math…here’s some numbers on the class.

Things to note:
Shadow step is the best single target dps we have.
Moonlight requiem and annihilation are both insanely strong
Romantic dash is surprisingly good, but I’m still not feeling it since it has pretty low range.
If you’re looking for burst, lunar phases is kind of efficient.


You should make this chart bit more presentable, not trying to be mean but it will mean a lot to people you are trying to help.

As for the content, Shadow Step is great on that fact you can use it conjecture to other skills, with tp you are doing pretty good damage, and you can pretty much keep it active.

RD for dmg isn’t really realistic with SP constraints esp with contract and other 2 skills are a max just because of they do way more damage than anything above them.


Romantic Dash for damage is an excellent choice for a farming build, specifically for easy content like Metal Brakium, Bloody Lane, and OV.

Many of the low level SA skills (Consecutive Shots, RD, Dual Black Crescents, Moonshine Ripper) are fairly powerful in the above setting and are more useful than some of the cubes because of their low cooldown and good range.


Just call Annihilation the “Super Duper Ultra High School Multi-Headshot,” cuz FUCK me that skill has range!


Cripes, Target Detection is actual garbage.


Never trusted that skill. I have enough single-target skills already.


So I wasn’t the only one on the fence about target detection. I just use to clean up stragglers, although sometimes the skill will just teleport me across the screen for no reason. How is this skill supposed to work?


Target shooting is the real good straggler killer, especially if you’re reserving it for the next cooldown.


From the brief time I used it the skill felt like a very shittier version of Shadow Step.


no, target shooting is not good as a damage dealer, leave it at level 1 and you can use it as an instant gap closer with i-frames and use the SP on something else


That’s target detection.


oops, target shooting is good for wiping stragglers and boss dps

target detection is the one where you’re better off using as a gap closer when shadow step is unavailable and when you need the iframe